What should I include in my c-section birth plan?

Anyone care to share what I should include on my C Section birth plan. I didn’t have one with my 1st but would like to have one with my second. It will be a c section and baby may go to the NICU.

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Anxiety meds CAN be given before your c section. I highly recommend them. I was a whole basket case and once they have them to me? Wonderful experience

Listen to your Nurse her plan will save you and your baby

I was awake for my c-section they put up a curtain can’t see anything, I felt a pressure then what felt like suction cup. All good I recommend get up and move using caution often as you heal it really help bring a small pillow to use to brace against your abdomen when you cough laugh sneeze or hold baby it will help good luck mamma!!

This was in my birth plan incase I’d have to have a C-section.

I will say this in all honesty there is no way to prepare for a c-section, I had two one was an emergency one and my second was a scheduled. I will say listen to the doctors and nurses, and request staples instead of stitches, the scar is less obvious when you use staples. My first was also in NICU after birth and it’s hard to “expect” anything, each NICU has different rules, I wasn’t able to see my son right away as I was bed ridden and they couldn’t wheel my bed in the NICU which I respected because the attention should be on the babies in the NICU. Make sure you have super loose fitting clothes. I wouldn’t recommend any pants, if you can wear a dress home I would, your not going to want anything touching your wound.

They knocked me out with meds after my twins were born and I didn’t wake up until 8 hours later. I didn’t like that you can request to stay awake for it all.

Have a spinal rather than epidural and take shaving cream and a razor.