What is the best birth control?

Best birth control ? I’ve already done the shot never again! And no IUD I go today to chose my birth control :blush: thanks everyone!


I have the implant in my arm it’s worked great for me so far :slight_smile:

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You need to find one that is good for your body the doctor will recommend one

Condoms lol it’s not natural for a woman not to have a period from drugs. I was told It was never going to be able to have kids due to birth control. Very bad experience.

I guess its just hanging out with neices and nephews

I always like ortho tricyclin lo

I’m on my second nexplanon…had it 3 years with no issues

I had a salpingectomy in October. The cut my tubes out.

I loved the depo shot from 18-28. Was able to have children in my 30’s and then got my tubes tied. Birth control pills made me sick.

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I want more kids! Just not now!! So tubal and all that bs is out of the question

Im coming off the depo. Got it 6 monthes ago,2 days after I had my daughter. I’ve been nuts ever since. Im now on the mini pill

I had the best experience with Nuvaring. And I did the patch, two different pills, IUD, NFP and nuva ring over the years.

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Birth control is different on everyone. Hated the shot because of weight gain. Hated the one in my arm. Tried the patch. I love it. Been on it since January. But every birth control can be different for every woman.


I swore I would never get an implant but I got the nexaploan and don’t regret it one bit.

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I’m on Generess… Been on it for years, low dose and chewable! Lol

I have a depo baby and a pill baby lol,.that’s just my luck though.,there all awesome though

  1. One daughter pill has child 1 yr old
  2. one granddaughter implant in arm bad reaction to pill was told by doctor hormones were to strong. 3. daughter implant in arm not effective for what I need painful periods, blood clots, bleeding onces starts doesn’t stop need to go back to shot is Autistic and mentally disabled need to stop all flow 19yrs still in diapers, one granddaughter shot Autistic only thing works for what we need. 4. One daughter IUD is allergic metal has rejecred twice but put back in 3rd time she says she loves it is not sexually active so we don’t know if bbn it works for birth control

What we needed was pain control, stop heavy flow, clots, all have cysts or endometriosis. Only one was sexually active was on pill my only one who forgets to take. She has been on it for 4 years. Sexually active 3 years only one baby who is 1 year old. Don’t know if it was forgotten pill or planned. 5. One granddaughter on shot Autistic is not mentally capable at this time to handle so did shot to stop flow. 6. They is also a Patch but none of my children have tried it. I had one after Hysterectomy but it was for hormone replacement I Loved it didn’t have to remember pill and no sick stomach from pill.

I am on the mini pill the doctor put me on it because I was breastfeeding, I have hated it, I bled for the first three months non stop then my period would come when ever and I will either bleed for weeks days or day it is crazy I have hated it the whole time now that I have breastfed my LO for a year and weaned I am going back to the doctor and I was thinking I would try the one that goes in your arm but I will be asking the doctor their opinion and telling them what the other BC did.

I have the nexplanon and love it!

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I have nexplanon and I have been bleeding for 3 months


I’m getting the nexplanon Friday I’m getting off the pill I been in the pill since I was a teen. So cross my fingers that I’ll like the implant :crossed_fingers:

I did the implanon for 3 yrs and had no issues. I’m on the depo now after having my 2nd (and prob last) child for the last 6 months and I only spot here n there. I cant do IUD cuz I’m prone to PID n the pills added so much water weight at the belly…so I’d say if not the shot, try the implanon. Best of luck mama

Got pregnant twice on the pill took it religiously! And 3 pal I know got pregnant on the old n my friend got pregnant on the arm implant I guess it’s really up to your body on which one will work best

If your nursing the only pill u can have is the mini pill babys can not have estrogen. Estrogen pills will dry you up. However once ur done nursing it becomes ineffective. It’s very strict have to take it every time at the same time or within 10 min if u forget 1 slip.up and you can get pregnant.
And both my kids were birth control babies. One on pill the other on this med I mentioned( I was weaning and started my other pill) turns out i was pregnant before this pill was stopped and the morning after pill(no judgements we weren’t ready to have another one) when I took the morning after pill it was 12 hours after we did the deed, which is when your supposed to take it up to 72 hours.

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You’ll never stop bleeding… Ever… It made me suicidal and angry all the time

The place where they put it hurt for a while, but I love mine

I refused to do any type of implant. To me that’s not right and I’m not religious at all but what little I do believe that screams no in every way to me.
I did the Depo shot after my 1st then had two back to back once I came off it and got my tubes tied after #3 but I wish I didn’t do that now. If I could go back and change anything in my life that would be it. I wouldn’t get my tubes tied. I should had took the tubal clamps instead.

If you can do the patch

I’m on the light pill to, because I used to smoke but have since quit months ago. I love the low hormone and how it doesn’t really affect me compared to other birth control… The thing is I slipped many times and haven’t taken it within the 10 minutes I’m supposed to and nothing has ever happened…to me anyways😆…I’m just not the type of person that wants to put anything else inside my body or do anything else to my body that’s drastic. For myself I’ll stay with the light hormone as long as I can.

Nexplanon! It’s super effective, basically impossible to get pregnant on it.

I have the Nexplanon and absolutely LOVE it! It has changed my life with minimal to no periods. I won’t ever change to anything else. And the plus side is now it is a 5 year birth control and not 3!

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Ur doctor will help you find one that’s right for you. My doctor helped me.

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I take movisse and love it it’s a form the mini pill (safe for breastfeeding)

I use the ring. Put it in for 3 weeks and remove for a week.

Having my tubes tied !! Best choice ever !

Cheapest one on your insurance definitely. insurance doesnt cover on all or much at all sometimes

Nuva ring for sure! No problems except for some depression while my body was getting used to it. After two months I was back to myself.

So your options are vaginal ring, pill, patch, or arm implant. I’ve only had the pill out of those, because my doctor won’t acknowledge anything other than IUD or pill.

Find an ugly man, and don’t drink.

I loved Nexplanon. Had it until I had my tubal done and for almost a year after to be sure and out of laziness to remove it. Great experience.

I did Depo shots for several years, never had any problems and still had mens cycle.

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If youre not going to be breastfeeding, use the patch!! Its amazing. No side affects, you change it once a week for 3 weeks then get your period. It looks like a small bandaid and can go anywhere on your body except for your boobs. But you can’t take it if youre breast feeding

Stop at 3 lol mirena is good

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Nuvaring. Ive been on It 18 years. Inly got pregnant when i wanted to!

To be honest
I’ve never had a problem with mirena and I have pcos
I had one before kids and now after 2 kids I got it after my 6 week follow up because they weren’t able to tie my tubes
My favorite part is suppressed periods… I have not had one since I gave birth (which I’m also breast feeding but I so don’t want one)

Nuvaring is awesome!! But not if you choose to breastfeed.

there is permanent ways 100% guaranteed !!!


Being a lesbian. Haven’t worried since. :woman_shrugging:


Because our bodies all react differently it’s not a good idea to ask for personal experience. What works for one doesn’t work for all.


Nuvaring has worked very well for me

I’m on my 3rd Mirena and love it. I have had no issues. No periods, no forgetting to take a pill, just one appointment every 5/6 yrs or so to have it replaced

I loved Mirena. It worked exactly like they said it would and when removed I got pregnant within 7 months. You are right pills and hormonal ones have different side effects that you won’t know until you have it and a lot aren’t as effective if you’re over a certain weight. So I loved the Mirena .

I have a Liletta, it’s just another IUD. It has a 5 year approval, and they’re working on a 7 year. I had horrible debilitating periods from age 12 until I had it put I after 2 kids. It took me 3 years before I had another period, and these are so light that I only wear liners.

The pills gave me gallbladder issues. Had no idea why I was having gallbladder attacks a day 5 ulcers. My gallbladder was bleeding and everything. As soon as I was off the pills everything was fine. I prefer the nuva ring

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I have the Liletta and they put it in as soon as I gave birth . Like right after the placenta came out . Best idea ever …

I have the mirena, I just had it replaced for the third time! I love it! No pregnancies scares, no periods. It’s great

Nexplanon can be put in in the hospital after birth it’s what I’m doing they aren’t really wanting me to even chance getting pregnant till at least year after

Kids. Lol jk (not really).

It really depends. I’ve had the Nexplanon arm implant and absolutely hated it. It gave me constant migraines, super heavy periods every other week, weight gain, depression. Then I tried Mirena and was constantly cramping and had super heavy periods. I ended up having that removed and got on the pill and that ironically has been a million times better. It’s the method I hadn’t chosen before because I thought I would forget to take it and it’s the method that has given me the least amount of side effects and I never forget to take it

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I love nexplanon absolutely no periods, no cramping, no migraines. It’s been the best for me.

Nexplanon. No weight gain, no periods, and no side effects. Birth control does affect everyone differently; this is just my experience with the Nexplanon and I’ve it had 3 times

Have your partner use condoms. Its the least he could do.

I had a Mirena and it was all good except that it made me gain weight like crazy and I was not a pleasant person to be around. It screwed with my hormones pretty bad but it’s different for everyone. My tubes are tired now- 2 kiddos and I’m done :white_check_mark:

I use the birth control patch. I love it. It works amazingly.

Abstinence is the only 100 percent effective method. Lol

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I have been on depo the shot and love it. I also used nuvaring for a bit and that was good too

No sex. Best option.:joy::heart:

My daughter just had a baby and she goes in for her 6 wk she is getting madrima good for 6 yrs never had problems.

Jencycla… low dose and much lighter and regulated cycle

Nexplanon goes in your arm, can stay in for 3 years and taken out at any time. I have severe monthlies and this is the only thing that stops them completely

Him getting snipped :sweat_smile:


Ive had the mirena after both of my pregnancies and loved it. I didn’t have any issues with it at all, aside from a little cramping and spotting the first month of having it in. But that goes away in time.


I had mirena and all was good for about 2 and a half years, my period never stopped but that wasn’t a big issue for me. But then I started getting my period every other Thursday for 5 days. Ob said everything was in place and it was likely working too well. I left it in. That was for about 4 or 5 months, then I started bleeding non stop. When that happened I was in the process of moving and just didn’t have time to find a new doctor. I ended up bleeding nonstop for 4 months, when I finally got it taken out I stopped bleeding within an hour.
Also, with any IUD, be aware that they pierce the cervix with needle tongs to pull on it and hold it in place and you don’t get any pain relief other than OTC.
I currently have nexplanon and have had it since April 2021, so far no issues. I haven’t gotten my period at all, had some SUPER light spotting a couple months ago for a few days. No weight gain and no problem with the hormonal change (I have bipolar 1 and can be sensitive to that).
Nexplanon does have the highest efficacy rate of all birth control options with less than 1 pregnancy per 100 women, which is why I wanted it. I am not having any more children and want to reduce the risk of needing an abortion as much as I can.
Nexplanon insertion was easy, the entire area is numbed. Though any pressure on that area for about 2 weeks after and I got a sharp pain. But I also like that I can easily check to make sure it’s in place at any time which is harder to do with an IUD.

I have the copper coil (non hormonal IUD) have had it for 3 years, no issues and it’s great not having to worry about missing a pill or any hormonal side effects :blush:

I do not recommended Mirena worst decision I ever made.

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I love nexplanon. Lasts 3 years. I’m on my second one.

My daughter has the mirena works so good no prob and no weight gain .Shes had it 4 yrs no period she loves it …

No birth control is fail proof
I personally believe a woman should find one that your Dr recommends for you
As some come with bad side effects

Mirena is a good one… Or the bar in the arm- Nexplanon, I think it’s called.

I personally like the IUD or arm implant ones, pill medications are hard for me to remember to take on time daily with my hectic life & even With reminders & alarms I’ll hit snooze or off & have every intention to go take them but get distracted en route :woman_facepalming:t2:

I have nuvaring, and I love it .

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I prefer the pill. If you start having side effects, you can just quit taking it instead of worrying about a doctor’s appointment or the ER to get it removed/meds.

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Babysitting some obnoxious kids usually works


I love my mirena. Every other bc besides the mini pill I’ve had bad reactions to. But not this one.

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I have had Mirena for several years and love them.

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Nuvaring has been the only one that I haven’t had bad side effects from. And I’ve tried a bunch. Do some research and see what you think would work best for you. :heart:

Like a few others here, I have the mirena and it works great for me.

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I have the mirena and I love it. I ducked at taking my pill, now I don’t have to think about it for 5 years at a time. Lol. And it’s gotten to the point where I don’t have a period anymore either ( some spotting once in a while but nothing heavy) I’m on my second one

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Best birth control is absentnace


I have Nexplanon (Arm implant) birth control and I have had it for over 8 years… of course you have to get it changed out every 3 years…
I know every person is different and we aren’t the same but these are the issues that I have had… they say having Nexplanon it stops you from having a period every month… Which is true! I get a period almost every 6 months.
The only issue I have had with this is that when I first got it after a couple months I started my period and I bled alot for the first couple days then I was spotting very lightly… I’d go without a tampon or pad thinking I was done bleeding then bam next thing you know is I’m back at it :pensive: I did this for almost 2 months straight… now everything is fine and I haven’t had any issues (I never went to the doctor to see what was going on I just let it pass)… yes I know I should have went in :unamused:

Mirena! Had mine for 10 years with no periods!

Implanon is what I use, no side effects from it, it’s in ur arm for 3 years.

I had the nexplanon and it got stuck in the arm. Attached to my muscle and was hard to remove. Only the Dr who put it in would take it out

Combination of IUD and condoms?

I had the mirena and had to get it removed when I was 6 weeks pregnant!! So it didn’t work for me x

best birth control is not having sex or a hysterectomy :slight_smile:

I did a lot of research on birth control after I had my son. I am very forget full as well. I ended up going with the pill any way. And when I started it I got a case that is like for credit cards and I put it in the back of my phone. I set an alarm on my phone to take it. You could also put it next to something you do everyday. You have to give your baby a bottle in the am at 5:30 put it next to the bottle and it will help you to remember to take it!

I had mirena. Never again. It embedded into my uterus, removal was excruciating. I have second hand infertility now, had bad hormonal changes when i had it in, weight gain, skin issues

No sex for six weeks after delivery

I had a paragard IUD for 10 years, removed it as we wanted a child and I love it, my son is now 4 and I have another one in, it’s the easiest birth control ever, paragard has no hormones