What is the best birth control?

Hi mommies! I need your opinions! I have my 6 week PP check up in a week. I have 2 boys and I am trying to figure out what birth control to try. I am not breastfeeding. I am TERRIBLE at remembering pills so I’m trying to look into the other options. After my oldest was born I used the Nuvaring and liked it but it made me psycho lol. What are your guys’ experiences and preferences? Thank you! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I am on the Depo shot and have been for 2 years I love it.

I have always used the Mirena IUD, without any problems. I, personally, recommend it. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


I have the Mirena, I love it. Periods are short and extremely light or non-existent. No hormone issues, it’s great!


I have nexplanon the arm implant and I love it. No periods in my experience and it lasts for 3 years

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I used mirena after 2 of my babies and loved it!!!
If I wasn’t getting my tubes tied after baby #4 id get it again

I was scared to try an IUD, but I got the mirena and haven’t had any problems since I got it last October.


I have the nexplanon and as a first time mom I LOVE it because I don’t have to think about it for three years

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Had to get 2 IUDs surgically removed. Pills made me sick no.matter what time I took them. Allergic to the patch and the depo shot. I got the nexplanon and I think it’s great.

I used the depo shot and I liked it! It also took my period away which was a bonus lol and I didn’t gain any weight at all

Paraguard is a non hormonal copper iud. This is what they suggested for me.

I’ve tried pretty much everything except for the patch and I liked the Mirena the best.

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Mirena 100% & lasts 5yr

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I love the depo shot some people it knocks out their period so i say double win lol

Nexplanon, last for 3 years.

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For some reason I cannot use hormonal birth control. It messes with my pre-existing depression & anxiety. I tried the Mirena IUD after I had my first. I only had it in for a little over a month before I went back to my OBGYN & demanded she remove it or I was just gonna go home & rip it out myself. It made my anxiety so bad I was too scared to put my hand outside the door just to grab the mail. Anxiety went away about a week after getting it removed.

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Nexplanon worked really well for me and it’s good for 3 yrs at a time
It’s a tiny think that just goes right in your arm i day I see your bicep :muscle:

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Nexplanon worked really well for me and it’s good for 3 yrs at a time
It’s a tiny think that just goes right in your arm i day I see your bicep :muscle:

Im getting my tubes tied the day after my daughter is born. Although, I am done having kids after this one. :blush:

The mirena is the best I haven’t had a period in 7 years

Love my nexplanon. Didn’t have a good experience with mirena personally but have heard good things about it as well.

I am going for the IUD when I go in. I have heard good things about the depo shot but havent personally tried it. I will say from personal experience I don’t recommend the nexplynon implant. I had a very rough time with it for many reasons. (It even made me anemic) but when I was speaking with my midwife she said that if behavior changes are a big issue for you on other methods it is best to avoid the implant as it highly escelates your mood swings and such.

Nexplanon! No issues whatsoever with it.

I wouldn’t suggest an IUD… mine had to be removed surgically.

After my third I opted for tube tying. I felt so free after that. No more oops possibility. It was awesome.

I have mirena. I go in for my second one this week. 5 years no period can’t even feel it there. I have had no problems and would recommend it !

Nexplanon for sure! I haven’t had a period since July and, im not crazy from it either

I personally love the Nexplanon, it lasts three years, goes in your upper arm, and have had zero issues with it, i recently got it a second time after having my daughter, and it’s safe to have if you decide to breastfeed

Mirena, hands down. The first few weeks suck I’m not gonna lie, but after that you literally forget it’s there and having no periods is so nice! I had mine for 7 years and had it taken out this past July. By August I was pregnant so it didn’t affect my fertility apparently

I suck at taking pills too but I’m on the pill. It seemed like the easiest option for me. I have an alarm set on my phone for 3pm every day to take it, makes it a bit easier to remember

DO NOT GET DEPO it has some horrible side effects such as osteoporosis. Nexplanon has been great for me. I just got it changed and it’s amazing!!!


Paragard. I got pregnant on the pill & with the depo I was gaining a lot of weight so quickly.

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I just got my mirena iud renewed. I haven’t had any problems at all with it.

Any of yall smokers? I always get told of the extra risks as a smoker… what birth control would yall recommend for that? My daughters father & I have been thinking of me getting on one soon… I can’t do the depo, it gives me terrible side effects, & I can’t remember to take pills to save my life, lol…

Paraguard is the best. No hormone iud

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Mirena is what I had after my daughter was born. After my son was born last year I used lyleta.

I loved the patch. Only had to change it once a week :slight_smile: I’d set an alarm for the same time weekly so i didnt forget

I have the mirena IUD and I’ve loved it but getting it out has not been great for me

Do not get the depo shot! Its the worst! I gained weight started losing me hair. And it made me so angry

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I have the nexplanon arm implant. Good for 3 years. I love it so far and I’m about a month in. The only that annoys me is that the first 3-4 months you will have constant spotting. After that, I have spotting for a period than more spotting which lasts for weeks but then I’ll go well over a month without a period. They say you can eventually get to where you don’t have a period. I hope I get there. Lol

I am currently pregnant and planning on breastfeeding and we want birth control after and I’m not sure what to get either :thinking::thinking:

I was on implanon after our daughter was born, than after our son was born went back on implanon this time it played havoc, I’m now on depo, been on it since 2015 and love it, I haven’t had a period in nearly a year, don’t have any other problems either

I’m deciding to not go on birth control after my second is born I’m already crazy as is and birth control no matter what I use always makes it worse

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I have had the mirena for the past 9 years I love it I have had no problems with it it only takes like 10 min for your doc to put it in & then you dont have to do anything & it last for 5 yrs & it will help ur period get less & if you ever want to have another baby you just have ur doc take it out & I got pregnant after about 3 months I really love it hope it helps

Fuck depo… That is all

I gained 80 lbs on the depo shot (in less than 6 months)

I’m getting the IUD Friday & I’m super nervous :worried:

Ladies try looking into the nuvaring! I think that’s how u spell it Lol! Goes in like a tampon! Don’t feel it, don’t have to remember a pill!change once a month & no periods if u don’t want then!

Paraguard hormone free IUD lasts up to 10 year but can be taken out when ever

I was able to track and avoid pregnancy for 7 years.

Mirena!!! Best thing ever!!

Get the mirena I tried the pill 2 kinds n doses got pregnant both times lol

I liked no periods on mirena but it imbedded and it was painful when I loved and it stabbed me. Almost needed surgical removal

Definitely minera for me

The depo shot was great for me

I loved having an IUD no worries for years

I was on the shot for a year before I had my first son and the year after I had him before I got off to get pregnant with my second son it made me gain a lot of weight it was a little harder to breastfeed my first son and I think it might have had to do with the shot but my second son is 10 weeks old now I got the Mirena inserted when he was 5 weeks and I love it it doesn’t affect breastfeeding for hormone stay right there in your uterus and you don’t even know it’s there and you don’t have to do anything with it for five years unless you want it out sooner and my doctor told me whenever I wanted to have my next child I could get it taken out and a lot of women I’ve gotten pregnant right after they get it out.

I have the nexplonon i love it. Dont gain weight and doesn’t hurt. Good for 3 yrs

I currently have the paragard iud & have had no problems. It has no hormones & only have to check the strings every once in a while.

Nexplonon I love it good for 3 years and while after its put in it hurts for a couple days its not noticeable after it heals. Love it

I have Nexplanon and I like it except for the weight gain. But other than that, its been good

I have one daughter who uses implant in her arm she bleed every day for a year until we got back on Depo shot. One who can’t remember to take pills thus 8 month old grandson. Another tied tubes after 2 children. One more who was on shot had to get off because to told her she had been on it to long, went to Mirena rejected it told
her not to put it back in if you reject once you will again put it back in rejected is now on Patch says it works. Last to daughter were of pills one had one child had major problems after birth they did Hysterectomy at age 30. Other one same thing pill two boys major problems after birth of last one Hysterectomy at 35. My one that had tubes tied had blood disorder and needed hysterectomy would not give her one did a scraping, at 43 and lose of 75 pounds they gave her Hysterectomy. One granddaughter she couldn’t do.pill, Mirena , shots or patch to hi in hormones she went implant she is fine others had to much hormones. My daughter who was on shot implant and back on.shot can’t do.much estrogen because it with cause extra seizures. As for me endometriosis over 60 + years ago so.treatment back then was 50-60 birth.control.pills a day surgery to.take it out and then a Hysterectomy at 19. You all know the women in our house. Now go talk with your doctor

I was on the mirena for 6 months after my youngest and it wasnt to bad, the cramps at first where horrible but stoppes after a month or so and i couldnt use tampons ( i spotted during my period so it didnt matter tbh) im horrible with pills so thats why i tried it.

Get that bar in your arm. It was my fave

first timer here, i’ve had kyleena for almost a year and am happy with with it.

Nexplanon the arm implant messed me up BAD. Even tho it was the same hormone as my previous bc just a smaller dose it was terrible for me. I gained 50lb started with bleeding 2-3 times a month. After 6m it evened out to a period every 4-6w but with that every 4-6 weeks I would get “the flu” for 2-4 days before my period that would leave me lethargic on the bathroom floor. Along with the moodiness it really effected my marriage and family life and my general overall health and energy was depeleated. After getting sick I went in and told them to take it out or I was gonna do it myself. Went back in the depo shot a few months later and it’s still my fav
No pms, no acne, no period, I can actually lose and maintain my weight. It’s every 3m. It works amazing for me!

Nuvaring made my psycho too but loved it besides that. I had the Mirena IUD for a year and it was great, but at the one year mark I got it taken out due to crazy cramping. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Took me a while and learn mean lessons trying to work out which was best. I got coil now and wish did it sooner would have saved so much troube

Every birth control is different for everyone but nexplanon was a good one for me.

I got my tubes removed but personally I’d never do any kind of birth control I couldn’t stop myself. I had the Mirena before I had my son and it made me crazy. Luckily my doctor removed it without a lot of question, but I’ve heard of doctors refusing to remove.

I have the Mirena IUD for nearly five years (nearly due to change it) and I love it. I had a bit of hair loss in the first month while my hormones got regulated, but other than that I cannot complain. No periods and never have to remember a pill. Love it.

It’s all a matter of figuring out which birth control works best for your body though, where Mirena works for me, it might not be best for you; where the shot might work for someone else, it might not suit you. Just do your research and go from there, best of luck hon. :slightly_smiling_face:

I worked in obgyn for years, you need to talk to your doctor about your options. They will be able to help you find something based on your body and hormone levels.

I personally liked the mirena and will probably be getting it again after I have my little one . You don’t have to worry about it for a few years and I never noticed any side effects beside the normal cramping immediately after it was put in

I have a IUD and I love it. I haven’t had any problems with it. I just got my 2nd one.

Birth control always failed on me. So I got a tubal after my twins.
Good luck!

I’ve only used the depo shot It made me grouchy at first but after a few months i mellowed out. It’s definitely easier to just remember a shot every 3 months than something every day.