What should I pack in my hospital bag?

What are some things you may not have thought about that you wished you packed in your hospital bag? I am due very soon but am drawing a blank


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Butt wipes, a robe, comfy clothes, slippers

Chap stick and hair ties

Chap stick, hair tie & snacks

Make sure you write a list of the stuff so you can remember it when you leave.

Depends!!! Trust me life saver

If you are breastfeeding, appropriate bras and clothing. If not, sports bras. Baby’s first outfit. Your outfit to wear home. Toiletries. Phone charger.

Hair ties for sure. Extra granny panties. Clean socks. A little makeup so you don’t feel so beat up after and can take pics with the newborn lol toothbrush because theirs are terrible. Some deodorant. Lol. You know, all the good stuff. Lol. Extra chargers and comfy shoes. Save space for souvenirs!!! A good pillow lol.

I was very much in denial that I was in labor. My hospital bag was a Walmart bag I shoved a bathrobe and a phone charger in and it was only because my partner begged me to take stuff just in case.

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash & a loofah. Your gonna want a good shower afterwards, & not hospital shampoo lol
I took a letter board for newborn pics

Your own feminine pads. Heavy flow… hospital provided suck

More snacks, you’re own pjs instead of wearing hospital gown. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Extra hair ties

Lip balm, extra long phone cord, snacks!!

My own PJs, my favorite pads (the xl, extra wide ones!), comfry tea and red raspberry leaf, my own toiletries, snacks for late night, a sound machine app on my phone to help me sleep.

Bring flip flops for the shower for you and the dad!!! I had a c sec and my husband had to take a shower in there and got bad athletes foot from the shower

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Phone charger, money for vending machine,socks, brush, little bottles if nice shampoo and conditioner, moisturizing lotion, phone, undies… pads, if having a baby baby things, clothes that are comfy… PJs, a book…

Don’t forget stuff for dad if he’ll be there because the recliners or “couches” are so uncomfortable for them.

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A pillow to sit on. I tore and I could not sit on normal seats without pain for almost a week. The ride home was pure torture.

Some comfortable clothes for yourself , shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, hair ties, clothes for baby and baby blankets. Extra underwear too.

Honestly I didn’t even open my bag until I got the "going home outfit for baby and I. During our stay the hospital had everything for baby and me.

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Find out what they have in the hospital already. You usually don’t need that much.

Not something that will fit in your bag. But, I brought my own pillows and was so much more comfortable!

I made sure to bring a comfy pillow to sleep with. Do you sleep with a pillow between your knees, or a special blanket? Think about what helps you sleep at home in bed and bring it!
Also, I always make these special pads to help with healing in my “downstairs region”. Keep them in the fridge so you have them cool & ready when you come home.

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Chap stick, depends, hair tie, blanket and pillow for you and your spouse/coach, slippers, phone charger, tablet to watch movies or play games, comfy clothes, nursing pillow, snacks, maybe a tumbler for your drink.

My own nursing gowns, slippers, hair ties, toothpaste, tooth brush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, chapstick, lotion, socks, robe, drinks, snacks, my favorite pillow

Looks like everyone covered the essentials. The only thing I didn’t see is Chapstick and facial wipes.

Snacks, charger, slippers, robe, comfy flowy nightgown, clothes to go home in, go home outfit for baby, wallet (for coffee or others snacks just in case), flip flops, buy tucks pads to keep at home (Trust me!), One more thing for hospital your own necessities kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant)

A hair brush, deodorant, pads, baby outfit and receiving blanket… toothpaste and toothbrush, makeup, and out fit for you to wear home, phone charger.

Congratulations! (I’m due any time now too with my due date being 6/18)

The correct phone charger :expressionless: I packed the wrong one. Pregnancy brain :sweat_smile: comfy socks, soft blanket and just forget to take tons of pictures in the first 24 hours :revolving_hearts: if you hate hospital food I’d pack some snacks.

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Definitely an extension cord for your phone charger. All the sockets in my room were miles away from my bed. That way I could charge watch a movie and feed and not have to be up and down while I was resting and healing x

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I swelled really bad after having all of my kiddos. Bring several different pairs of pants and shirts or even dresses for you to wear home, just in case. And remember flip flops or slippers.

Something to sleep in unless you are wearing hospital gown, brush, deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrush, slippers, baby clothes, scratch mittens, baby book, bag for dirty laundry, phone charger, pacifier, socks to name a few things…

Heating pad for cramps after baby is born

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Phone charger, snacks (they don’t always provide more them a meal right after and you will be starving afterwards), a blanket, a comfy pillow from home, an outfit or two for baby (different sizes because you never really know what will fit ex: premie, newborn, 3 months), shampoo/conditioner/body wash, deodorant, slippers or flip flops for going home, a couple choices for comfy outfits going home because sometimes it’s just better to have choices, music/hand heldgaming thing/book/movies if you are gonna end up waiting before having the baby, hair ties, camera if your recording or take pictures, stuff for your partner of they are gonna be going with.

I packed my Fairlights
Defuser and had the steaming mist of mint smell in my room
And took a little portable speaker for soothing music. The nurses all loved coming into my room…
I wish I remembered lipgloss as my lips got dry at one point…
Comfy bras is a biggy

Your own pads (the hospital ones really irritated my skin and I REALLY wish I would have brought my regular brand)

I wish I had packed my own pillow! I had everything you could think of except that and I was just so uncomfortable on the bed.

Phone charger, hand lotion, make-up, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, mirror, plastic bag for dirty clothes, clothes to wear home, changes of underwear, your own pillow, snacks, a shampoo shower cap (doesn’t need water to wash your hair), favorite music, ear plugs.

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Good Kleenex and chapstick, lotion. I got so dry while in the hospital

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Comfy slippers! Hospital floor is cold!

Eye mask, ear plugs, phone charger your own pillow :smiley:

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I know your asking for you but the one thing forgot the first time around was a pillow for my husband. We asked for a pillow for him since he was sleeping on the couch and the nurse blasted him we both just sat there with our jaws on the floor. Brought an extra pillow to the next 2 deliveries

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clothes to go home with for both you & the baby, Hospitals usually (at least ours did) supply the diapers, you pads & undies & gown, As for the pads, a lot of our moms love Depends & we don’t have them, so we only had the regular pads. We gave very cheap soap, shampoo & tooth paste & brush if the moms needed, So that I would bring my own as other personal stuff. As for pillows, we usually had extra, but a lot of moms always brought their fav, pillow for them to sleep on, That is your choice, We give towels that in the bathroom, but if dad wants to take a shower, he can always go to the linen cart & get a few extra towels for himself if needed, And it is always nice when he does use the bathroom, whether to go to the bathroom or take a shower, It is always appreciated if he does pick up his dirty towels & throws them in the hamper, And clean up after himself. :slightly_smiling_face: Congratulations on your upcoming delivery

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Pack your own hygiene products. That first shower feels amazing! Also, someone told me to pack a large trash bag and a towel for in case my water broke. Mine did break, so that was the best advice I got. Saved my seats! You put the trash bag over your seat, towel, then sit… Good luck!!!

The thing I was the most happy to have with me was a big towel. The one they have isn’t huge. I would also bring slippers/extra socks (my feet are always cold), chapstick, and a nightie (they check you frequently and having to take pants off would be annoying).

Snacks, comfy clothes & bigger towels

I didn’t need anything other than comfy clothes to wear home, my phone charger, and the outfit I wanted my daughter to go home in.
Not all hospitals are the same so you should definitely check with the place you plan to use or people that have given birth there and would know, but most hospitals will have all the other things, basic hygiene stuff, diapers and wipes for the baby (stuff as many as they’ll give you in a bag and take them home too!), pads and those diaper things for you… most of the things I brought with me ended up just being extra crap to carry home, especially if you get visitors and/or gifts during your stay

TOILET PAPER! Softest, cushiest kind you can find! After doing what you have to do down there, you’ll WANT soft TP!!
Hospital brand is single ply and scratchy!

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A robe . With so many visitors you want to be comfortable and covered

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Snacks for after delivery lol I’m so serious


A brush, I forgot my first time. All the hospital had was a tiny comb which took hours to get through my hair. Definitely pack a brush.

I did extra pair of clothes, hair brush and my charger didn’t need nothing else

First- breast pads
tighter Stretchy pants I needed a smaller size than my pre pregnant clothes.

Preferred shampoo and conditioner, extra comfortable clothes ( i preferred my own underwear to the mesh ones they give you), warm socks!, nursing pads, electronics chargers (phone, laptop, etc), hairbrush, hair elastics. And for baby, just some clothes, maybe a couple blankets, and a car seat (pre-install the base!)

Your own toiletries, charger for your phone, cute outfit for pictures if you do them and a couple pairs of comfy clothes. I didn’t even bother putting a bra on except when getting pictures done and leaving.

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Chapstick!!! Slippers, robe, pillow, nightgown type of clothing

Real toilet paper, shower stuff, snacks, phone charger, robe, a real blanket, insulated mug for cold water.


All toiletries you would need to get ready for the day

a notebook and a few pens…nurses etc gave me tips I wish I had remembered!!!

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A car seat for the ride home

Depends. Forget pads. Get yourself some good ol’ adult diapers.

.Make up.
.Extra blankets, pillow for the hubs. Or any one who will be with you in the process of your delivery. If you can an inflatable twin mattress. Because them hospital couch/bed are very uncomfortable.
.tooth brush/tooth paste.
.hair brush.
.hair tie.
.confterable clothes.
I took my pajamas. Then when leaving I wore a dress to be more confterable.