What should I pack on vacation?

Hey ladies I am leaving on a very late honeymoon this month. We are going to Jamaica. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or pointers on what to pack and things you wished you had packed. I have never on a vacation like this and want to make sure I have all that I will need for the week. Thanks ladies and Happy New Year!


Don’t over pack on clothes. It’s just stressful having a bunch of extra stuff. Cute sundresses, swim suits some flips. Other than that I would remember to bring sunglasses and sunblock. Enjoy your honeymoon :heart:

I would check the weather for the week and pack accordingly from there.Shampoo,body wash,brush,tooth brush and toothpaste.

Bring aloe for sure meds incase you get sick .

Where InJamaica .you’re going to love it there. lot of people like to trade so pack some hair barrettes extra tennis shoes,don’t buy smoke at the airport if you know what I mean.hire a driver for a week to take you places .try the conch have a spectacular time. Go snorkeling

Im here now! Bug spray!! After sun, snacks very pricey here! Snorkeling equipment if you have it!!