What is implantation bleeding?

hi so my baby is 5 months this old and I thought my periods were normal but about 1 week ago I thought I had my period for 4 days it was not a heavy flow n the last day was brownish blood and now it stopped for 1 week but this morning I went washroom and there was blood again andnu have my period again… just wondering if I could have had implantation bleeding? I really wanna be pregnant again we have waited so long for babies or could it be inplanation bleeding it’s very light atm

Could be implantation bleeding or its a sign your hormones are off level. You could wait 2 weeks and test or go to the dr for hormone level testing. After a baby it takes up to 2 years for our bodies to get back to normal. Implantation bleeding is light more like spotting and lasts less than 3 days. If your having 2 or more periods a month your hormone levels are off. And with doctors testing they will prescribe birth control to get you regulated before having another little one. My advice is dont ignore the option of birth control because it could cause miscarriage if your body isn’t ready