What should an infants feeding schedule look like?

I have a 3 day old I’m still in the hospital hopefully going home tomorrow but I’m supplementing with formula untill my milk comes In more cause he’s not satisfied after just nursing, the nurse told me to try to get him to the 3 hour mark before feeding again to avoid him from getting over full and spitting up? But he’s only making it like 2 hours before wanting to eat again, I let him latch on both sides for about 10 mins each then give him a bottle till he stops accepting the bottle, what she said makes sense but I can’t starve him an hour to stretch it, what should a feeding schedule for a 3 day old look like


That nurse should be fired. The general rule is every 2 hours, with nursing though babies can feed whenever they’re wanting to.


The nurse needs educated apparently. I am currently breastfeeding my 3rd daughter who just turned 5 months, baby’s will cluster feed to bring your milk in. The more you get that baby to eat off you the more and faster your milk comes in. Do not space it out, you will not get a high enough milk supply. Feed that baby on demand. Breastmilk is also the easiest to digest so it doesn’t last as long. Generally around 1.5-2 hrs your baby should be eating minimal.


On demand! When baby has hunger cues, feed baby.


He’s not going to be on the 3 hour mark at 3 days old, your milk will literally just start coming in now. The more baby feeds, the more you’ll have. Cluster feeding is rough but it’s to help you and baby. Speak to someone else cos that nurse sounds like she doesn’t know much about this.

It’s supply and demand, you want to make a lot of milk, you need to feed more. I was feeding and latching mY baby whenever I could at the hospital so my milk would come in because it’s only colostrum in the beginning. The more your baby eats from the boob, the more milk and faster it’ll come in. Trust your body, it’ll do it’s work to keep baby full, you just have to be persistent. I breastfed all my 5 babies so I know now, I literally fed baby every hour too, I never went by a watch, I went by my babies cues. The only time I didn’t worry as much or had cues was when my baby was back at birth weight. I never timed anything, I fed on demand and I never once had to substitute with formula. Oh and just to let you know, you’ll regulate at like the 2-3rd month so even when you don’t feel as firm like you were in the beginning, you are, just keep feeding, supply and demand.


Feed on demand. They’ll tell you when they’re hungry. Your supply will come in faster too. Feed 10-15 on one side, burp til he burps and then Feed 10-15 on the other, burp til he burps. Repeat when he’s hungry. My first son I fed for 8 weeks and then I didn’t have enough for him ( he was 8lbs 7oz). Second son was a beast and my supply didn’t come in until days after he was born so he was formula fed ( 9lbs 13.6oz ). Third son I fed for 4 weeks and then he needed formula ( 9lbs 5.2oz ). Daughter went straight on formula bc her sugars were too low to leave the hospital and they gave her a bottle to see if it would help and then she wouldn’t take breast milk ( 9lbs 8oz )

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The more you supplement with formula the longer it will take for your milk to come in and you will be affecting the supply/demand connection. If you are wanting to successfully breastfeed you need to stop with the bottle and concentrate on giving baby breast every single time he wants it. It is absolutely normal for baby to be feeding constantly in the early days and weeks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Feeding baby on demand is the best way to feed there are no rules around feeding a baby and all babys are so different! Your nurse needs to be better educated and stop giving out false advice.


Our twins sometimes had to be fed every hour & a half-just depending on if they fell asleep during feedings & stopped taking the bottle, this was after their feeding tubes had been removed (they were 7.5 weeks early) we were told no more than 2.5 hours between feedings, & that was pushing it. Also try pumping if possible, it will help bring your milk in, thats how we got mine to come in quicker.

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Is your baby actually getting over full and spitting up? If not, then it seems like they’re just hungry and need to eat.
Mine was crying to eat every 45 minutes to an hour, and I realized it was a comfort thing rather than actual hunger so we gave her a pacifier. (Thankfully she stopped wanting it within a couple weeks of being home, once she adjusted.)

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I always feed my babies on demand and around that age it was about every two hours.


My son nursed every 1½hrs - 2hrs. That nurse should lose her job for telling you that. Every 2hrs for the first few weeks is pretty normal.


I’ve done on demand feeding with all of mine. I just feed them when they’re giving me signals they’re hungry. Sometimes it’s 1 hour, sometimes it’s 3, they’re little people at the end of the day, they’re hungry when they’re hungry. I don’t think there should be a specific amount of time between each feed. Congrats mama! X

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As a newborn he’ll be cluster feeding to help bring in your milk. There’s no need to mix feed with formula, unless you want to. :blush:

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Mine are every hour and a half around the clock for the first while. Big babies need frequent nursing


It’s different for every baby. My middle would nurse every 2 hours and approximately 15-20 minutes per side. My oldest and youngest could go the 3 hours between feeds. When their newborns I’d fed when child needs/wants and worry more about schedule feeding at a couple months (or more) old.

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In the beginning its every 2-3 hours and 1-3 ounces or as baby needs. Pace feed. They know what they want.
They tried claiming no more than 1 ounce with my first, but that was starving her.
Let the baby lead.


Just feed him when he cries. At this age, it will help bring your milk in. Supplementing formula can actually hinder breastfeeding and may hurt his tummy. Unless medically necessary, if you want to breastfeed (fed is best so no judgements if you dont) then you should throw out a “schedule” of any sort until at least 3 months. During the first week or so, my babies would feed about every hour. It will slow down some as you go. Also, feeding for comfort is not wrong and is a natural thing for newborns and even older babies. Soak it in bc it doesnt last long…these days may feel long but they go fast.

I will say that boys often eat more than girls at least mine did. Just try to go a few minutes longer before you feed each time. I didn’t breast feed but just my own thoughts.

The more you feed the more your milk will come in, try not to substitute with formula. Try breast milk every single time. Baby will want to eat more often thus stimulating more

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Please get in contact with a lactation consultant they ate excellent and have the feeding training midwives don’t have

I was always told 2-3 hours. Feed him when he’s hungry mama


2 hours is definitely the general rule! As my babies got older I nursed them on their cue

What!!! Every 3 hours???
Feed that baby on demand. The more you feed, the more your milk will come in (not always the case but generally speaking). And only 10 minutes? No. Until baby is done. A schedule and routine comes later but at 3 days old please don’t listen to that nurse.

Hungry baby boys need to be fed on demand.

As a newborn, when they are hungry, feed them.

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Feed him when he wants to be fed. He’s feeding that often because he’s trying to stimulate your milk production.

You’re going to fail at breastfeeding if you go down that road. Stop formula now. Babies will clusterfeed aka always eat. That is how your milk comes in. Be skin to skin, keep it calm, don’t circumcise as it can disrupt nursing, stay hydrated and nurse and rest.

Weird. Do you know how tiny a newborn stomach is? They don’t need to supplement. Stop giving him a bottle. Feed on demand. Nurse nurse nurse that’s what makes your milk come in, not bottle feeding

Fire the nurse. Sounds like you’re being pushed onto formula. It should be both breasts, 10 mins each. Make sure he’s digging his chin and not his nose in. Every two hours sounds about right and no more than four (I had a sleeper who missed feeds!) Don’t give a bottle at all. It’s really not necessary and is expensive. Let people who really can’t breastfeed have access to formula. If you’re feeding every couple of hours, it sounds like your milk has come in!

Supplementing with formula for the first few days or week is totally normal. Feeding the baby with you every 45 mins seems more likely to me. Newborns will eat often as their stomachs are so tiny. Feed when they are hungry and don’t other think it, you’ll be spending most of your time feeding for the first few months. Keep at it, you’ll be great Mama!

I had a baby Monday. Feeding schedule is every 1 and a half to 3 hours. If they haven’t woken up at the 3 hour mark to eat, you wake them up to eat.

Those rules will make you struggle with milk supply. He has to eat when he is hungry. Period.

You’re literally in a hospital. Ask your doctors/pediatrician.

Do what works for you and baby. All babies are not the same