What is the process of the father giving their rights away?

Hey ladies I have a serious question! Delete if not allowed but has anyone ever dealt with the father of your child voluntarily wanting to sign his rights away? Was the process long or easy? I don’t have a problem with it I just don’t want this to be dragged out. 


They didn’t let my ex terminate his right. They made him pay child support and he has no visitation, but they never stripped him of his rights, even when that was what he wanted


It’s different in different states. In SC you have to have a significant other who is willing to adopt the child for a judge to even consider it. They say you can’t leave a child fatherless…I went thru this and luckily won our case bc my husband to be was going to adopt my kids.

In Ontario, a father can terminate their rights but are still financially responsible for said child.


Same, in Illinois, as these other states. You have to have someone else ready and willing to adopt the child/children before the biological parent can sign away rights.
If that’s not the case, he can sign away visitation rights, but will still be required to pay child support.

Depends on your state. Pennsylvania is same as the lady said about Louisiana.

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Ohio my sister bd just signed legal papers it was pretty easy…

Here in Louisiana they can’t sign their rights over unless someone else is willing to adopt the child. And they are also still responsible for child support unless the person adopting is willing to take all financial responsibility

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He can’t just sign over rights, some one else has to adopt the child. If you have someone you need to hire a lawyer because there is lots of paperwork and it has to go before a judge.

Depends on the state and circumstances.

Have him get a lawyer to draw the papers up,and you both sign it,then a judge makes it legal.at least that is what my granddaughter did.

I just did this a few months back in Maine. They told us a new law was passed so deadbeat parents can’t jut sign their rights away. There has to be another parent this willing to step up to adopt and take over financially for the child

It depends on the state you’re in. Your best bet is to call your local court house and ask them.

I’m in Maryland and my youngest two children, their father signed over rights, but that was at my request as my husband was filing for adoption of them.

Typically, a court will not let a parent give up their rights unless there is someone else there and willing to take the rights. If that was the case, anyone who didn’t want to be a parent could walk into the courthouse and fill out a form to give up their rights. Could you imagine how many children would be left without parents all together?!

In the US parents can’t sign away their rights & responsibilities unless someone wants to adopt (either another person or step parent). He can give you some custody & wave visitation. If you’re not on assistance you can stop child support. But it’s not final. He can take you back to court at any time for rights as you can for child support. It will be more difficult to achieve visitation after he formally gives them up but he can get visits.

Every state differs best bet would be to contact a family court lawyer for your area and ask during a free consultation and then go from there