What is the best paint to use for belly painting?

Best paint to use for belly painting? I would love to have my artist of a mother paint a easter egg on my belly for this upcoming easter. We have A BUNCH of acrylic paints that we use for rock painting, can I just use those or would I be better off buying something different? TIA!!
!ALSO! if any of you have done this before and have pictures please comment them I would love to see em! :heartpulse:


I would try non-toxic paints. Acryllic would work but staying on the safe side. There’s a type of paint thats egg based. When I remember what its called ill comment

Acrylic says it’s nontoxic but it’s not recommended for face or body. My daughter wanted face painting for her birthday party and face and body paint can get expensive…this is cheaper and safer

Non toxic but in addition to what these guys said , it will crack on skin. Once it dries itll be no good for art