What is it like getting a Brazillian wax?

Going south with my husband and I want to get a Brazilian wax done but I’m so scared and not sure what to expect lol!! Has anyone had it done and mind sharing their experience? Also I read that you cant swim until a week after, is this true?

I’ve had several…they never feel better lol…I much would prefer a bikini line wax!

I had one. It wasn’t terrible to have done but, your hair has to be the proper length which is tricky. Not too long but not too short. I let mine grow out for about 2 weeks and it was pure itchy hell. Lol. Since mine was not long enough, she couldn’t do a whole lot. But, they don’t miss one hair, they get the whole shebang! If your a super shy person, I don’t recommend it. :wink: I went back to shaving. :unamused:

What is a full Brazilian I’m curious because I’m pregnant right now it’s shaving has become a huge issue I cannot see or reach​:unamused::flushed::joy:🤷🤦

I get one every 4 weeks. I work in a spa that does them. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different so nobody can tell what how bad it hurts. For me, it’s not bad. Causes a little flinch. Some people can barely handle it. I’ve gone swimming the next day after getting it because we have a boat and lake. Once you get it done multiple times, the hair grows back softer and thinner and doesn’t itch. I recommend it to everyone. I won’t go back to shaving. Hair has to be long enough to be able to to grip the wax. Short fresh shaved hair doesn’t work. Grain of rice length at least.


I’ve had quite a few, hyped myself up for nothing. Didn’t hurt, a little uncomfortable but super worth it :+1:t3:

I got my first one 2 days before we went to Mexico. It hurts a little, but totally worth it. I’ve never heard of waiting that long to swim.

YouTube them girl I’m serious , then you’ll see what your getting yourself into

So I’ve only ever gotten 1 done in my life and my God never again. My pain tolerance is usually pretty good and I sat through a 16 hour tattoo session so I thought I had this in the bag. It. Was. Horrible. I definitely recommend taking some Tylenol or Ibuprofen half an hour before your appointment. Idk if this is normal or not but afterwards I still felt like I had a thin layer of wax over everything that seemed like it took forever to wash off. Once the hair started to grow back it itched so bad I stayed home for a week because I didn’t wanna be scratching my crotch in public. My husband hated it too because it made the area so sensitive it was almost painful and intimate times were definitely not enjoyable.

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