What do I need to know about having a c-section?

I’m going in for a scheduled C-section on Thursday. Tell me everything I should know. I’m definitely a little scared just because I’ve never had one before but this is the safer option for me with my second child.


I’m 2 week pp from a C-section and I’m doing great. No pain anymore. The first few days were a little rough but after 1-1.5 weeks I was feeling back to normal.
It’s a whirlwind in the OR, everything goes so fast. You got this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:. Remember to ask for help when you need it!

Walk walk walk. You’re going to be sore but moving helps the healing. Be prepared to not sleep on your stomach, you’ll need help for awhile as you can’t bend down well. Remember that everything will be okay! I’ve had 2 c sections. I mostly just needed help with things like cleaning. Everyone is different though.

Pretty much what’s been said above really. Wear high waisted underwear & pjs, have a poo before, take in plenty of stuff for trapped wind and take a pillow to hold on your stomach for the car trip home & make sure you get up and about as soon as you can but don’t over do it.
It is scary but you will be fine. I enjoyed my elective x

My sis had one and did great ! I was there to help lift the baby and change the baby . My mom also . She used the pillow you wrap around your waist to hold baby on . She didn’t have a lot of pain . Just have some helpers and do whatever the dr says . It’s still major surgery

I loved having a c section. A little tender for a few days.

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Make sure you get yourself a belly binder!!

Sometimes after the spinal it can feel like you can’t breath cause it numbs all the way up your chest. But you can actually breath so don’t freak out. Thats something I wish they would have warned me about. Stay on top of your pain meds, don’t wait until you are in a lot of pain to take something cause then its a lot harder to get it under control. Recovery is long and slow so don’t push yourself too hard.


Many had answered really accurate replies… I had a c section with my 1 and only kid… 9 years ago… & the hardest part that I can remember is the first time they make up get up from your bed to walk. MANNNN It was so dam hard! It hurt like crazy :pensive: but the more you walk the better!. Drink lots of water… always wear comfortable clothes (of courseeee) & do not… feel the need to be superwoman. You literally just did the biggest battle… which is survival of c section… who cares if things need to be done. (It’ll get done eventually) worry about yourself… get your strength & bond with your baby!!! I literally can not wait to have a second child if the most high allows it

Ohhh & wear the band as much as you can… & USE a pillow to cover your stitches for anything… hug it to laugh…sneeze…breastfeed… any and everything ! Lol. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: good luck. :heart_hands:

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Walk, walk, walk! I’ve had 4 (1 emergency, 3 planned). The 1st 2 I rested ALOT. The last 2, I walked ALOT. I healed so much faster & smoother the last 2x.

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I dont know but just wanted to wish you luck! Hang in there mama xox

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Bring a pillow to hold on your stomach for your ride home

U pretty much describe how I felt. Breathing hurt, but I’m a heavy set person. But moving helps but it sure hurts

buy a girdle and put it on as soon as u get home. wear it all then take it off before bed. helps u move and stablelize

can use a regular pad to put on the scar to keep it dry, take your pain meds on time after you’ve been discharged & take the stool softeners they give you at the hospital :+1: I remember my 1st number 2 after a csection was the best cause the stool softeners I was given worked a charm :rofl: so everyones different in that department lol. Dont freak yourself out with everyones advice too cause remember our bodies are all different mama :pray:

My girls had 2 each. Along with the other comments. They placed a maxi pad across their incision so it didnt get bumped. Make sure you keep it clean and try not to sweat if possible.

Wear high waisted panties!

Walk as soon as you can, you won’t want to but it will make a world of difference.

Avoid pants/shorts etc. that incision will be tender.

Still softeners! It is amazing how much you use your tummy muscles to use the bathroom.

And remember to take care of yourself during this post partum period. Don’t try to do to much too quickly. :heart:


I had my 2nd on in June and it was much easier then the 1st because with the 1st I was scared and didn’t get up and move much for about 2 weeks and the pain and recovery was horrible!! With my 2nd I got up about 10 hours after my c-section and didn’t stop after. I did push myself a little too far at times but I was doing everything I was before I had my baby as soon as I came home. Be careful and don’t over do it but also don’t lay around and wait for the pain to go away before getting up because it makes it harder. Good luck, you’ve got this mama!

If you gotta cough, sneeze or laugh, put and hold a pillow against your stomach otherwise it hurts.

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I have had 4 just try and relax through the procedure and don’t be afraid to tell the doctor near you how your feeling through the procedure they can give you different meds to help with nausea or if you feel unwell . Be prepared that sometimes you will get the shakes while its being done it’s normal , goes away quickly after the procedure. Going for a walk and having a shower as soon as you can after makes you feel so much better . Keep on top of the pain meds for the first week after I didn’t need much after then you will be surprised how quickly you bounce back .

I second the waiste trainer. Your doc should actually give you one, ask to make sure a head of time. It really helps to ‘hold things in’ as it’s gonna feel like your insided are gonna fall out without one plus it helps your posture and back and get back to your figure

After 24 hrs or so, you will start havinng terrible gas pains, because the air that got into your body while you were opened, has to eacape. While in bed, “walk” your feet and calves toward your butt, then extend your legs and repeat, as often as you can. Yeah, so your gonna have gas, also on top of everything you have to take care of the baby, lol, even in the hospital. At least, I had to. While learning to breastfeed a 10 lb baby, lol. Fun times.

Buy yourself nappies, super high waisted undies, nighties or big baggy clothes.
Get some movicol and start taking it straight away, I didn’t go for a week with all of mine.
It’s really an amazing experience.
You walk in and have a baby.
I’ve loved mine so much.
I kept anti bac soap in the shower for my incision and dried it with paper towel to keep it nice and clean.

Shave before!!!
You do NOT want to be pulling a massive dressing off a bush.
Absolutely not.

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Your first poo will be utter hell. Do NOT hesitate in taking stool softeners lol.
Coughing sucks, hold a pillow or folded up towel against your incision when you need to do so.
Movement will help but be difficult for a while.
You will shake uncontrollably, this is normal. Ask for their heated blankets.
You’ll feel like you’re going to rip in half with every movement.
Bring comfortable clothes that won’t rub on the incision.

You may lose your appetite for a few days.

Oh, and to help with the bleeding, I’ve heard some say they use depends. Perhaps a period underwear would help.


I had 4 c- sections, never had an issue with any of them in fact my second one I immediately went down to the hospital cafeteria to get food the minute I could feel my feet again. Most of the pain I had was moving around without undies on the undies really helped to keep that area from moving too much for the most part I healed within 2 wks with all accept my last one took about 6wks to stop feeling tender. I never used a waist trainer, never walked to relieve any pain, never had to really do much other than putting Neosporin on my incision daily. I know some ladies were cut arse to elbow in the past but my C-sections were all just a small 4-5inch incisions and everytime they did a New C-section they removed the old scar tissue while they were in there already anyway. I wouldn’t call it a pleasant experience there is definitely some pain and healing involved but I felt like it went pretty well for me.

Take in shaving stuff because they only had razors when I had mine. Ask for a spinal rather than an epidural. Take fruit into hospital because the morphine will make you constipated and the last thing you need is a compacted gut. You can breastfeed but it can take a day or so for your body to click it’s had the baby so put on the breast as normal to encourage your milk to come in. Get high waisted undies as you don’t want them sitting on a scar. Have dissolvable stitches if you can so you don’t have to have them out. Realise you’re going to be pretty bedridden or housebound for about a week afterwards.

Move as much as you can. With my third, I asked to get up after 3 hours and they thought I was crazy. You’re sore to move but moving helps so much!

High waisted underwear to help keep your tummy in and I wore biker shorts a lot once I got home and I feel like that helped, try not to overdo when you start feeling better. Had my c section 11 weeks ago and feeling great!
I did throw up right after I think just because of all the meds, just have a bag handy.

I took care of c-sections as an RN for 5 years, and then I was a mom that had one. The best and fastest way to heal is to just get up and go as soon as possible.

Ask for a belly band. It helps so much. They give those after a hysterectomy and it is a life saver! Wear loose fitting clothes helps while healing.
Good luck!

I don’t have much advice to offer because mine was a emergency c section that i got put under for and they kept me in a medical induced coma type state the next three days (i had went into the ER extremely sick) so i slept thru those first few days of healing. But i will say rest as much as possible. If u have ppl willing to help, let them. But don’t stay laying down 24/7. U want to get up n walk a lil bit, but listen to ur body wen it says stop. I was terrified when i found out about having a c section, but it went nice n smooth n baby came out healthy. Good luck!!

During the c section you are going to feel a lot of pressure like someone is sitting on your belly, and then relief

I also had to ice my incision a lot after it was very uncomfortable with a burning sensation. Also, stand up and begin trying to walk asap. The faster you move the better you get.

Have some high waist panties , a pillow to press if you have to cough or sneeze, and walk right away , do not stay in bed.
My was at 10:30 pm I was walking the next morning, I felt a little uncomfortable but never felt any pain at all

My biggest advise is for after. Keep a pillow with you at all times. When standing up, going to bathroom, coughing or sneezing hug that pillow tight into tummy for support. This will ease the pain/discomfort in incision.
Keep the pain meds going even when you don’t feel like you need it yet because the pain when it wears completely off is horrible.
Most of all be patient recovery can be slow. I’m 12 years post last C-section and still trying to regain lower abdominal muscle strength.

I had two best thing is to just get up and walk helps a lot.

I had one with my one and only. The key is to get up out of that bed and WALK at the hospital. The first couple times hurt like a mf, but I had my son on a Monday at 5pm, and by Thursday I was out shopping for a Father’s Day gift.

I had headaches everytime I stood up or setup. Spinal fluid leaked . It will last a . Week to.

Take laxatives before! Like not heavy ones but to get yourself going. I had to take sooooo many after and The pain I was in because I needed to poop was unreal. But my elective c section was WAY EASIER to recover from than my emergency.

When you are walking you are going to releasing a lot of gas. Just let it rip(lol). Sometimes your going to sound like a frightening train. But the relief is awesome.

Wear the tummy thing if they offer it. It is hard to stand up after the surgery.

I had three c-sections they are a piece of cake… No labor was a wonderful thing

-Walk as soon as you can.
Take deep breathes immediately following surgery as the added air can cause intense shoulder pain
-take the drugs
-take the drugs
-sleep and rest when you can
-ask for a waist binder. It will help a lot when you walk
-it may burn where your incision is because they sever nerves. If this happens ask for a lidocaine patch
-spinal is a single shot in the spine, an epidural is a catheter they leave in your back that can continuously pump medication. It’s ideal for c sections but sometimes (for me) spinals happen. Either is okay!
-your vagina will still swell with a c section
-seriously walk as soon as they let you. Breathe into the pain. Know it’s not going to last
-visualize. I know it’s sounds weird but visualize while your in surgery. Visualize just like you would if your were having a vaginal delivery
-life throws curve balls. Go with it. Don’t try to fight :heart:

Ask you dr to put the catheter in when you are in theater.

I’ve had 3, my first was at 19 years old my second was at 23 years old and my 3rd was just two years ago at 32 years old. The most important thing to do during the operation is breathe. You will be numb however you feel a lot of pressure and tugging so stay calm and breathe, remember that 20 min from the time they cut you open you will meet this beautiful human you’ve created. You don’t realize how much you use your stomach muscles to sit up, turn over, stand up. The pain you will feel will feel unbearable at times work through it. Set the baby up somewhere close for night feedings so that you can get to the baby comfortably. You are going to need help, more help than a mom whom had a natural delivery. Accept the help, C-section surgery is a serious surgery, you aren’t a super hero. Remember to take care of yourself, your body, your mind so that you can take care of your baby. The most important thing is always remember you are no less than a mother because you didn’t have a vaginal birth. You will hear a lot of mom’s say oh you took the easy way out and had a C-section? The easy way? There is no easy way. Embrace your new body, look at your scar and remember what a bad ass you are. Good luck mama xoxo

U will get gas pains after surgery it hurts but it’s not unbearable pain move around as much as u can it helps the healing just don’t Ober do it have someone to help you for a few days after .