What should I put the AC on in my newborns room?

For those using or have used ACs for their newborns room what did you set it on? I’m due at the end of May/Beginning of June and my room gets extremely hot mainly because its upstairs and that’s were baby girl will be sleeping i was thinking of having my AC set on 67-68 is that to cold? My son was a summer baby too but i can’t remember what setting i did for him

I don’t think it’ll be to cold, the baby will be swaddled for the first couple months anyways so I’d be more worried about over heating than being too cold, even with an ac

I never changed it from what I prefer. I always put a blanket or jammies on my babies if they got too cold(they hated to be swaddled). I wasn’t about to sweat my butt off, they can easily be warmed up

Just like adults every baby is different. I would start at 72 and work my way up or down from there.

in a daycare classroom, they keep it at 68 to 70 so that sounds perfect!

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68⁰-72⁰. I’ve always left mine on 68⁰ for my toddlers whole life. She wears pajamas and a blanket to bed. Too warm of a room is more dangerous especially for infant.

I mean if child is in sleepers all covered feet too I don’t see why not. You’ll feel there cold hands or feet if it is to cold.

I keep my house at 65 at night. I just dress baby in sleepers with feet.

just make it a comfortable womb temperature.