What is it like being induced?

I get induced tomorrow but get cervidil overnight tonight, any thing I should look forward to & any advice? :blush:

I had cervadil with my first two and it takes FOREVER i labored for 20 & 22 hrs. With my 3rd they just started pitocin with no cervadil and i only labored for 8hrs

The point of starting with the cervidil is that it’s easier to get some rest before they start pitocin probably bright and early. We did this my son only we used cytotec. Just try to relax and get rest it’s probably too late for cervidil advise. I suggest waiting as long as you can for the epidural.

I was on cervidil its just annoying because for the first 2 hrs you cannot move. At. All. It sucked like you werent even allowed to sit up

I had cervadil with my first. I got it inserted on Friday morning at 9am. Saturday afternoon around 4 they did another round of it- finally at 1am my water broke and my daughter was here by 4am Sunday morning. It literally took forever.

I got up and moved too much when I got cervadil and it fell out. My contractions start within 2 hours and it was very hard to stay in bed because moving helped reduce the pain of contractions.

Without scaring you as I have been throught it but i was induced and it took 3 days and my best advice is get some rest now before it all starts and be prepared for sudden onset of contractions, mine came out of no where super strong, i had morphine which done nothing and painkillers which was useless in the end i had to have an epidural so i could rest for a few hours as i was exhausted physically then the birth went as smooth as it could have considering my other circumstances.
So be patient and rest whilst you can…
I hope it all goes well for you xx

I had cervadil and nothing happened. Ended with a csection.

Cervadil stays in for 12 hours. It all depends on your check. Rest as much as you can, I have a lot of patients that come in and get cervadil. Sometimes it can take a few doses before you start to make change. Good luck!

I have never had Cervadil but had Pitocin with all 5 of my pregnancies and my longest labor was 5 hours, shortest 2… I’d get Pitocin if you could, gl!!

I had cervadil with my first. You have to lay still a long time. It was a slow process. I labored for about 18 hours after my water broke. But I was grateful I didn’t have a C section. (I was pre-eclampsic)

Your inner vag will be tender

Try to nap today and sleep tonight

It was horrible for me. I couldn’t move without pain, couldn’t sleep because when I would move, the monitor would move and nurses would be in every few minutes or I’d be in so much pain I just wanted to cry. I was 2 weeks before my due date with a 9 lbs baby with a head measuring 46 weeks. So it may have just been other factors of why I was in so much pain from it

I had cervadil inserted at 9am and my water broke at 130pm. Worked wonderfully for me! Although I was a week over due and had been contracting irregularly for weeks, but still it worked.

Also! All of you women are saying you haf to lay still? How come? I never had too. They put it in and i went out for breakfast and walked around

I went through hard labor for 12 hours then ended up needing an emergency csection because my sons heart beat dropped and couldn’t get it to come back. Inducing is really hard on the baby. Went at 3 am and ended up having him by csection at 320 pm.

It worked for me. Wish I knew how deep they had to insert it…

with my daughter, i had cervidil, a balloon cathetor, they broke my water and maxed out pitocin and it still didn’t work… ended up with an emergency csection with arrest of dialation & baby turned to where she’d have gotten stuck & wouldn’t enter the birth canal properly. Was in active labor for 26 1/2 hrs though.

get as much rest now as possible.

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Cervadil made my sister go into very active labor with her 1st, she had her 4 hours after getting it placed.

Do as much as u can tonight because once they start meds your stuck

The cervidal only dialted me a half centimeter

Do not just Lay in the bed, get up and move around. Doing squats helped my hips a lot!

Just had this with my last child. People are saying you can’t move. This is partly true. You can’t move for the first hour after it’s inserted after that you can move and use the rest room whatever you need. It looks like a slimmer tampon. I had no issues with mine they do have to monitor you and the baby to make sure everything is fine. In some cases this induced labor that’s why you have to stay in the hospital. Mine was in for six hours then I was able to shower eat breakfast and then they started me on pitocin to induce labor. 5 hours later and three pushes I had my daughter. I was lucky enough for them to put a wireless monitor on me so I didn’t have to worry about asking to use the restroom and getting unplugged from the machine and messing with the sensors all over again. Good luck you will do great

Are you dilated at all? I wasn’t when I was induced and I had cervadil on Sunday night and barely dilated and then had two rounds of pinto in and didn’t have him till Tuesday Morning. Everyone I know said it would be so quick but it was absolutely not the case for me. Keep that in mind.

Everyone experiences are different. Yours will be too.
I went in the night before to have it. Induced the next day. I was 40w3d. I was begging for a csection later the next night. It hurt but I wasn’t moving along much. They measured my son and watched all vitals. Finally at 11pm they did a csection. Thank God because he was only about 6lbs and my cervix they found was to small to push him out.

Sleep as much as you can!!! And be prepared that the cervadil night throw you into labor alone. It did with my second, he was born at 5:52am :grin:

I was given cervadil the night before which put me into labor. I’d been slowly dilating to a 2 or 3. Just the cervadil put me into active labor at about 9pm. I got the epidural in the middle of the night and slept a few hours. My son was born at 10 in the morning 9lb9oz.

I was induced with both of my kids but they gave me pitocin. The first induction was an emergency at 36 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. I wasn’t at all dilated and they popped my water for me. I was given the epidural at 4 cms and had a very quick and painless delivery. My baby boy was an elective induction at 39 weeks, I was already 3 cm dilated. Water popped naturally as they were getting ready to put the epidural in at 5 cm. Epidural didn’t work correctly though. I couldn’t move my legs and my arms went numb, but I could feel the catheter and all of the labor pains. Progressed from 5 cm to holding him in a matter of 20 minutes once my water broke. Pushing sucked so much though because I had no strength in my arms or legs. Probably would have just avoided the epidural this time around if I had known.

I don’t know what to tell you besides congratulations and that you should be expecting a baby! Good luck and I hope you have a happy healthy delivery and newborn!

Get in the jet tub if they have one and bounce on a yoga balls for a good period of time to help the dilation process.