What is it like being induced?

any advice for a nervous FTM getting induced tom evening


Take the epidural and do it ASAP. Inducing makes the contractions more intense and closer together

That happened to me there’s nothing to worry about just means you get to meet your little one sooner then you think☺ the epidural dosent always work so make sure you have the gas by your side

No advice just. it’s amazing I loved both my inductions

Stay calm and u will do just fine :heart: prayers

Don’t think about it.
Just go hard. You got this.

No advice but I just want to say Good Luck!! :black_heart: it’ll all be worth it when you hold that little angel!!

I always get induced and i go in with the mantra “its just one day out of ur life! You’ll get thru it!”
My advice…
Don’t be too proud to take pain meds!
Ur not alone!
If u want it or need it, ask!
Stand ur ground!
And ur gonna do great!
Dont forget to keep visualizing the end prize!

Just breathe!!! :rofl::relaxed::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: congratulations

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Seeing that sweet baby’s face will be completely worth it! Focus on the reward after the delivery. Best wishes

After the birth ur gonna feel every emotion. Let them come.
Afterbirth isnt pretty but try not to get caught up in how overwhelming it can be. Ask questions, google and take each day as it comes. Good luck mumma bear! Xx

Rest when you can , let others help , enjoy every moment and congrats!!

I got induced and all I could think about was I would finally get to hold my baby. Take deep breaths and push as hard as you can😊 good luck momma!

Breathe, everything is going to be just fine. Rest, but we alllllll know that’s not gonna happen.

Don’t let them rush things
Remember, they work for YOU
If you want to breastfeed make sure you let them know you want baby to breast asap
If you’re having a boy watch an elephant in the hospital!
Don’t stress about pooping, sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t but it’s highly doubtful you’ll even realize either way and the Drs have seen it probably daily lol

I loved my induction experience and would do it again in a heartbeat. It was all worth it in the end! Just remember not every induction ends badly like some women think. You’re going to do great! :heart::blush:

Breathe try an relax and if they let you use headphones with your fave music to keep you focused on you an baby not what they are doing.

Relax you may not even have little one on the day, I was induced and it took 3 days for my son to be born and as soon as you see little one it goes away! You will be okay and will have the support you need and you are strong enough to do this mama to be :heart: take deep breathes and rest as much as you can before the big day you can do this :muscle::heart: remain calm and ask all the questions you want and congratulations

Go with the flow.
Listen to your doctor and you will be fine.

Breathe. Don’t hyperventilate. It’s not as bad as you think. It will be worth it in the end.

I got induced with pitocin. 2 bags. Since my kid didn’t wanna come out. Nurses loved me. I turned into a comedian. Told my baby daddy I’ll snip him before we leave the hospital. Or he’s never having sex again. Etc. Wish someone recorded it lol. Good luck ma. You will do great. Everything will be fine. Btw It’s ok/normal to be nervous/ scared.

Sleep as much as you can before and also eat a big meal. They didn’t let me eat once I went it to the time my child was born.

Also just get the epidural. When you are inducing the pains can be worse because you are using medicine to force your body into labor. Just be pain free from the beginning!

Other than that just breathe! You are going to do great!

I got induced with .my 2nd… that pitocin didn’t speed up nothing. I arrived at 5am started pitocin at 7am and didn’t have him til 1am the next morning… It was long and drawn out…

The longer you wait for epidural… the longer you get to eat… . After epidural, can’t move, get out of bed, can’t eat… only ice…

Good Luck Mama! You got this!

My induction was great. I’m sure yours will be too just get plenty of rest and relax before you get there :slightly_smiling_face: your tiny human will be here in no time!! :grinning: congrats!!