What is the best diaper genie?

Recommendations on the best “diaper genie” looking for something I can use regular bags with later on!

None lol. It “holds in smell” until you open it…lol


Clearly an unpopular opinion.
I just got a diaper genie (I also had one for cat litter a few years ago so I love them lol) the trick is to buy the scented refills, and change it every day, max 2 days.
It’s not meant to sit there for days or weeks. Same with any garbage. I also have a plug in right beside the diaper genie.
Works just fine and there’s NO smell, even when I take it out :woman_shrugging:

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I just use dog waste bags and the regular garbage when my grandson is here


I use uppi and it’s amazing

I have 4 kids used one for my last baby omg they are they worst just go to the dollar store grab a pack of dog poop bags and there u go wrap in bag and toss it out much more easier and cheaper too

If your using it to hide the smell don’t, you’ll barf the moment you put a dirty diaper in, that’s one thing not worth the money.

Maybe an unpopular opinion but I had one and it grossed me out, I just bought the scented bags to wrap the diapers in and threw them out in the regular garbage.


I had one once and only for about month before I threw it away and just started double/triple wrapping in a shopping bag and tossing away in garbage. The diaper genie absorbs the stink and holds onto it. No amount of cleaning helped. I found quickly that I could drop a diaper into the corner of a store bag twist,fold back over itself twist again (up to 3-4 layers depending on diaper size) and tie off locking in smell better than genie.

I honestly just toss them in the regular trash. With baby 2, I tied them in Walmart bags. With baby 3, I don’t even bother with that. Our trash is taken out daily at this point, so it’s fine.

We just use scented bathroom trash bags for poopy diapers and pullups and throw it in our regular trash.

The diaper genie is horrible, doesn’t do well with the smell and can’t use any bag but the ubbi is way cheaper, can use any bag and doesn’t leak smell! Totally was worth the change and investment!

They are the worst bought one with my kids, used it for a month and then threw it out

I had one with my son and it was the worst. It’s all good until it gets full and you have to pull 10 feet of dirty diapers out then the smell is awful :nauseated_face: I ended up just using plastic bags from the store (double wrapping the poopy ones) and using the regular garbage can. It’s less smelly that way.


I bought the Amazon one n love it, works great, they have 3 sizes so you can choose what works best. Refill bags are reasonable n I like that you cut the bag so you never waste… look up Dekor diaper pail … oh also the top is closed off so no smell when u open to throw in a new diaper, we do empty it every day though if you empty your house trash every day you should take out dirty diapers daily as well.

As a second time mom I just throw them in the regular trash. My trash goes out everyday. As a first time mom I had a bag I kept the diapers in (before the diaper genie) and it was horrible. Maybe my newest ones crap doesn’t stink as bad but it has worked for the last 9 months.

Not worth the investment, imo

Just get a trash can with a lid

Honestly, just stock up on plastic grocery bags and use those instead. Diaper genies and wipes warmers are a waste of $$.


They are a waste money. Use dog poop bag and your normal trash can. You have to take that out daily. So the smell goes right with it.

You guys want to hear a “funny” story?
Years ago my brother used to live with my husband and I and babysit our son when he was a baby, we used to have a designated medium trashcan just inside the inside garage door for dirty diapers(rest of the garage was packed with junk), when he moved in and asked what what we do with the dirty diapers I said “we just toss them in the garage”
Ok, simple, easy to follow right?
One day I was home earlier and he had just changed our son and no joke I watch this man open the door to the garage, SLING the diaper around his head, and CHUCK it out into the center of all the junk :scream:
He looks at me all confused and says “isn’t this what you told me to do”
Guys for about 2 months this dude had been chucking dirty diapers all over my garage :woman_facepalming:t2:
Worst scavenger hunt E-V-E-R :rofl::skull: