What should my son wear to his dance?

What do 6th grade boys wear to a 6th grade winter dance? It’s my son‘s first ever school dance…. The theme is winter Wonderland, and the dress attire is suggested all white BUT my son is special-needs and there’s no way all white is going to survive the night… especially if there’s food and snacks

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just let him live momma. get him that nice white suit and let him wear it. you’ll never get this moment again.
so what if it ruined by the end of the dance? that’s not what mattered


Honestly I’d be of no help because my boys are goofballs and would take that as an opportunity to go in there dressed as Frosty or Olaf​:joy::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: Maybe see if you can find that stain resistant fabric in a white outfit?


Off white or cream colored corduroy pants & sweater to match…he’ll survive a little spill. I’m not a fan of off season white so I’d go with cream personally.

Daughter wore blue at hers and most kids were wearing blue.

Heck l can’t even make it a few hours in white so l understand that but l’m sure others will have the same problem.

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Maybe do khakis and a pastel colored shirt.

A white polo from Walmart and black pants

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If the attire is all white, then let the kid have the all white outfit. He’ll never have this moment again and the beauty of it is, it’s clothing and it doesn’t HAVE to survive the night. It can be laundered and it can be replaced. 5 years from now you’ll be looking back on the memories, not what happened to the attire.

Navy wouldook nice and a white scarf if it winter now

Whatever he is comfortable in?

Let him wear white. Maybe some Scotch guard applied before he leaves.

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