What does your newborn sleep in?

What do/did your newborn sleep in? My little guy is 5 weeks and seems to be getting hot. When we first got home he slept in footed pajamas and a swaddle. Over the last few days I’ve put him in a long sleeve onesie and socks and his swaddle. We keep our house between 66-69. I don’t want him to over heat but I also don’t want him cold.

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I have mine in fleece sleeper and a thin sleep sack. We keep our house around 71

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My 7 week old sleeps in footie pj’s, mitts, and in a swaddle with a blanket tucked around him. Our house is pretty cold so I try and layer him up a bit

I had mine in a long sleeve onesie and a sleep sack :blush:

I just put our daughter in a onesie and a fleece onesie with feet- she’s 4 weeks.

Footed jammies and a sleep sack swaddle

i stuck mine in a long sleeve sleep sack cause she was 2 big to swaddle (10lb1oz) she was a big baby lol

I didn’t swaddle - not every baby wants it.

My baby just sleeps in footed pajamas

If your cold he’s cold . If he’s hot your hot. My great grandma told me that long long time ago.