What does it mean to be constantly thirsty?

Does anyone have problems with excessive thirst? I’m constantly thirsty and I’m drinking 1-2 bottles of water almost every 2 hours plus things like almond milk and a glass or two of ice tea and a can of soda a day but mostly water, but I’m still thirsty. I’ve had tests done and no diabetes. The only thing they found was that my vitamin d levels were really low and now I have to take a 50,000unit vitamin d supplement once a week for the next 3 months. I am on a few medications, but I’ve gone over them with my doctor’s and none of the side effects are dry mouth/excessive thirst. I’ve tried sucking on regular candies, sugar free candies, chewing gum, keeping a toothpick in my mouth. None of them work and my mouth always feels like sandpaper and I feel like I haven’t drank anything in years.


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Could be a sign of diabetes. Get your A1C checked


Oh I see no diabetes. Not sure then

Go to Dr. Could be diabetes

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Well if you’re testing negative for diabetes I think the next step would be checking sodium levels and looking at body conditions that cause excessive thirst like anemia.


Have u had a renal panel done? Do u crave salty foods? Get ur potassium checked for Gitelmans.

My mother complained of this for a long time and eventually was diagnosed with thyroid issues. Maybe that?


Causes include overactive parathyroid glands (hyperparathyroidism), another illness (tuberculosis, sarcoidosis), and even cancer (lung, breast, kidney, multiple myeloma). Besides thirst, symptoms of hypercalcemia may include: More frequent urination

I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I’m constantly thirsty. They told me it meant I had low blood sugar but I’m no expert

I would try cutting out the caffeinated drinks, they can be dehydrating. I would do more water or if you need something with taste do a body armor or something like that.

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U said u have been tested for diabetes but u wasn’t. Maybe ask if they can do another A1c test? My mom has diabetes n she was always thirsty they tested her twice the first test came back good. Well she got another Dr few months past n he tested her n she was type 1 diabetic.


Diabetes insipidus possibly

Thyroid. Get it checked

Have your brain scanned. I’ve seen this it was a tumor.

It’s thyroid issues I’m always thirsty !

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So ice tea it a diuretic. If you stop drinking the ice tea and soda it should level out

Do you feel like it’s purely dry mouth that makes you drink or do you feel genuinely dehydrated or both? A majority of people are actually dehydrated. Sometimes dry mouth is a dental issue.

Usually a sign of diabetes

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Diabetes get checked out

You may be diabetic, go get checked

Hi this could be a sign of diabetes. I recommend doing a panel with your doctor

Are u taking any medication as some will make u feel this way xxx

Get tested for diabetes

Usually that’s a sign of diabetes like everybody else is saying you probably need to go to the doctor

There is a different type of diabetes called diabetes insipidus. Get checked for that.

I have low thyroid, diabetes 2 and I’m on 14 meds a day. Between all that it’s horrible. I have to have a drink at all times or my mouth is dry to. If I’m talking for a long period of time I have to get a drink because it becomes so dry. I feel your pain. Hopefully they find out soon what is causing it. Unfortunately for me there is nothing they can do.

If you get up in the middle of the night because of thirst, I would ask my doctor about diabetes insipidus. It’s a rare form of diabetes that causes excessive thirst. Most doctors won’t check for it unless you ask. It affects the kidneys - retired nurse that was my first thought when I read your submission. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Just like the rest diabetes. Also my grandson has a thyroid problem and he would get very thirsty.

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They need to find out why your levels are low. Your gland(s) could be over/under working. Taking that much won’t fix the cause if you don’t know it. Diet, time outside, etc. They’ll drop if you don’t know.
I suggest asking for referral to a specialist. Rarely will a primary dig that deep.
I’d also get a 2nd opinion on diabetes tests. You could be Pre Diabetic. There’s plenty of variables bc everyone is different but there’s an issue that needs addressed.

So this is my post. I’ve already have my A1C checked 3 separate times. I’m not pregnant so it’s obviously not gestational diabetes. I did 2 weeks of checking my blood sugars everyday. I’ve had multiple blood tests done and everything has come back normal besides the vitamin D. I only have 1 cup of coffee in the morning and 1 glass of either ice tea or soda. My diet consists of fruits and veggies, oatmeal in the morning, salads with just light oil and vinegar, baked chicken with minimal seasoning, hummus and pita bread, very minimal snacking on things like candy and chips. I’ve discussed with my doctor the medications I take and none have the side effects of dry mouth/excessive thirst.

Jesus, can you people read? She said NO DIABETES!


Try Gatorade or something similar with electrolytes in it. Overhydrating is a real thing.

Do you also have dry eyes? Could be sjogren’s syndrome

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Sign of diabetes. Or hypoglycemia

Im on a few meds that don’t have thirst or dry mouth as a side effect which im also dealing with. I spoke to my pharmacist rather than my doctor and he let me know that the combination of meds can cause it even though individually the meds don’t.

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Since it’s not diabetes mellitus, what about diabetes insipidus? This has nothing to do with your blood sugar levels but electrolyte imbalances due to hormones.
What does your electrolytes look like? Kidney function? What is your sodium intake like?

Caffeine has diuretic properties and can dehydrate you, to a degree. Switch to decaffeinated tea and caffeine free soda to see if this makes a difference.

I get like that but I have reactive hypoglycemia

Maybe it’s the heat? As I’ve gotten older (I’m only 34) I’ve noticed I drink so much more in the summer and eat much less than other months. It’s like my body just craves water/liquids. It wants me to fill up on that rather than foods.

Sometimes diabetes/ blood sugar level can effect this if your meds aren’t causing dry mouth. Are you a mouth breather? Low vitamin D levels can cause something called burning mouth syndrome so it could be that.

My daughter had her yearly done and everything was fine then the excessive thrist started and 4 months later she was a type 1 diabetic. I would test your bg and see what your levels are.

Ask your dentist. You might not be producing enough saliva.

Get checked for diabetes

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I take medicine for my heart rate being really high, and when I take it, I am always drinking something. Like always, but it is one of the side effects. I drink Gatorade or body armor to help me get the feeling of being thirsty all the time. It does help.

I thought I read low vitamin D can cause thirst so maybe it’s that

Maybe talk to the doctor and see if they can down the dose a bit.

I Have a condition called dysautonomia. It gives you wierd paradoxical reactions. If I have plain water I get more dehydrated. Unless something has electrolytes in it I can’t drink it to sate thirst. Have to be on a drip in hospital and the nurses are lovely and bring me a cup of milk from their fridge so I can swallow my meds.

I have Sjogren’s Disease which is where my body attacks my body that produces saliva and tears, so I have chronic dry eyes/mouth. Wal-Mart carries a dry mouth oral rinse that helps a little, but I don’t have a chronic thirst per se. I’ve always heard that is associated with diabetes, but you said you have been checked for that. You may need to see about further blood tests that check for more than just the basic things.

Talk to your dentist! I’m pretty sure they have mouthwash for dry mouth

Get your sugar checked by a Dr.


Try water with electrolytes.
It is the only kind of water that’s seems to satisfy my thirst. I can also keep drinking water all day and never satisfy my thirst.
Also sodas, candies (anything with sugar) makes the thirstiness worse.

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Biotene helps tremendously for dry mouth while you try to find the cause.

Holy moly reading comprehension is hard. :face_with_monocle:


I would get tested again to double check :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Have you been tested for sjogren’s syndrome? It’s an auto immune disease that causes dry mouth, dry eyes, among other things.


Its not just one certain thing that makes you thirsty. Its best to get blood work done. Again, many things can cause thirst, not just one specific reason.

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Have your A1C tested.

Same thing …Vitamin D was low omg thirsty was awful couldn’t get a nuff.

Schedule a check up with your Practitioner and asked to get checked for diabetes

Check with dentist. My MiL had dry mouth and had to use a special mouth wash.

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Medications can make you super thirsty.