What is the best birth control?

Hi I was wondering if I could get this posted to see other ladies’ thoughts. I know everyone experiences things differently, and I really can’t say how I will react until I try something. But I need birth control for after I give birth! I go in tomorrow to be induced, so in my six weeks, I’m going to get something done but don’t know what! I know I don’t want a pill I always forget, so it’s not reliable, and I also know I don’t want the shot. It makes me gain weight, and I never lose the baby weight while on it, plus my sleep is all messed up. So I’ve been looking at Mirena or one that I can keep in for a few years. My man and I won’t want to try for at least three years if we ever choose to try to have another! This will be the third boy!

If you plan on breastfeeding the Mini Pill is the least likely to mess with your supply. You can download an App the help you remember to take your pill and if you are going to be out and bout just put them in your purse or diaper bag so you cam take them choose a time and take it at the same time everyday.