What time do you put your kids to bed?

What time do you put your kids to bed? Mine has been waking up at 5 am every single day, so I am wondering If I am putting them to bed too early? They are 3 and 7, and they go to bed at 6:30 pm. Advice?


I guess it all depends on what time the day starts for you? If you’re a working mom and you have to drop your kid(s) off… my kids (15,13 and 9) all go to bed by 9:00. And up by 6:45… except Fridays… they get to stay up till 11… my youngest usually can’t last till 11 so :woman_shrugging:t2:

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6:30 pm?? That seems early to me but I’m not a professional. Just a mom of 3. (6,7, and 13 girls) I like them to be in bed by 8pm but they may get 30 mins of tv. So 8:30 is their official bedtime. The oldest gets a little more leeway. It seems to work out fine. Even if they don’t fall straight to sleep, they’re still getting like 9 hours. Extra on the weekends. It works for us. Good luck!


Try putting them to bed at 7. Then 7:30 and so on… 6:30 bedtime may be too early and that would be the reason for such an early rise. If you think about it There is 24 hours in a day and they are in bed 12 of those hours. 8 hours is necessary

I have a 4 and 8 year old They go to bed between 7:30- 8pm. Any later and the little one falls asleep. works great for us. :slight_smile:

Mine are 3 1/2 we put the. To bed around 8:30-9 I usually wake them between 6-6:30 during the week and on weekends I let them wake up on their own.

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My 6 year old is in bed no later than 7pm on school nights and up by 6am. She’s awake until she falls asleep (usually 8:30pm) on non school nights and sleeps in until 8:30.
She is also a child who needs her 12 full hours of sleep 🤦
Our 1 year old baby is in bed by 7pm no matter what and is awake at 6am no matter what. But he also got put on the schedule since he was born and in the NICU.

Mine were all different, one went to bed 9:00pm, got 9:00am. One went to bed 8:00pm, got up 5:00-5:30am. One went to bed around 9:00 and got up between 5:00 and 6:00. They are all different, but, I’d let yours stay up a bit later.

My kids are almost 11 and 6 (both girls) have been going to bed between 8 and 830 for the last 2 years. We get up at 6am so I can get them to daycare by 630 and I’m at work by 7. It’s always worked for us, and some days they ask to go to bed before 8.

Dang! 6:30??? My kids, 10 & 5 don’t eat dinner till 6:30 most nights. Mine usually hop into bed at 8 and are out before 8:30.


I give my 3 year a bath at 7 ND he goes to bed right after so he’s asleep by 7:30 -7:45 but he’s a handful lol ND he gets up by 7 no matter what time he goes to bed and my other ones are 9 and gonna be 12 their bedtime is around 8:30 school nights …ND my oldest is 17 so he don’t really have a bed time

Up until last week, my 7 year old went to bed at 6:30 but would wake up in the middle of the night and again at 4 am. He now goes to bed at 8pm, been better so far

That’s a bit early. Try keeping them up until 8


6:30 is way early! My 2 yr old goes to bed around 8:30 or 9 and sleeps until 6 on days he goes to daycare, a little later on other days. He also takes about a 2 1/2 or 3 hour nap after lunch


My teenager goes to bed like at 10pm.and so does my 4 year old. Teenager wakes up at 620am for school weekdays. Weekends she wakes up whenever she feels like it. My 4 year old wakes up at 930ish or sometimes not until 10am

I put mine to bed at 8 he is 6 yrs old… (and he wakes up at 6-7 am)
Them going to bed at 630 is definitely why they are up at 5 …if I put my son to bed at 630 he would be up at 3am


I put my 3yr old to bed at 8 and he sleeps between 6-7 am the next morning. I give him a nap around 12 -1 depending on the time he woke up that morning.

Mine are 2m, 6 , 7 and 10 all but they baby goes to sleep at 9pm. Only one wakes up at 5am.

My girls are 3 and newly 10. My 10 yr old has autism and difficulty falling asleep. Some nights we dont go to bed til 1am. Then wake up at 9:30-10:00am. We live in Southern Ca. We homeschool so schooling is flexable.

That’s ten hours right out the gate. Way to early momma. 8:30 seems suffice…

Oh yes way to early at least 8 for the younger one and 830-9 the 7 year old

My 6 yr old goes to bed @7 pm on school night & she’s out within 10-15 min she gets up for school @7 am
On weekends holidays&vacations no set bed time but she sleeps 12 hrs no matter what

Calculate it out. Most kids that age need 10-12 hours of sleep. Subtract the time between 630pm and 5am, pick the preferable wake up time, then back track to the new bedtime.

My 6 up had always been in bed nightly at 8 pm… He wakes at 6 am for school

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My daughters bedtime has been between 9 and 930 the last couple years. Before that was between 8 and 830. She would take naps as well but would still wake up early

My daughter is soon to be 8 and I start at 730 shes asleep by 800. Up 7am during week. Weekends just depends what we are doing latest 10:00.

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Well I had three boys who would get up between 5 and 6 every morning If I let them stay up they still woke up early so they went to bed at 6 so i could clean the house and take a bath then I went to bed at 9 so I could get up with them

Mine goes to bed @ 7 cuz she has to be up @5.

We went to bed at 8 pm. I was about 8

Oh yeah that’s way early momma try moving to 8 for the 3 year old and 830 for the 7 year old

630 seems early i might do 830

6:30 is definitely too early. Try 8pm

My son and i go to bed at 930-10. Im usually up at 4 am and my son is up at 6am

My oldest is 8:30Pm M-F for School, Weekend & Holiday Breaks he stays up till 10:30-11Pm

Our youngest is 15 months his bedtime is usually between 9:00-9:30pm most nights

Try 7:30 for awhile and then maybe 8, then 8:30 if needed til you find the rhythm :black_heart:

My girls are 15,13, an 6. My youngest goes to bed by 8:30 or 9:00 pm an up for school by 6:50am. My other two are down an being quiet by that time an they are never in bed until 9:30 or 10:00 pm but they get up by 7:00 am for school

My two sons are 13 months old and go to bed between 9:30 and 10pm when I do and wake up at 7:30.

I put my 2 year old to bed by 9pm but he sleeps untill 9 too.i have a 4 months old baby she resently stared sleeping tru the nite,she goes down by 10pm and dont wake up to eat till 6_7 am and go back to sleep till 10

Too early…i would say 8?

My kids bed time was 7:30 when they were that little.

My kids always went to bed around 9, 9:30

My 10 and 8 year old are in bed at 730. They can watch tv till they fall asleep. They get up at 615. Weekend they can stay up later

Yea with our lifestyle 6 is not doable. We dont get home from work until 6. We eat at 7:30. And he goes to bed at 8/8:30.

Mine are 20 months, 5 and 8 and they are in bed and stories are done by 8pm

6 is way to early I’m a mom of 5 4 boys one baby girl I notice it doesn’t matter what time you put them to bed they will still wake up early with my oldest two they stay up later on weekends they sleep in later their bed time is 8 my 11 year old can go to bed at 10 my youngest three still wake up @ 8am If I’m lucky 11am which is fine with me most people don’t get that haha

4 year old goes to bed 8 and 9 yr old at 8:30

Its good to start getting them to settle down my 8pm but bed in bed by 9pm

Way to early try 8 pm

No electronics past 8pm and bedtime is 830 …3 boys they are 13,10,8…wake up 7am and that’s plenty of sleep

8 pm is a good bed time…630 at night is way to early.

Im a mom of 5 ages between 8 and 1 my 5 3 and 1 yr old are in bed by 8. And my 8 and 7 yr old are in bed by 9 they usually sleep till 6 or 7

My 5yo is in bed at 8 and my 8yo is in bed at 930

In most cases the earlier that children go to bed the earlier they will wake. A bedtime of 6:30 pm is extremely early…even for a 3 yr.old. You may want to try putting them to bed around 8 pm. Parents please don’t put your kids to bed early to get rid of them ( so you can have me time). You’ll only be hurting yourself in the long run.


Yes that’s way to early of a bed time

6:30! Good Lordy😂 ya. That’s a bit early. I’d try 7:30

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Too early. 8pm is a good time

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Yes 630 to early try 730 or 8

Dinner done and bath started by 8 30 in bed by nine