What helps with itching while pregnant?

33 weeks pregnant and SO ITCHY. nothing helps. I’m about to go insane. Any one have any recommendations


I had this when pregnant with my twins… the itch was unbearable I went to drs and they just said it could he washing powder and try oatmeal in a bath etc…
Turns out my gallbladder stent became blocked and it caused bad liver infection causing jaundice and extreme itchiness. I had to have my gallbladder removed immediately and was in hospital for over a week. So please get checked out if itchiness becomes worse.

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have your liver enzymes checked

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Coconut oil I had this during the end of my pregnancy and when I ate skips brought it out more even though me nor my son are allergic to them as he is 2 now and loves them coconut oil soothed it for me enough not to scratch

I would see someone to rule out cholestasis. I had it with my first and it was dreadful. Mine was mostly hands and feet, I would scratch until I bled. Finally found a doctor who knew his stuff and got the help I needed. Good luck.

If your doc says you’re fine and it’s just from an expanding belly, see if you can take Benadryl or Sudafed to help, plus oils, lotions, or Vaseline. Also I avoided wearing anything with a waistband.

Get checked for Cholestasis!!!
Itching is normal but being super itchy is not

Sweet this could be a medical condition which can be serious - please go and get bloods done. You have to get checked ASAP x

Try vinegar with water. Ratio 2:4

Your doctor should get your blood checked

Are itchy in a particular place or everywhere

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