What is the best baby food?

What baby food do you all think its the best I know everyone has their own opinions I’m just trying to find the best one for my baby girl. Right now I’m making my own baby food but I was just wondering what everyone thought.


No one particular brand it was just which ever flavour combo my kid took to. Even the it could change on a weekly basis… pumpkin based baby food by one brand one week then spitting it out the next week. I just bought and made a variety.

I used Gerber for the times that I was running errands with my kids

BLW (baby led weaning) it saved me with my youngest

I always used Gerber for my kiddo when she was a baby

Steamed fresh vegetables no seasoning and food process until smooth

I used beech-nut. My kids wouldn’t touch Gerber. And I didn’t know how to make my own. I would have done that if I did.

I made my own baby food too! Keep doing that- there’s no extra preservatives like in packaged foods. I would steam veggies and fruits before putting them in the processor, made big batches, and freeze in ice cube trays for future servings.

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Making your own is the best, however we skipped baby food entirely with our third baby and did baby led weaning, and it was SO MUCH BETTER for many reasons.


Home cooked and put into container’s and freeze

Nothing better then your own.
We bought Gerber brand.

I just fed my babies what ever I was eating basically. Obviously in the beginning I pureed it up

Best baby foods are anything those little pecker heads will eat!

They all come from the same farms as our fruits and veggies. There is not a Gerber baby farm.

Fresh home cooked is best

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i made all of mine.
i knew exactly what was in it :woman_shrugging:t4:

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I guess it would depend what country you are in … :thinking:

continue making your own. no preservatives or salts just pure good food. Best food for her and you can always make extra and freeze it in freezer trays

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I always bought Gerber. Only 1 of kids ate it. The other 2 didn’t want it. I’d just steam veggies soft & get them tiny chunks on their tray. I used baby food to flavor frozen waffles & pretzels when they were teething. On toast, in oatmeal etc.

None, BLW is definitely the way to go! Babies learn so much and get to experience different textures and tastes right from the start.

Gerber and I try to do mostly organic