What to do for bronchitis in baby?

Hi all! My baby is 5 months and has bronchitis but that’s just about cleared up. He has been vomiting for a few days only small amounts at a time and he doesn’t really drink much breast milk or bottle mile. What could it be? Might it be reflux? I give him something to stop the vomiting but it doesn’t help. :worried::disappointed: Please help I’m getting desperate and the doctors aren’t any help and I’m a first time mom and the people I trust are a pretty far away.


Put some baby rice in his bottle. My daughter has reflux and she has to gain weight and her doctor recommended it when she was only 3 weeks old.

If your baby isn’t drinking anything try pedialite. It will replace all the electrolytes for him! You don’t want him to get dehydrated. My son personally doesn’t like it. Good luck.

Is it just spit up? Or actual vomit. If it’s only a small amount then he’s just spitting up, not vomiting. You can try feeding him smaller bottles like just 1oz without cereal mixed in and burping him for at least 30 min before trying another 1ozs. I don’t recommend any Pedialyte because a child should only be drinking formula or breast milk till one year of age unless recommend by your pediatrician. If he is still spitting up or not drinking as much as he normally would then bring him to the ER. Babies dehydrate faster than adults and they might have to run an IV with fluids. I also don’t recommend cereal in a bottle unless your pediatrician gave the ok.

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My little one had the same problem, would just feed 1oz at a time burping her between each ounce… Helped her keep more down.

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sometimes a good nurse practioner can be of more help than a dr.