What helps your babies sleep through the night?

What helped your babies sleep through the night? My daughter is 11 months old, she usually naps around 5/6 PM and we’ll let her sleep an hour or so but then she’s up ALL night until almost 1 AM


My son is 11 months. Earlier nap. We usually do around 2:30 and then he gets up at 4 when I have to head to the bus for my oldest two. He goes down for the night around 8-8:30. Adding a sleep sack with the appropriate thickness for temperature has really really helped.


Earlier wake up time and earlier nap around 11am. :woman_shrugging:

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Change her routine as best you can. Don’t let her fall asleep at time. Keep her awake until 9/10. Whatever works for you. You can also get her used to a warm bath right before putting her to bed at your best time. It’s a big change for everyone involved, but routines are greatness to us parents.

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Her nap might be too late for her. I know nap time probably depends on what time she gets up but we have always had a schedule but it does vary.

I have three kids, all of mine have been great sleepers and sleep in. So we get up anywhere from 9-11am, nap time is anywhere from 2-6pm then my youngest (2 next month) can go back to bed at 8pm. She sleeps SO much I swear.
Depending on what time yours gets up, maybe try a 2-4 nap time then she should be ready for bed at 9pm.

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Its because of her late nap she’s staying up so late. Let her nap at 3 at the latest


No judgement, but she probably shouldn’t nap that late. That’s probably why she’s up so late. Try to get her to nap earlier.


I would definitely try an earlier nap. My youngest goes to bed for the night at 7pm. If you can just keep her up for an hour or so later than nap time and then try to do an earlier nap during the day that might help. My youngest is almost 2 now, he gets a nap in the early afternoon, dinner around 5ish, then some milk before bedtime and once we put him to bed at 7 he sleeps throughout the night. The milk at bedtime is really to just fill his belly a little to help him sleep a bit more throughout the night.

I would put her down for a nap earlier in the day, allow her to play/wear herself out before bed, try feeding her dinner not too long before bed, make sure her diaper is clean/dry before laying her down and that the quality of the diapers is good, so she isn’t getting wet and uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Every baby is different, but that’s what I do with my one year old and he rarely ever wakes up in the middle of the night. Worth trying and seeing if it helps.


SKip the nap. Not even 5 minutes don’t do it. Then walk her like we go around the block my kids walk or ride a bike or scooter. It ensures instant sleep. But for real no nap.


No naps after 4 at the latest

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nap around 11/12. bed at 8

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Stopped taking naps around 6months old. Slept through the night from then on.


My kid had to be older than 11 years before she slept all night. AGE is the only thing that will for sure make children sleep all night and be safe.


Need a consistent routine…ex.
Up at 8
Noon lunch
12:30-2:30 nap then up
Small snack
6p supper
Play time
7:30 bath
8:00 storytime kisses and hug
This is just an example, adjust accordingly


The late nap…why is that so hard to figure out?!


try having an earlier nap time at least around noon or 2pm and try bed around 8pm or so

She should ideally be taking two naps a day at her age. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Don’t let her sleep past four.  When she’s around 16-18 months, they usually drop down to one nap a day.


I would either cut out the nap or give her a nap earlier. I never put my kids down for a nap later than 3 pm. I used to give my kids baths with nighttime baby wash and use nighttime lotion on them to help them sleep.


Don’t let her nap that late before 3 and maybe baby cereal before bed


At that age my kids bedtime was 7pm. A nap that late is a big no no. Naps were done by 3. Get some dinner in, playtime and then a good bath and sleep should ease right in.


Cut her nap out or do it way earlier. Start with her up by 3pm and work back 30mins until it’s a “normal” bed time. Estimate, roughly 6hrs before bed, she should be up. We used to have dinner, bath, books or low key play time and a snack 30 mins before bed. This way they were tired and full.
Both mine pretty much slept thru the night by 5 months. They’d wake of they got too wet but they’d sleep at least 4-6 hrs if they were full and dry. :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Keep in mind, her 1st set of molars are starting or will soon. That’ll mess her sleep up for a few months until they come in.

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She’s napping too late, try earlier if that collides with about her nap drop one.

Her nap is waaaaaaay to late mama


Push the nap back to around 2… 5/6 is to late for a nap.


Lunch at noon. Nap right after. Bedtime at 730

Last nap at around 2pm, that way by 7 or 8 she’ll be tired again,

Do some research on an appropriate nap schedule for her age. Absolutely do NOT drop the nap. She is too young, she needs the nap. Shes just not napping at the right time or for long enough. At 11 months my twins were still on 2 naps. Dont think we went to one until they were over a year old. The one nap was 2.5 to 3hrs long. They have ALWAYS slept like rockstars overnight because i prioritized an age appropriate daytime schedule and stuck to it like glue. Sleep begets sleep. She is overtired which is why she isnt sleeping at night.


i’d try waking her up earlier in morning , it makes nap times earlier . bed time earlier

Wake her up early for a week straight, put her down for a nap by noon at the latest and to bed by 9pm. Most likely she’s gotten in a routine of a late bedtime which leads to her waking up later. Until you break the cycle and start waking her up earlier your going to keep having the same issue


She’s far too old for a nap that late :woman_facepalming:


Thats way too late for a nap

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We let her play in her room until she puts herself to bed.

That’s a really late nap time

My son quit taking naps close to around a year. Idk why but he was never a nap kid. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Cut the late nap out give her tea then bath her put pj’s on read story to her then put bed bout 7 this is what we did mines now 3 bathed fed pj’s on sock out at 7 wakes up between 6.30 7 in morning x

Why do you put her for a nap right before bed time!! No wonder shes up night!


Need to either nap earlier or cut out the nap completely and do early bed time at 7 or 8…my oldest two kids stopped nappin around 2 years old(give or take a half a year depending on which child) and my third seems to be on the same path and I kno a lot of people say that’s too early to cut out naps but I couldn’t get them to nap early and even if I did they were still up till 2 am that night so I just decided naps weren’t totally necessary for us and they’ve been thriving and sleeping great through the night since :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Nap is wayyyyyyyyyyy too late

Dont let them nap so late. That’s your issue right there.

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Sorry to inform you but my daughter didn’t sleep through the night until 3 years. Some kids are just night owls.

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Nap at 6PM. That’s almost bed time.

5 or 6 pm is way to late for a baby to take a nap

Naps should be around 1pm to 2pm. Lunch at noon. Supper at 5pm. Bath either morning when they get up or right after supper. Bedtime no later than 8pm.

Wayyyy too late for an afternoon nap. I went by daycares schedule. Lunch at 1130, nap at 1230, until 3.


Sometimes it’s just how they are. My son woke up every couple of hours until he was 4 years old.

My daughter has always slept through the night since she was a baby.

Same routine for both.

I would recommend an earlier nap time. You could try warm baths before bed as well, that helps my baby.

She’s napping way too late in the day

My daughter had a white noise machine. But she did not sleep through the night till she was 2.

No wonder she’s up till 1am :joy: you’re letting her take late naps. Push back naptime to 1-2 in the afternoon, then she’ll go to sleep for you at night :grin:

What’s your lifestyle like? With my oldest my lifestyle was pretty predictable, no arguing etc. With my 2nd her father wouldnt allow a schedule, kept changing the rules, i have always anxious & upset. She rarely slept for the first 3 years. Once he was gone & routines were established, hostility was gone she slept easy. So if in you’re in an unstable, hostile environment change it.

My 10 month old takes a nap around 10/11 and then goes to bed at 7/8 up around 6 and I have no issues.

That’s way too late for a nap

Push the nap to like 1-2-3 in the afternoon. Napping so close to bed time will cause the baby to be awake majority of the night.

Mom would take a nap around 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. and then go to bed between 6:30 and 7:30 at that age

My baby is 8 months and we feed him his last serving of baby food and then give him a bottle around 9. Sometimes he sleeps like a dream all by himself but sometimes he sleeps with us, but either way he sleeps through. I think you are giving her way too late a nap. My 4 year old doesn’t even get a nap that late

Would probably help to have a normal nap time, like after lunch

Naptime is too late… I run a daycare & my infants nap 1hr at 10am & 3pm. Parents put them down for bed at 8pm for the night.

Your nap is too late but lots of babies that age don’t sleep through the night

It’s like you answered your own question

You are putting her down for a nap waaaaay too late in the day and you need to keep a strict schedule . That’s why she isn’t sleeping at night . My daughter takes a nap at 12 p.m and get up at 2p.m and goes down for bed at about 8:00-8:20 , she sleeps until about 7a.m-7:30a.m . I’m not being rude in anyway , but you have to majorly change her schedule and keep it strict . Nobody is supposed to nap after 3p.m , not even adults are supposed to , there was a study shown and it can lead to sleeping problems

You need to move her nap or take it away, she’s napping too late so she’s up and awake. Mine didn’t nap at all at that age, up at 7am and in bed by 5.30-6pm.

What king nap is 6pm? :woman_facepalming:t2:

Ummmm stop with the 6pm naps…simple

stop giving her naps so late in the day.

You’re wondering why your child isn’t sleeping thru the night? It’s because you let her nap at 5/6 pm why would you do that :joy::joy:. That’s your mistake right there stop letting her take a nap at 5/6 pm because of course she’s not going to go to sleep until late. She ain’t tired.


Well you have a napped planned litterally right before bed time. I wouldn’t sleep through the night either…

That nap is too late in the day. She should never end a nap past 4. Bedtime can be around 7-7:30 at that age. My son would wake at 6am (or be woken up by me), nap 9-10:30, eat lunch, nap 2-4, then go to bed at 7. At 12 months, his scheduled went to one nap from 12-2