What soft foods can a kid eat after having their tonsils removed?

"Any mamas with kids that had their tonsils taken out? What kinds of soft foods did you offer them? My 6 year old had hers taken out yesterday. All she wants to eat is mac & cheese and ice cream. Nothing else. She’s super picky. She keeps complaining she’s hungry. :persevere:


Soup, pudding, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, yogurt, applesauce, scrambled eggs, pancakes, ice cream!

Pudding, soup, Ice cream, popsicle, mashed potatoes

Ramen, soup, potatoes, jello, pudding, sweet potatoes, canned vegetables….

Let her have what she is asking for. That is a painful recovery. I remember it well and I had mine taken out 30 years ago. I only wanted Popsicles and mashed potatoes


Feed her Mac and cheese and ice cream


I had mine taken out as a child. Lots of soft foods like mashed potatoes, jello, ice cream, Popsicles, soups, yogurt, broth, pudding and applesauce were what I ate for the healing period. Nothing red in case bleeding happens, you’d want to be able to see it.

We had mac a cheese, ice cream, mashed potatoes, jello, yogurt, pudding, soup

Applesauce, jello, pudding, broth from soup, ice cream popsicles.

My 6 year had his out last week and, against our advice, wanted and ate a nutrigrain bar hours later. He’s fine. Didn’t complain a bit. I say let her have what she wants within reason.

Mashed potatoes were big in my house when my kids had theirs taken out

Feed her whatever she wants!!! That’s what my daughter’s Dr said. Mac n cheese for breakfast and lunch and ice cream for dinner perfect lol. As long as she’s eating your doing the right thing

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Mashed potatoes, jello , popsicles, ice cream etc .

I would recommend Popsicles over ice cream. Ice cream builds phylum. Definitely not toast. It’s very scratching.

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Whatever she wants to eat or drink. My kid wouldn’t eat or drink anything so we had to bribe her with her favorites

My son had his taken out n than a bad recovery. But masted potatoes maybe

Soup, yogurt, popsicles is what I remember eating when I had mine out.

I was 22 when I had mine out. I lived on mac and cheese and mashed potatoes for a long time.


Ice cream until they’re 18!!..:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Careful with the ice cream as it’s mucus producing. They can choke.

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Yogurt,pudding,jello soup,popsicles,

rice with small pieces of steak in it for protein, eggs, omelettes, mashed potatoes, applesauce, yogurt, ice cream, jello, pudding, stuffing, greens, pancakes, mac n cheese should be fine, popsicles are fun to make together and take her mind off of the pain…

Mine was eating French fries and goldfish crackers on the way home after his surgery.

Popsicles, soup, mashed potatoes, pudding, scrambled eggs

Nothing red to eat soft foods,Popsicles jello I had mine out as an adult late 20s maybe 30s I tried eating chips like day after or 2 I starred bleeding I was at work .

Scrambled eggs. Jello. Pudding. Mashed potatoes. Pancakes. Applesauce. Mine was eating pizza 2 days later. Yogurt. Grilled cheese that’s cooled

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Go gurt, dippin dots, soft noodles, mashed potatoes. My 5 year old had her tonsils and adenoids removed the beginning of December

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Mashed potatoes, soup, jello, Popsicles (no red) but that only lasted like a day and a half then my son was begging for his Caesar salad. The biggest thing is no dairy as dairy thickens mucus making it harder to swallow and nothing red as that can mask bleeding.


Yogurts, popsicles ice cream, mashed potatoes, soups… My kids Dr told them cold foods for a couple days like.ice cream, jello and pudding then after that anything soft. And nothing spicy or crunchy for two weeks.

Apple sauce
Top ramen
Mashed potatoes
Popsicles ice cream

They have you eat normal food after tonsils being removed as it helps with the healing process.
My daughter had nuggets and chips for her after she came out of surgery.
I was given toast when I had mine out 20+ years ago

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Give her whatever soft foods she wants to eat. The recovery is really bad from what I hear. My 14 yr old is getting ready to have his removed in a few weeks and I’m not looking forward to it.

Them things are fine lol whatever she’ll eat just let her eat lol what imma do when my picky 8 year old goes

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Jello, yogurt, eggs, mashed potatoes, oatmeal , pureed fruits and vegetables, or just mash them up well

Jello, mashed potatoes and gravy or butter, finely ground chicken

Let her eat whatever she wants! Keep her hydrated no matter what.

Then give it to her? :woman_facepalming: :thinking: :roll_eyes:

The doctors told me to let her eat whatever she asked for. At first she ate popsicles and ice cream. She was and is a very picky eater. She was 3. Within hours she requested a bagel, she ate a bagel. No problems at all and very little pain meds. I of course hovered a lot. So for a few days her meals consisted of ice cream, pops, bagels, chicken nuggets she never ate the breading she picked that off and french fries.

She’s 14 now.

Poor kiddo.Both of my girls had their taken out.My youngest had hers out at 13 so it was a bit longer of a recovery.They both had pudding,mashed potatoes (no red dyes at all)jello.Cottage cheese,warm soups(chicken noodle)broths

Give her what she wants!! It was difficult for my 6 year old to eat anything when she had hers out so I gave her whatever she wanted, even if she wasted it

Y’all making me hungry, didn’t have lunch yet…:rofl::rofl:

My son had his out right after he turned 3…he wanted grilled cheese, grapes, and Mac and cheese

My 4 yr old Grandson had surgery yesterday.
He vomited last night and had such a bad headache (he woke combative from anesthesia also)…
Now he won’t eat jello or freeze ups…Nothing except liquids

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My daughter was 3 years old when she had them removed and lord it was hell. She would only eat ice cream and cold yogurt for two days. The doctor said it was fine the cold helped her. Then she started eating a little more normal. You can try mashed potatoes, maybe some spagetti Os things like that. It passed after the first few days with my daughter but it was the worst few days because she was so small

I had mine taken out at 32 and I ate anything and everything

Soup yoghurt ice cream custard jelly mash veggies

My son ate fried chicken,butter beans an corn bread an was jumping on trampoline next day. My daughter didn’t eat for over a wk nothing except Popsicles

nothing hard or scratchy for atleast a week and nothing red for the first couple of days! feed her all the macaroni she will eat lol.

macaroni, mashed potatoes, soups, jello, popsicle, yogurts, apple sauce, pudding cups.

Try to stay away from dairy, as much as possible. Dairy products increase the mucus in the throat and kind of coat it, which may cause her to swallow more frequently or cough - which is painful after a tonsillectomy.

Lots of ice chips, jello-o, applesauce, mashed potatoes, soup. She can probably get away with the mac and cheese, as long as it’s not drowning in cheese.

Liquid diet like jello, pudding, ice cream, mashed potaoes/ all soft. Do not give anything with ruff edges like chips and do not give solid foods.

Edit to add if you eat anything with ruff edges it can rip a scab off and cause bleeding. I had mine done in 6th grade and was told that.

If it works for her macaroni and cheese and ice cream it’s only going to be for a couple days popsicles pudding soup, mashed potatoes

Jelly.Make some puree fruits.

I had two of my girls have them removed. My youngest was 5 and handled it better than my 15 year old but she ended up needing an emergency surgery after the initial one due to bleeding.
We did popsicles, pudding, yogurt, jello- anything soft. My then 15 year old was never able to eat and barely could drink and had to go fluids in the ER. It’s a rough surgery for sure.
Keep a humidifier on to try and keep the scabs moist and sips of whatever fluids she will drink because dehydration makes everything worse, regular pain meds so they don’t have to play catch up.

I had them out. Don’t make him/her eat hard stuff. I know it helps but it’s too much. I had soup and ice cream and started nibbling on squashed bread so on

I was told when my daughter had hers out to let her ear whatever she wanted. We really only had one day of her only wanting things like Popsicles and yogurt. She was eating completely normal again by day 2