What is the best birth control?

Ladies who have had cholestasis, what birth control do you use now?
I’ve been given the options of depo shot or the rod. Opinions on these?
I can also have a mirena but I developed ovarian cysts when I had my last one so not keen on using that again.
Definitely don’t want anymore babies but have been told I’m to young for tubal ligation.

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The depo is amazing as long as you stay active. It helps keep you weight in line once you stop doing things the depo will cause you to gain weight

I had the rod and loved it but some people have issues with it

I had cholestasis but I was never told that I had limited bc options. I use Nuva Ring and couldn’t be happier with it.

Honestly, force the tubal. I don’t know how old you are, but I got mine at 29. My doctor didn’t feel keen on it and asked me to think about it really hard but would do what I wanted in the end. I got three boys and there is no desire to have more!