What is a normal period for a 10 year old?

My 10 year old got her period a few weeks ago for the first time and now she is getting it again? is it normal when they first start for them to get it so soon?


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everyone gets it at different ages. some people get it early some don’t. Totally normal I would Say

I had my first period around 10-11 then didn’t start again until I was 13

Mine was 11 when she started.
I believe I was the same age as well when mine happened

I had my first period when I was 11. You should get them once every month.


It takes about 2 years to regulate from my understanding.


Some people get them as young as 8 years old. My mom was 9 when she had hers.

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I’d say no! She needs to see a doctor. It could be something other than a period.

My kid did too. And then she went 2 months without and now back on track. Being so young its going to fluctuate for a bit until shes about 14/15 then they should be monthly

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“Few weeks” is kinda vague though…hard to answer?


I would say yes. But I would also talk to her Dr or your Dr as you say it is returned again. Not sure that is normal. But you need to discuss this with her Dr.

I dont think its normal she is having it again, rather take her in just to make sure

She could also have a pulp inside her. (When a cyst burst)

Yes, very normal! It will take time to regulate. I would still talk to her Dr.

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Her cycle could be 21 days, maybe speak to her doctor

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Once a month is normal, and you said your daughter had her first period a few(3) weeks ago ? so it’s been almost a month? Seems rather normal imo.


When cycles first start it takes awhile for our bodies to regulate. As long as she isn’t having extreme pain((cramps are awful so might be hard to tell the difference) I would just keep her as comfy as possible. Pamprin and heating pad.

I had my period when I was 9.

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My first time lasted three weeks and then I didn’t have one for three more months

My daughter was the same way, like a few others said, it can take a while to regulate I wouldn’t worry too much about it :slight_smile:

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My daughter got hers at 8 and she is now 10… hers is slowly getting better on being regular.

It is normal for her cycle to be irregular at first. But I’d definitely talk to her Dr. Having too many periods close together could cause anemia.

A few weeks is close to a month so I would say that’s normal while her body is still regulating. But always listen to your gut if it’s telling you something may not be right then get her checked

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Yes, my daughter got her period at 12 in november. It’s very common to be irregular, especially for the first year.

When o first got my period I had it in the beginning of August and again at the end if August.

Yes, very common when starting out they skip or come early because they’re trying to regulate. But if she seems to have really bad pain every time or if it seems like too much blood/pain/ect. to you definitely check for PCOS because I got my cycle at 9-10 and I’ve had pcos since then. Mine never got regular and were /are super painful. I had NO IDEA growing up either until I was 26 and had an ectopic and the dr diagnosed me during the ultrasound and told me I’d had it probably since my first one. If I’d have known my dr could have helped a lot sooner.

Regular periods are a few weeks apart…bleed for a week and 3 weeks later bleed for another week
Having her period again a few weeks after the first is literally what is supposed to happen


I had mine every 2 weeks when I first started

Yes, they are never regular at first.

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When my daughter first got hers she got it then 2 weeks later got another one. I took her to a gyno and she said its normal for a while until her body gets used to having them


She needs to go see the Ob. This could be a symptom of pcos

Periods are every few weeks


A “normal” period is 28 days from the start of one to the start of the next.
Every woman will be different of course and could be less or more than that. So it could very well just be her normal or it could be regulating where she just began.

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They’ll be irregular for a while.

My daughter was also 10 when she got hers and did the same thing. The body has to find a regular cycle and at first it comes and goes like that. My daughter is 12 now and she is on a regular one but it did take a little bit before she did.


If she has a device put a period tracker app on so you can monitor and teach her how to use it. She might get it every month or miss some months. The app will give you understanding of how regular it is

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If it comes too often, ofcourse that could cause anemia. Best thing to do is to give her some iron supplement, doctor approval first.

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Yes, it is usually irregular at the beginning.

I was nine . My grands are young and received it. Like what do you tell a nine year old…the truth …the things females go thru woosa


My daughter had hers really frequently for the first 12 months and then it settled to a 28 day cycle.

Irregular periods in the beginning is normal. Even missing a few in the beginning is normal.

My daughter got her period 2 months ago, she’s 11. And she was right on track last month and seems to be on track this month. Every child is different. Some kids get it and then don’t get it again for months.

Initial periods are very irregular.

Please make sure you call make an appointment with her pediatrician now that she’s having periods. If hers are painful, she should feel free to discuss the issue with her doctor.


My kids pediatrician says at a 12 year olds age it can come as early as every 23 days so I would think that could be the same for a 10 year old.

Yes it will be irregular

My daughter was 10 also its been every month and very heavy

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My 10 yr old just had her second one aswel and both times had them for 4 days. But it felt like only a couple weeks between. Hoping they will become more regular

A few weeks ago? Most females have a period each 28 days, give or take. That’s roughly 4 weeks. I would say she’s about due again.

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Once every 28 days is the standard.

Depends what a few weeks ago means tbh. Irregular periods are not uncommon or abnormal at first but if its happening every second week then keep an eye to make sure it settles down

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My 11 yo started this summer. She’s been irregular also! I’ve been keeping track of her cycles and I’ll let the dr. know when we go!

Both of my daughter were 8


Hormones have to even out. It’s completely normal for them to have them on and off more regularly for months
My eldest daughter 12 got hers at the start of the year and has probably 2- 3 days of no periods every 2 weeks very irregular periods but they will even out once her hormones settle nothing to worry about.

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When I had my first period it was very wonky on when and how often. My mom took me to the obgyn and I was put on birth control to help regulate mine. Without birth control I still have irregular periods. Either a week early or a week late every single time. But with birth control I am so emotionally crazy. Feels like those pregnancy hormones where you cry at everything or get irrationally angry at everything. I’d see if it regulates itself and in a month or two if it doesn’t talk to her doctor.

Yes everything is just fine this happened to my daughter when she first got her period she started at the beginning of the month and then had one at the end of the month Pediatrician said that is completely normal her body is just reacting to the hormonal changes but definitely let your Pediatrician know that your daughter has gotten her period 

Her periods could be unregular for months until her hormones get even out 

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It’s not regular for the first year don’t worry x

My daughter got hers a month before she turned 10. Then not for a couple months after that. I think it’s normal for it to be irregular

Unfortunately it is common for the periods to be irregular for a couple of years. I finally went in to my doctor 5 years later (started my period at 9 years old) to tell them my period came 2x a month every few months. They were going to wave me off but I was 15 by that point so they did an ultrasound and I had a cyst over my ovary that had clear indications it would pop and reform. If I had gone with 2 years of starting my period they would have brushed me off.

If she has a phone get her to use FLO app to track her periods. Itll also give her an estimate on when to expect it again so she isn’t surprised by it, especially at school. Usually every 28-30 days

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It will be irregular for a little while. I’d give it a few months to balance out and if it doesn’t, then talk to her pediatrician. My twins were 11 when they started, within weeks of one another, within the first 6ish months one was regular and the other was not. We talked to the pediatrician and she has some female issues related to the shape of her uterus.

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I was extremely irregular for years until a few years before I had my son.

It is going to be everywhere for awhile. She also may go a few months before the next one. Even after having my kids I had my first one then another period 2 weeks later. When hormones are trying to balance out weird things happen with menstrual cycles

My granddaughter is eleven started when she was nine been on period about everyday since they said only thing they could do was put her on birth control to even it out for a few months it worked she no longer needs the pills

yes it’s very normal for her pwriode to be irregual my daughter is 12 she’s had hers for about 2 years now and I spoke with our doctor who is a nurse practioner about it and she said it is very normal for a young girls periode to be very irregular when they first start it

I got mine at 10 years old and it was always irregular till i had my son at 30 i didn’t get it for 2 years due to nursing him but once i stopped nursing and my cycle came back it has been normal and to the day every month since.

Yes!! Nothing will be Normal for her for several months. It can come and go at any time. Her body is regulating it’s self. Just be prepared for when it does. Let her period do it’d thing for awhile before working too much. After about 3 months if it keeps doing it I’d take her to doctor and see their thoughts.

“normal” isn’t a word I would use for the first few periods.
Let her body figure out this new thing it does for a few months and track everything to find HER normal

Doctors keep telling me it takes a year or two for everything to balance out. I’m still concerned but we write everything down to show doctors.

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