What does egg white discharge mean?

Egg white like discharge at 30 weeks? Should I be concerned?


Nope, gross but normal. Lol. Like most of pregnancy.

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Could be thrush ask a doc

I personally would be they say that more discharge than normal as long as it is clear or a little bit milky looking and color is normal. if it starts to have a really bad smell or get into the form of like cottage cheese yes you definitely need to get looked at but I would definitely have myself check just to be sure

…been 20 years since I was last pregnant…but I remember something like this… Mucus plug?

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Normal if it’s odorless.

If you have no other symptoms with this i wouldn’t worry, pretty much normal

Check with your doctor

Part of your mucus plug it’ll grow back…I lost pieces of mine during all 3 pregnancies

Normal…time for panty liners lol

Unfortunately im going through the same thing and have been since 18 weeks. Ive gone to the doc twice to make sure it was nothing serious. I have an abundant amount of discharge but they said that its normal and while it is rather disgusting, im told by a lot of people that it is, in fact, completely normal.

Super normal but always check with your dr if you’re worried