What is the best baby doppler?

What’s the best Doppler to get? Do the cheap ones work good? I keep worrying if the baby’s okay and it’s stressing me out… like is my baby still in there or something. I have an appointment on the 3rd.


At home dopplers won’t pick up heart beat as well , furthering your anxiety. Trust me , I was an still am a ball of anxiety. It will get easier when you get further along!

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I had the Sonoline B doppler. It’s not crazy priced. It worked pretty well, always finding the babys heartbeat even with an anterior placenta. I’ll just warn that it’s noisy/loud and can hurt the ears when you move it around lol.

Just learn how to differentiate between yours and baby’s heartbeat, and to simply enjoy the sound. If ever you feel something is wrong then see your doctor of course.

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Honestly; I’ve always heard to avoid home dopplers. They can cause more un-needed stress if you can’t find the heartbeat and as someone else already said; they’re no use in early pregnancy anyways. Doctors won’t even try to use a doppler before around 10 weeks in most cases and if they attempt prior to that; they’ll tell you there’s a chance you won’t hear anything. After that point though, each appointment you go to; they’ll check the heart rate. Pregnancy anxiety sucks, really bad, I get it; but don’t stress yourself out. Assuming you’ve had no signs of anything going on; baby is probably fine. <3

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How far along are you?? Those dont work in early pregnancy

Couldn’t pick up a heartbeat with a fetal Doppler until 16 weeks with all three of my pregnancies