What is GBS?

Hey mamas, I’m 34 weeks pregnant. I was tested positive for GBS. This is my second pregnancy and I also had this with my first born. I was treated while in labor with my son with antibiotics. This time around, my midwife sent me a prescription to my pharmacy for antibiotics for GBS. I dont understand why bc I’ll just have to be on then again while in labor bc I know the bacterial can come back before I go into labor. I dont wanna take antibiotics basically for no reason just so I can be on them again when I go into labor. Should I take the prescription or tell my midwife I’d rather not since I’ll be on them in labor?


I had it with my daughter and took the antibiotics , she was more important than my selfishness of not wanting to take them

I had group B with my daughter, I wasnt prescribed antibiotics. I was given them before my water was broke. I had to have a 4 hour round. They didnt give me anything because the chances of it coming back are still theee

It must be new. When I worked in L&D we did Iv antibiotics in labor. I just retired a year ago.