What do I need to know about being induced?

I am supposed to be induced next week and am freaking out…what do I need to know about getting induced? I am 41 weeks and baby is showing no signs of coming


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With me it took forever. This was also 16 years ago. The doctor tried the :pill: twice. Finally on the second day started the pitocin was still atleast 12 hours. The second time took all day. So don’t think you are going to go in there and have a baby within a few hours. I mean you could but also know it could take a while. Don’t wait for the epidural if you plan on getting one. I actually had to get two with both my kids cause I wasn’t progressing enough. One almost ended in a c section. Thank God it didn’t cause that was my biggest fear during labor


I was induced with all 3 of my boys… & they all went smooth & quick. if getting an epidural don’t wait until you can’t sit still between contractions. relax & rest as much as you can before pushing. limit your visitors. I pray you have a safe & quick delivery :revolving_hearts:

I was induced and took me 2 days before i had my daughter it was painful and they tried everything they coul to get her to come out, they tried the pitocin and when that didn’t work they did the pill which all took forever and didnt really work. Also if you want the epidural just go for it because i swear it’s worse to be induced. Good luck hun and if you need to talk to your doctor maybe they can answer any questions you have.

Talk with your ob/midwife when you arrive. My 2nd one was induced and it was actually pretty easy. We went with the least invasive (broke water) and shortly after we were in contractions. Went for an epidural but didn’t help much, told my nurse I think its time, didnt quite believe me, checked- went oh crap! And like 3 minutes popped in him an hour later and 3 pushes. He came out so fast she had to catch him :rofl::rofl:

I was induced at 9pm slept through the night and had her at 11:59am the next morning. I had an epidural because I was getting my tubes cut and burnt after but it fell out in the middle of the night. It was an easy labor but everyone is different. Good luck.

If you are planning on getting an epidural don’t wait. I waited till I was 7cm and was crying in pain. I had to wait another hour for the anesthesiologist to come back🥴

It could take awhile. It all depends on how your body handles it.
And sometimes but not all, it could lead to a c section. I was induced and it took a total of 12 hours?

I went in at 9:30pm on October 22, 2009 to get induced. At 7am the doctor broke my water. I laid in bed all day and around 10pm I started running a fever. I ended up having a c-section and my daughter was born at 11:34pm on October 23, 2009. I only dilated up to 4cm. You won’t be allowed to eat or drink anything during the process which sucks. I never experienced contractions. I took my doctors advice and didn’t wait to ask for an epidural.

All of my kids were overdue. I apparently provided ‘too hospitable of an environment’. Only 1 of 4 came naturally, the rest induced but it just initiated your body’s natural response. Made me have contractions but have never had my water break naturally.

Listen to your body. I had an induction at 39 weeks and I was terrified. I got induced on a Tuesday and she was here that Thursday. Ask to walk around and shower if you can. I had a Bluetooth speaker and was able to use it the entire time including birth. Around 7cm I asked for a peanut ball and that helped. I opted to use i.v medication and personally regret it now. Breathe through the contractions and don’t be afraid to speak up. Best of luck mama, you’ll be holding your precious babe soon.

I was induced at 34 weeks with my first. My second was a spontaneous labor at 35 weeks. Being induced did take longer, but way less painful & so much easier!

I was induced on both of my girls both quick labour’s my youngest was literally an hour… I managed with just gas and air don’t stress yourself worrying just take it how it comes everyone is different ")

Just get the epidural soon after
It’s not worth all the exhaustion and extreme pain

It hurts and if you can get an epidural do that

I had 3 good experiences with no complications. I was like 1-2cm dilated they had to break my water each time

So my sister in law got induced and so did I and she told me that the balloon they put in is supposed to fall out when you go to the bathroom. Well no one told her that and so when it fell out she kinda freaked out lol but it didn’t happen to me since I got the epidural

I had one induction 21.5 years ago and one 4 weeks ago… The 21 year ago one took 45 mins… This one 9 hours …the 21 year ago one was just breaking waters and no pain relief… this one I had gel, waters broken, gas after 7 hours and oxytocin for last 45 mins…

I was induced on 2 of my 3girls my middle 2 weeks over and my last a week over. My middle came quick after being introduced like 4 hrs and 55 minutes my last she was being stubborn I thought she was never gonna come out induced and they had me do a warm bath she was my longest

First start with just breaking your water.
I got my water broken at 42 weeks and 1 day.
That’s all I needed to get the ball rolling, and 4 hrs later my son was born.
Breaking my water didn’t intensify labor and delivery, just kick started it. The trick is learning breathing techniques and releasing the body.
Listen to your body during labor and delivery. If feel it’s time, it’s time.

Every induction is different. Everyone’s going to have their story(s). Best advise I can give you is NOT to read comments or ask other women. All it will do is cause anxiety & fear.

Honestly it depends on you and your body and sad to say also depends on what hospital you go to. When I was induced (gd) at 37 weeks the shoved a pill up my lady bits then every couple house I took the same pill orally. After a while got put on the drip. Then got my epidural and was smooth sailing till the end when I was 10 cm breached and had to have an emergency csection

With my first, it didn’t take, was in labor 3 days before C-section was decided (was induced twice). My second was easier but was in labor for 1 and a half day before she made her entrance (vaginal). My last pregnancy, being induced worked but ended up having c section the same day anyways because labor was too slow. It seems scary but really it’s just meds in an IV bag and you’re constantly being monitored. The meds just jump start the labor for you. Please don’t let all the horror stories get to you because they may not even happen to you. Every pregnancy is different.

I was induced 3x and the pain was unbearable but each I was able to reach a good opening 6cm and then I needed rest so I opted for an epidural and then I was able to rest and sleep and like two hours after I gave birth each time.