What is the perfect age difference between kids?

My boys have 6 yrs difference and I love it. And they are super close.

The perfect age between children is God will let you know. I have 3 and they were 3,2 and newborn. Had many miscarriages. Put it in God’s hands and good luck!

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How are your finances? Two kids in diapers can be expensive! I would space two years apart. Mine two kids are 5 years apart. It was difficult when they each were in separate schools. One in elementary and one in middle. Etc. think about how things will be down the road.

Had my son at the age of 20 my son is 22 and daughter is 18 it was a great age gap.

My youngest two are 5 years apart and it was difficult to balance the sports and activities until the youngest got older.

11 2 and almost one.

I have a 19, 14,10 and 7. Perfect gap. They all help eachother, and all help me.

I have a 9 yr old 6 yr old girls 3 years between them perfect an I have a 1 yr old boy 4 yrs between the girls

My kids are 11(about to be 12), 9, 6 and 2. Perfect gaps between all four. For me anyways

I actually just read 18 months poses the least risk

Mine are 16, 9, 2, 1. At least with the babies there in the same size diapers, and the age difference is Much easier then the older two. They are best friends, where as the older two always fight

Try to wait until the youngest you have is 2 before trying to conceive again. Its a psychology thing

We have a 5 year and a few months between our 2 and I love it!

3/4 year gap is the best. Close enough to be close. But far enough apart where they each still get their own things. My youngest are 17 months apart and share most things bc they are so close. The older one gets mad. My other 2 are 4 years apart and get along great while still having their separate toys and such

There is no right answer for this. Every family is different and like someone else said, God will decide.

Growing up we had 1-2yrs between us. I am grateful especially now that we are adults. My husband and I have 2-3 yrs between our children. Wouldn’t have it any other way! Sometimes it’s hectic but we roll with it!

I love the age gap between my two boys. My oldest is 4 1/2 and my youngest is 1. I had my oldest out of diapers and pullups completely by the time my baby was born. They love each other so much too. My oldest loves helping me with his baby brother and showing him how to play

I wanted 2 kids, after my daughter I used birth control till December of 2018, didnt like the side effects and decided if it happens, it happens 🤷 we got pregnant in March, found out early April. Maybe 1.5weeks before my daughters 1st birthday. Got my 1st scan in July, due to insurance issues and found out we were having twins. Identical boys. We say we’re done. But 🤷 god works in mysterious ways. My daughter will be 20month when our boys are born. I only have 6 weeks+3 days left :pregnant_woman::blue_heart::blue_heart:
The ‘perfect’ gap is whatever you’re comfortable with.

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Their is no perfect time to have kids. Mine are 2 years and 5 months apart. They are grown now but as kids one would lie to it and the other would swear to it. But they are great together. But their kids my sons are 15 months apart and my daughters are 2 years. Seems like that is good. But motherhood is a challenge no matter how far or close they are. Good Luck but you do have time. The second comes easier. Good luck.

Do what’s best for you. Your still young. Women are having kids in their 30s & 40s now.

We have 8, 5, and 1. I wish they were closer. The gap makes it difficult. 1-2 year gaps would have been nice

7, 6, and 5 and my oldest is autistic. Would not recommend. If children are born with issues it can take away from their siblings if they’re close. It’s a chance you take anyway, but I think the biggest hardest part about having them close is the toll it takes on your body and mind. If you don’t have close family to help, give yourself time in between.

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I am 30 and I am 11 weeks with baby number 3! My oldest is 9 and my middle is 5. I don’t think their is any good gap between kids it’s always overwhelming unless you have help of course

My oldest is 13 and my baby is 1.5yrs. So dont ask my advice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: although everyone who asks their age thinks it’s funny and says I waited so I could have a free babysitter…lol

Umm I would say not 16 months apart but that’s just me

Most Doctors agree that at least a year between them is optimal for the mother’s health…My daughters are exactly 18 month apart and are not only sisters but close friends.

My 2 oldest are a year apart & were close as children & still close at 48 & 49. Had another baby when my second child was 8 & oldest was 9. It was awful! Too many years in between.

I’ve had 6 kids some close togeather some further apart do as you please I am thoroughly happy with both

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There is no"perfect"age gap. You have them when you decide or just let it happen on its own and your not getting close to too old lol. I had 4 in my twenties very close together and loved it and then had one more at 42 and I’m so glad I did

Close in age or far every stage after 1 years old is hard. Too bad you didn’t have triplets :wink:

I have 2 boys.
They are a year and 3 days apart. Not planned that way but wouldn’t change it for the world. They are best friends . My youngest learns so much from his brother.

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I say only have one! Its so much better! You can do more with them because you’ll have more money and your bond will be fantastic because your focusing everything on that one child. I have a 9 year old and that is plenty for me wouldnt have it any other way.

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I don’t know if there’s a “perfect” or “ideal” difference… but my first two are 2 years apart. And God blessed us with our 3rd… he’s 4 years younger than his brother and 6years younger than his sister. I think it would have been better if he was a little closer in age but we have our loves… so… I don’t think it matters that much… FYI I had our 3rd 6 months before I hit 40…

I’d say 18-24 months apart. Mine are 4.3 years apart, not by choice. Ideally I wanted them 2 years apart but other plans were in store and we had to overcome a tough battle with the 1st. I’m glad I waited to have the 2nd. I was 24 with the 1st and 28 almost 29 with the 2nd.

Some people will base it on milestones. For instance, when their first child walks or becomes potty trained. They will then work towards having another child. As for me I had mine 2 yrs. a part and I am so glad that I did. It’s absolutely wonderful. They are now 24, 22, and soon to be 20. They get along well, share similar interests, and take care of one another. I’m so very blessed. :grin:

I only have 1 child a son ,my periods were very spheritic ( would go months without ) took over a year to conceive. Then Dr.s said after that I had a 1 and 4 percent of conceiving again. We tried for years. My son is my pride and joy. He will be 28 in April. Most of my family friends have 2 years between their kids. 29 is not that old . I would say if you and your husband are ready for another baby go for it. Best Wishes

All of my babies except my last are 2 years and one month Apart I have 4 altogether and they are handfuls I promise but I look back there is a huge difference in my sister and I and she was like a mother to me I dont want my oldest to feel she has to help raise my youngest, when they are close to age they get to play together and do things together if theres a big age difference the playing and doing things together may not be there…

I have 2 my daughter is 8 years older than my son. They are super close. It’s funny because the younger one is so protective over the oldest. I think it’s different for everyone tho

My children are about 26 months apart, just close enough in age to enjoy the same things BUT far enough apart not to crowd each other. My children are now almost 33, almost 31, and almost 29. Wouldn’t trade how close I had them for anything.

Mine are 11 months apart. Born in the same year jan and December. Not planned, but they are very close with each other wouldnt trade it for the world. Just enough that my kids are in different grades and we try to have them do things on there own no that their older.

Research says it’s best for mothers and babies to space them 3 years apart. Be patient and enjoy your little miracle!

Before you have another I’d wait until the one before it is potty trained

I have 4 boys. They are all around 3 years apart. They are now ( my oldest just turned) 25, 21, 18 and 15. They are all very close :two_hearts:

I had 3 kids in 5 years. Mine are 2.5 years apart and they’re best friends most of the time.

I have two daughters but they are 7 years apart ( 12 an 5) it took me 12 years to have my first daughter then another 7 years to have my second one.

I have 3 kids (all grown now) but my first and 2nd are 5 years apart…my 3rd was born 12 days shy of my 2nd ones 3 rd birthday. I’d go with the closer together…2-3 years.

My kids are grown , but I have 3. My oldest and middle are 2 yrs apart and my.middle and youngest are 4 years apart. The 4 yrs apart was much better then 2 yrs apart. I think it is different for everyone though. If I had it to do over, all mine would been at least 4 yrs apart though.

Mine are all pretty much 2 years apart. 9,7,5,&3

My oldest is 13(14 in dec) an my youngest will be born any day now but I also have a 3 girls in the middle they are 8,5,3 (9,6,4 in nov)

It depends how you want your family to be Imo. if you want your kids close together or apart. Mine are about a yr for my first 3 then 2yrs, then 4yrs then 3. I wanted my kids close to grow up close in age

I would wait until baby is potty trained before having another baby, diapers are expensive now a days.

My daughters are 13 years apart. I have a 16 almost 17 year old daughter and my baby is 3 daughter.

you’re 29… even if you waited 2 year in between you’d be like 35-36 when you had your 4th.

I think at least 4 years it helps with milestones like cars and college.

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Mine are 4 days shy of being exactly 1.5 years apart.

Lol mine are 21,16 and 5…

Mine a 11yr 8yr 10 mo

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My kids r 5 years apart m