What do I say to my autistic daughter about her dad

Hi :wave:
Right where do I start,I have a 9 year old autistic daughter,She’s full of life and really happy,But recently she has started asking where her dad is?He hasn’t seen her since she was 4 week old,I gave him many chances and he choose not to do anything with her,But my question is what do I say to her??I was thinking about something like (well we both took different paths in life he choose his life and I choose mine but know that you are very very loved by alot of people) She sees everyone else with dad’s and her just me.
Thank you.

Aw that’s a hard conversation to have :pensive: I would just tell her what you said about the different paths. I’m sure it’ll be hard to hear, especially when seeing other kids with their dad, but just reassure her you and others love her very much! I’m sorry you have to have that talk with her