What should I do?

My son is 15 and has been playing soccer since hes been 4. In elementary school he tried baseball and didn’t like it, so he quit. He played basketball for 3 years, then quit. He was in cub scouts for 4 years then quit. He is a sophomore in a private school and doesn’t want to play soccer once this year is over. He isn’t in any other clubs extra curricular activities. I am angry, upset and disappointed and need advice. I want to remove him from private school and just let him go to public school. I feel like he isn’t taking advantage of all they are offering and I am upset about soccer.


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Have you talked to him about what he might like to do? Any other interests he’d like to pursue rather than soccer or keeping him in something he’s not finding suitable for him? He’s at a preeeetty confusing time of his life, learning who he is and whatnot, exploring all kinds of avenues would be good :relaxed::relaxed: Different experiences as a teen are, I think, are important…


He’s a teenager today he doesn’t wanna play soccer tomorrow he wants to join the equestrian club
The day after he’s gonna wanna be a rock climber
He’s going to go threw some things and change it’s important to find out why he doesn’t wanna play
Being angry that he doesn’t is not a great start it’s understandable if he wants to sit in his room and play games all day instead but chances are he just doesn’t enjoy it the way he used to or thought he would


Never EVER force a teenager to do something because its what YOU want him to do. Thats a one way ticket to resentment for the rest of your life


Get over it. Let him make his own decisions and don’t resent him just because it isn’t what you want or what you had planned for him. Support and encourage him but don’t be upset. He’s 15…. That is a really confusing year and the years ahead. If he wants to leave private school then remove him but if not then don’t. He’s trying to find who he is and best thing you can do as a parent is encouraging him in a positive direction.

11 years of soccer and it’s not fair on you? Sounds like you care more about him being a trophy than him growing and making his own life choices.

Just straight ridiculous.
Why force the kid to do something he doesn’t want to do and why he mad if he doesn’t want to play sport anymore??

It’s not your life….

You mom are being ridiculous. full stop. You can’t force them into anything they don’t want to do and why would you want to? Stop trying to live through your kids and just let em be themselves.