What do you let your kids watch on their Ipad?

Are there any good options for children to watch on an iPad besides youtube? Don’t have Netflix or Disney either.

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Kidoodle tv, YouTube kids, pbs kids

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My YouTube has been completely taken over with bluey, blaze and thr monster machines and the twirlywoos

YouTube kids, kiddoodle, PBS kids

PBS kids they have a video and and a game app and they aren’t too stimulating

ABC mouse and pbs kids and you can download YouTube shows onto the tablet like the number jacks

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My daughter can use mine when i am in the shower or something along those lines so i know shes safe and only allowed. Disney plus. If she goes outside of the app she looses all screen privileges. The $13 a month is well worth it but we do not have cable anymore. She was clicking into weird shit on you tube and that ended that shes 4 and only on my ipad about 20min a day. I also break up TV time and try to be outside or screen free when we can. But when we are on the TV same usually disney plus, house , bones or Chicago fire. My preschooler asks to watch them lmfao.