What should I charge for babysitting?

I am going to start a babysitting business and looking to start with about 5 kids…whether they are siblings or not…what is a good price for watching 5 kids all day?


You should definitely look up the laws in your state regarding how many children you can take in without getting certified. 5 children is a lot to start out with :flushed:

You shouldn’t charge as much as a facility does UNLESS as I stated above, you get certified and follow the guidelines of your state.


I charged $20 a day for a regular shift $30 if longer than 10 hrs. Definitely only start with a couple at 1st. Depending on the child /children you may not have the ability to have more. Also, look into your states in home daycare laws in your state. It’s not as easy as just watching 5 kids. Make sure you have a contract signed and both if you are aware of the expectations.

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Start with 1 or 2 kids. Most parents prefer requirements like cpr certified.
I’d say work with the family :woman_shrugging: last time there was a post like this I got ridiculed but I do around 10/hr

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Probably need CPR certification for children and adults. The nurseries charge 740. Dollars a month for one child. Not all but most.

Certainly no less than minimum wage in your state I’d imagine :woman_shrugging:

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You have to look into certifications, how many kids you’re allowed, after certifications, space required for the amount of kids you’re looking for. Curriculum per age range. I would look up private home daycare rates in your area.

I charge 20$ day per child up to 10 hours, that providing all meals… siblings I do a discount of 30$ per day up to 10 hours. If I have them over night it’s 30$ per child or 40$ for 2 siblings. Again that’s all meals. If having to drive and meet for pickup/drop off in add 5$ for the help of gas!
As already stated you will need to look at your states regulations of babysitting, such as how many your allowed to have on your own, also if you will need to require a CPR license or certificate for babysitting… close friends and family may not care about them sorta things but everyone else might prefer you to have them for the protection of the children and parents

My daycare charges 100 $ a week . So 400 a kid per month and she has around 8 to 10 kids. She is certified tho.

Check your state laws. And some states the ratio is one adult per four children