What is the quietest breast pump?

What is the quietest pump out there?? I know that’s a weird question but I work in a jail and will need to pump but still be where cameras are to see in the cells, I’ll also have a male partner and will be working overnights so I’m trying to find a good quiet pump so I don’t have to go in a separate room where I’d leave my partner alone but also not be loud enough to disturb people sleeping or my partner. Would also like it to not be seen besides the buldge in my shirt. If there’s not one I guess I’ll only pump until I go back.


I have the willow pump and it’s pretty quiet, I think as quiet as it can get. Super easy to clean and wireless with Bluetooth!

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Amazon has a wide selection. I got ones similar to the picture and I loved how quiet and efficient they were! :heart::heart::heart:

Willow go is pretty quiet

I had elvie and it was so quiet that nor my husband nor the baby woke up so I do recommend, even though I do believe if you pump they are required to give you private room and extra time to pump :crossed_fingers:

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I have the willow go, it’s pretty quiet. I’m a hairstylist and wear it while working and with music and conversation, you don’t notice it.


I swear by Elvie Pumps. Using the same set for my second baby now. They have paid for themselves

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My Elvie is pretty quiet , I never hear it until I walk into a completely quiet area. I work in a restaurant though.

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I swear I read this as pimp

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I loved the hand expression haakaas!! it was light weight and so easy to use and very quick for me, I was someone that had to have some hand expression for pumping when I breastfed.

Elvie stride plus is a wearable portable pump and it’s quiet I was able to pump at Walmart and no one knew

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If cost is a factor, I have generic TSRETE wearables from Amazon. You can usually get them for about $50-$80 depending on deals. They work well for me!

I swear I thought you meant the best place to fart was until I read it back :joy::joy::joy:


Also work in a jail. They’re required to give you a private room to pump… I’d ask administration


My willow go is the quietest I have and it just looks like I have big boobs

I have willow go and I’m baffled by all the people saying it’s quiet! Even my husband makes fun of the noise it makes, and that’s while our Dolby surround sound is blasting music :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: love the pump, but definitely not quiet!

My sister swear this is the best breast pump she’s had. It is very quiet wouldn’t know she had it on.