What to do about my man?

Ive been with my man for 5 years we have a 1 year old baby girl . He was in rehab because he was doing pills he promised he would change and be better person , ever since he been out , we barely have sex , we don’t cuddle at night , he hasn’t said he loves me ,he don’t look at me the same anymore , I tried to be sexy the other night , he said not right now I am watching tv it’s to early to go to bed , umm wtff ? Before he usto get all excited for sex, he goes out all the time , when he needed he’s friends they were never there for him , but he always hangs out all the time with them , I’ve been there since day 1 supporting him, and he treats me like s*** , he don’t help me clean , always playing video games , he helps me financially, but idk what to do , should I leave him ? I do love him so much

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I understand that you love him, and it seems like you’re hoping he’ll come around for the sake of your baby. but in all honesty it seems like he’s not in love with you anymore. he hasn’t touched you in a long time, doesn’t pay attention, doesn’t tell you anything anymore… I think it’s best to leave. You have to think about what’s best for you and your baby, if he doesn’t want to put effort into it then he should not be part of it. Or if you want to make it work, threatened him that if he doesn’t get his act together that you’re going to leave him and if he still doesn’t change after that then just leave. And even if he does try to change and it only works out for a few weeks or months and then he goes back to his old ways, leave… he’s not going to change.