What do I need to know about my minor sister living with me?

Hey everyone. I am looking for some advice if possible. My mom is being forced to sell the family home which is leaving her and my 4 younger siblings without a home. She’s working on what she will do once she receives her half of the money (apartment, down payment, etc) but the in between is what makes us nervous. I will be taking in my sister. She is 14, a freshman. She gets along better at my house than moms, but that’s just the classic mom/daughter bash of teenage years. Has anyone gone through this? I will not be taking custody, but will my mom need to grant me guardianship? How do I enroll her in school? What will I need? Should I just call the district that we are in and begin that conversation with them? I’m just so confused and yes I have googled it lol, there’s just so much on the internet. I just want to be prepared for when things start to go into motion so I’m not just a sitting duck- and I need to plan ahead.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do I need to know about my minor sister living with me?p

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Y would u need guardianship. Huge court ordeal.

Since your mom is still the legal guardian, she will have to call and enroll her. Not sure how it is with other states…but in Maryland, you will probably have to fill out a shared domicile.

Or, mom enrolls her and lists you as an authorized person to deal with her school and issues.


How far away from your mom will you be? If she’s local and can enroll her in school and be there to consent to medical treatment if she needs to go to the doctor then you wouldn’t need to involve the courts since you are all in agreement. But if you’re living hours away from the mother you might need to get guardianship.

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Just call the school after you’ve taken temporary guardianship. Not really that big if a deal. You can get it all done within a couple days time typically, you can just let the school know the situation and they will tell you what to do. However I do believe that your mom can just write you a letter for the school and they’ll be willing to work with you

It depends on why shes not staying with mom like the others and if mom is willing to help cut through the red tape…it could be as simple as mom calling the school/doc and giving u permission to deal with them. Theres lots of ways it just depends on how much mom is willing to cooperate and help


Why can’t yr mom enroll her?


I believe you and her can just draw up a letter giving you Temporary custody until such and such a time and then both sign it in front of a notary. It makes it a legal document and should be able to be used for school and whatever other things you may need it for. I did it with my oldest daughter when I went in to the military. I gave Temporary custody to my mother inlaw. We signed it in front of a notary and she was able to enroll my daughter in kindergarten and get any type of help she may have needed for my daughter like doctors/dental appts and whatever else. Then when I got out of BCT and AIT custody was transferred back to me

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Call the school. You have no rights. You cannot make medical decisions for her, you cannot enrol her in school or take her from school. You need the court to give you rights or your mother will still have yo do everything


Have your mom enroll her in school and have your mom get a notarized statement you can make medical decisions in case there’s ever an emergency.

You should take all your siblings if the inbetween makes you nervous cause where will the other 3 minors live? Your mom needs to sign guardianship over to you and you’ll need to go get her enrolled into your local high school. The high school will tell you how to get her enrolled also

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All you half to do is call the school and go from there.

My mom had to transfer me temporary custody through the court of my 14 year old sister but it was over state lines. Call the school, explain the situation, and see what they need to get her enrolled. They may just need a letter from your mom.

Some state require what is call educational guardianship. That would done at the local school boards office. Both you and mom have to file together

You can get a power of attorney notarized and and will allow yoi to register her

Have your mom enroll her in the school near you, using your address. There shouldn’t be a reason to transfer power, unless mom is gonna disappear.


Mom would be the legal guardian but you’d be authorized for school if your Mom gives you permission to sign notes etc

My mom died when I was 17 and it got complicated with guardianship.

Your mom will have to enroll her and put on paper that you will be overseeing your sisters education and school activities. She will also need to write something out saying that you have the right to handle sisters medical needs in the event of an emergency.

If she’s just living with you and your mother isn’t losing custody, there isn’t anything really to communicate. I mean you can let the school know she is temporarily living with you but your mom is still the guardian.

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Temporary guardianship she can get a paper notorized for it for you to make school and doctor decisions

Your mom can just give you power of attorney. Simple. Just needs notorized no court hearing

You could have your mom register in the school district that you live in (less work for you)
you can have your mom write an emergency note just in case she gets hurt and your mom is nowhere around. That you can make any medical decisions. 
But I just want to prepare you… The teenage attitude comes not just with a mom/dad……so prepare yourself, she’s going to try to get away with a lot. I would sit her down write out the rules and consequences that way she’s aware ahead of time if she breaks any of your house rules. 

I believe you need to legally get temporary custody so I would suggest getting a lawyer because unless you are her legal parent or a legal guardian you don’t have rights to enroll her in school yourself or make legal/medical decisions for her.

Get temporary custody. Should be able just just file a paper with court or possibly just a document with both signatures. You can call juvenile court and ask. I had to give temp custody for my mom to enroll my son.

First, I wanna say that every state is different and I would call the BOE for your district for specific requirements.

You can have your mother add you as a legal guardian, but that’s a process for the courts.

Years ago, I was leaving a bad relationship and was technically homeless, as we were staying with friends and family until I found a new place. My brother and SIL lived in the area where we were looking to move. They went into the school with me and simply signed a paper stating that my daughters and I were staying with them, at their address.

She may also want to list you as an emergency contact and list you on the release of information with the school.

Will she still be in the general area to take your sister to doctors appointments and such? If so, you shouldn’t have to worry about any of that, but if she’s going to be a good distance away (wherever she is staying until finding a place) she will also want to notify all of your sisters doctors (medical, dental, vision, mental health etc) that you’re authorized to bring her to appointments and obtain information. I would include the ER and Urgent Cares as well, if that’s the case.

But if you’re not taking LEGAL guardianship or custody, it shouldn’t be a difficult process.

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You can get a temporary guardianship notarized me and my husband did this for brother in law when mother in law was going through a divorce pm me if you have questions

Yes u need to get temporary guardianship… it protects EVERYONE…also talk to lawyer in ur area to get REAL FACTUAL advice…


I agree just get power of attorney that’s all you need and then once she goes living back with your mom your mom can destroy it you don’t have to go to court or anything. It’s that easy.

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Call the school district they will guide you thru everything. All districts are different and may require just a note from your mother saying you have residential custody or a court paper stating you have temporary custody. Really depends on the school.

Your mom can give you power of attorney, it’s just a basic guardianship that you can make decisions for her like school and ect.

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You’re gonna need custody and you’re gonna need a judge to sign off on it.

You can just have your mom write you a letter stating you are taking temporary guardianship over her and have it notarized. That’s what I did when I took in my brother in law.


With that you will be able to get her in school, take her to the doctors and so on.

You might need guardianship. Check with an attorney.

Every state and country is different. You need to contact someone in your area. No one can really answer this with certainty since you didn’t mention where you live.

In my county in FL you would need her to give you temp custody.

Have your mom give you POA. That way you can make decisions in her absence. She doesn’t loose rights, it doesn’t go through courts. She just has to write something like “Due to difficult circumstances my daughter, _______, will be living with her sister, ______. ______ can make medical, educational & other decisions in my temporary absence.” Then put a start & end date. You can always redo it if it lasts longer than expected. The point is just that it’s temporary. Have her write her medical insurance information on it as well. You both sign it along with a witness.

All you need is a notarized letter from your mother granting you temporary custody.

First, I commend you for being there for your mom and sister.

Secondly, ever school is different in every county. The best thing to do is to call the school and ask what their requirements will be for registering your sister.

This way, you walk into school the first day all prepared.

Best of luck to you and your family.