What is it like being induced?

If she’s 38 weeks that still puts her before due date… Unless for health reasons or past due date it shouldn’t be an option. But that’s my opinion

I would google “stages of induction for pregnancy”
I had the vaginal balloon, cervix softening pills, then my water was broke. I never got any further with induction because my body took over at that pointZ

I was induced. They put the pill in around 8pm Wednesday and I wasn’t soft till Thursday. Thursday Dr checked me and was going to send me home then she broke my water on accident. Went into full labor from midnight to 5am and had to stop pushing for 30 minutes due to Dr being pulled away. By 623 am Friday baby wad here.

I was almost 40 weeks with my first. Didn’t work. Only went to a 3 after 30 something hours. I had to have a c section.

When I was induced they used a Foley bulb. Then pitocin. My baby was posterior and I had to do stretches and get on my hands and knees for about 2 hours to try to turn him. Non stop contractions so they had to turn the pitocin down. Wasn’t too bad, but I didn’t really like my dr. She tried saying i wouldn’t have my son until the next day around noon. That I would be pushing half an hour or longer. She was snooty. :woman_facepalming:
I had him that night. And I only pushed for 10 minutes. Good luck, it’s amazing and worth it, and every birth is different.

Omg screw that! I’d just wait for labor naturally. Forcing it would hurt more and have a greater risk of something going wrong.

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Why do you need to be induced?


I was induced at 35 weeks with my first. Took 24 hrs for my daughter to finally come out. It was a long process. Almost got induced with my second but he came naturally not sure if it was because it was my second or what but it was a much better and quicker experience he didn’t come til 40 wks 5 days!

personally it burned for about the fir
st hr
for me but my dr nd nurse both daid my body was not ready for labour at all (not dilated my cervix hadnt thinned at all)

The gel put me into labour twice, but I was already overdue.

I was induced at 39 weeks. Was only 2cm. We used pitocin. And Everything went smoothly.

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I was scheduled to be induced yesterday. Had my last Dr appointment Wednesday morning and I was 1cm & 0% effacted night, got a cervical check around 5pm and I was 3cm & 90% effaced. So, they left me alone and broke my water at 7:30 this morning and started me on Pitocin. I had my baby boy at 1:22 today.:blue_heart:
Point is, things can change before you have to be induced and as happened to me, it can change in 1 day lol

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Don’t induce unless medically needed. It’s a fk load worse and longer for me. Your body is telling you it isn’t ready and why bring a child in to the world early for no reason?

I was only at a 2 for weeks and I never had anything inserted to help with being induced. And I was induced twice. Labor was fine for me

This. I was stupid and decided because I was big pregnant and overheated to be induced at 40 weeks. It failed then we tried again at 41 and ended up in my placenta abrupting and my son almost dying

They gabe me a pill to soften mt cervix but i was 40+3 n i sterted to get Hypertion was the only reason they induced me

I was 2 weeks early with my son. told me “something was wrong” (his due date was dec. 23)
I was put on the drip to see
if he could tolerate birth. then 2 cervidal, my cervix was 100% not.soft.
during my 2 cervidal, his heart rate would drop, then escalate.
went in on a Tuesday, had him on a Thursday. born completely healthy.
definitely was NOT the best labor experience.

I firmly believe the doctors just didnt want to come in so close to Christmas, hence why they induced me. and me not knowing anything and being scared, i fell for it.

ask the questions girl. follow your gut!

Give your body a chance to go into labor naturally. Inducing can cause more issues than its worth

The thing they insert feels like a dry tampon. I think that is common with inductions and it feels uncomfortable but nothing crazy.

I would never ever choose induction.

I went into labor at 37 weeks… Was discharged at 5cm because I quit progressing and wasn’t thinned out enough… My Dr didn’t want to induce & stated that statistically it does more harm than good before 39 weeks… But idk your medical history, idk why your Dr would want to induce early… I think there’s more questions you should ask them

It’s called cervidal… They used it on me twice (induced both pregnancies)… It’ll definitely help get things moving and it makes you super sensitive down there when they check you to the point you don’t want any hands down there, but they gotta do it… ugh good luck momma :heart:

With my first they induced when I was a week over and they had to do three rounds of the pills into my cervix to soften it first. Only made it to two rounds before my water broke on its own. Good luck!

Savv Brooke congratulations

It’s normal to insert the gel to open your cervix

I loved my induction experience. They inserted a tiny pill next to my cervix and then started me on the pitocin. I was barely a fingertip dilated when I went in and I had no problems.

I was inducednwith my first. NEVER AGAIN

I was induced with my first at just shy of 38 weeks due to a spike in blood pressure…I was also induced (willingly, with no medical necessity) at 40 weeks with my second. The reason for the second time being that I was nervous my son was going to be a big baby. My first, at two weeks early was 8lbs 7oz…my second was 9lbs 5oz. So my intuition was right, and I was so grateful i didn’t go any longer. But I would agree with what other mommas are saying…find out why your doctor thinks it’s necessary :blush:

Find out why your doc wants to induce. And, just because others have had negative experiences with induction doesn’t mean you will. I’ve induced with my last 2 and labor went fine. However, I only induced with pitocin. Nothing inserted or anything. I’ve also scheduled my induction with this baby for September. Ask questions and make a decision. Good luck, momma.

The induction handled all the dialation and such for me

Went natural with my first 2, but my 3rd had to do induction(medical reason). All I have say is thank goodness I never have to be induced again, no more babies guaranteed! If there is no medical reason before 40 weeks then don’t, but after maybe.

Do not let them do the folley bulb
That and my epidural were the WORST part of everything.
They did that torture to me and I still had to have a last minute c-section.
If my next baby does not come naturally I will be scheduling a c-section!

Um inductions should only be for legit medical reasons. Your doctor just wants things convenient for him. Let your body do its job.


I was 3 times and loved it that way and all went great

Cervidal is actually a abortion medication! Hope for the gel

The little tablet does hurt but if they have to use the device they have that is a whole new level of pain that I don’t wish on my worst enemy and. The petocin makes contractions worse. If you can go natural then that’s the best option even if it means baby is a little late.

2cm at 38 weeks is actually pretty good. I would just wait. Obviously your body is preparing and baby will come when it’s ready

Danielle Ellis I ate my tiny pill I did not want it in my cervix. Then 5 hrs later started me on pitocin and with an hr he was born. I was 2 cm dialated at 39 weeks.

I was 2cm at 38 weeks and told my midwife not to even mention the induction word and that I would go 2 weeks past his due date if necessary, which she was grateful for because she said a ton of her patients asked for early indictuon and she never recommends that unless it’s necessary. Unless it’s medically necessary I would just wait. Baby will come when they are ready, not when its convenient for your doctor. To each their own, but I had 4 friends in the same year (and a knew a couple other people as well) who got induced early and all of them ended up having a c-section (which makes a doctor more money…how convenient for them). I’m obviously not saying that will happen to you, but I’m all for letting things progress on their own (it’s the nurse in me). Also, to help soften your cervix on your own you can use evening primrose oil capsules. Just insert one vaginally every day (my midwifes both recommended it, but always good to talk to your practitioner first). I did that with both of my pregnancies starting around 38 weeks and both my kiddos were born right before (2 days before for my daughter and 1 day before for my son) their due date. Whatever you decide, good luck! I hope you have an amazing birth experience. Wouldn’t change either of mine for the world.

Why not let baby come when baby is ready?