What did you do for your babies half birthday?

Hey so I’m a first time mom and my baby is turning 6 months in a couple of days I really want to do something for his 6 months am I being to extra or what did you guys do for your babies half birthday


Nothing . What you start now you will need to keep up ! Go big when the baby is one ! :one:


We had a half dozen party and it was great! She loved it! Do what you want :tada:

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Took a 6 month picture. It’ll get tiring if they always expect a party every 6 months

I made carrot cake cupcakes and our immediate family sang happy birthday to him

Took a picture. We took a family vacation for his first birthday.

Do whatever makes you happy!! Celebrate every milestone with your baby, you never know your timeline on this earth!

Nothing special but for my summer babies I let them celebrate their half birthdays at school. I send them with cupcakes and bring them their choice of lunch to school just before lunch time. It’s what I do for my 1 kid that has a bday during the school year on his bday.


I took him to the park and gave him sweet potatoes

I made a birthday cake and cut it in half :joy: it was super cute with baby girl in a party dress.


Nothing. Big celebration for 1st.


Birthdays are expensive enough in my house. I couldn’t imagine doing half birthdays lol. I have 2 in September and one in October, which my boyfriends is also in October lol

Do you!! Don’t listen to all the negativity in these comments, your first baby, you do a party every month if you want! Celebrate that baby and you, even if it’s just you two!! Congratulations :tada:


Took a pic and called it a day. :sweat_smile: I think I actually missed it by a day. That said, when he’s older, we’re planning on doing half birthdays only because he’s a Dec baby so we’re going to a party in June to be able to invite friends for outside activities and such. But not until he’s much older. He’s not even one yet.

Wait for another 6 months and celebrate your child’s actual birthday

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Yes. You’re being too extra.

We do an “unbirthday” when I remember it lol

Just take pictures. You and baby can always go back and look at them in the future. Do what you want to do. They are young only once. But the baby won’t remember except looking at the picture


Took a 6 month picture :joy: and carried on as a normal day .


Yes, you’re being extra :laughing:


6 month pictures but for all my babies I took a picture once a month the day they were born and did the banner for their birthday. You can start planning their 1st at this point! Spend the time to go extra on this!

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Personally I didn’t no anything except the month pictures until they turned one. I think you should do whatever it is YOU want to do. Be extra if that’s what you want to do! Don’t let anyone tell you it’s unnecessary because you will remember things like that for the rest of your life. Do whatever makes your heart happy and create ALL the memories you want to! :purple_heart:


This just popped up in my Facebook memory for my girl’s 6mo, she’s 10 now!


We did a milk bath photo shoot

I made a sugar free cake, introduced her to solids, and bought a new outfit!

Get that baby a small Birthday and let them dig in after singing happy birthday they really are too little to know what’s going on .

Gave her a cupcake for a mini smash lol

:cupcake:Cupcake with half birthday candle and got her a half birthday tiara​:smile:

She got professional pictures taken

Say thankyou and give them a kiss and cuddle x

Just do a photo shoot, 1/2 way

Yes you being extra. That being said if you wanna be extra ve extra memories are always cool

We woke up. We did our routine. We went to bed lol.


I’ve always done a small smash cake

My granddaughters we did a half cake for the first baby and a tiny 6 inch one for my second, and did a photoshoot

I took mine to have pictures done

Get matching outfits and go do a photo shoot

Remember if you do this and continue to, it sets up a precendent that it will be expensive. Only piece of parenting advice I should have listened to as a new mother. It was a lot easier buying her a new toy from the dollar store when she is 2 then when she is 17 lol


You are not being extra at all. If you have the funds, do something special. In my culture we usually baptize on their first bday and celebrate both. I love parents that go the extra mile for their kids when they can :heart:

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We don’t do 1/2 birthday but we always do a birthday party for each kid for their actual birthday.

I’m on my 6th child and I’ve never done half birthdays.

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Not a single thing. It’s not a birthday lol.

Take a picture or something. You’re definitely being extra :rofl: I’ve never done anything for 6 months and honestly besides a picture or 2 I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone celebrate it like a birthday either


Take a pic or 2 and whack a 6mth sign in front :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Didn’t realize this was a thing. Took the monthly pics every month for a year like I seen other people do.


I took a picture?!? It’s def extra but for you maybe that’s normal. Just don’t expect others to be all about it.


Just wait for the 1st yr birthday, take pics throw it out on Facebook & be done with it.

Here’s the thing: your baby isn’t going to remember the first couple of years. Every celebration you do right now isn’t really for them; it’s for YOU. That means YOU get to decide how big or little you want to go, what milestones are important to you, etc. It’s absolutely okay to be “extra” if you want to be!

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Had a house party with family & friends. We live in AZ but was visiting our hometown in MD during the time so we decided to celebrate since we’ll likely not go home for her 1st bday. Had moon bounce, Pinata the usual for the kids.


Kiss them twice as much…

When I had my first, I was so extra. Then along came 2 & 3 & 4 & soon to be 5. Needless to say, I’m not so extra anymore. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


We did 1/2 dozen donuts for her 6 month pictures :doughnut:


Half birthday? Lol. I just took monthly pics of all my kids. Why would you celebrate a half birthday

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Yea! Wait for the other half!

Wait for the other half till their actual birthday🤣


We never did half birthdays :joy:

What did I do that day? I was probably was praying for a nap or shower :joy:. I didn’t know this was a thing.


Oh my gosh knock it off. This is ridiculous and the reason kids expect so much. You’re raising people that have to understand there’s other people in the world besides themselves.


We didn’t do anything. They get one birthday. To each their own.


Lol nothing? Year marks for my four kids


My daughter it now 9, I cannot remember 6mths unless looking at photos and can guarantee she doesn’t either. Take some nice photos with a cupcake or something but don’t see it as something necessary to spend money on. We did family only parties until school and now she has a birthday party with friends.

Who cares if you are being extra… If you want to do it, then I say, do it! Anything that’s like half a dozen of something would be adorable for pics. I don’t think I’d have a big birthday party but cute pics are fine!

Took 6month pix and carried on like any other day.


What :joy: throw a big 6month party stuff ittttttt

Nothing. Waited till their actual birthday.


No such thing as half birthday but good luck


Got him a half way to one onesie and took pictures lol

… nothing. It’s not a thing

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I didn’t even know this was a thing and I have 3 kids :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Didn’t know that was a thing…

I had babies before gender reveals and 1/2 birthdays so IDK. Do what makes YOU happy! I have seen people do half birthday photo shoots, but it’s not like you can do a smash cake or anything. I vote a fall/halloween themed photo shoot. Do it yourself. Carve a pumpkin. Put baby in it lol

When did doing 1/2 birthdays become a thing? :grimacing:

Wow!! You are a first time mum :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nothing? I didn’t kno we celebrated half’s . I got 3 kids I’m not doin all that lol


Excuse my French but, F#ck That S#it!! :joy::joy:

Nothing.I never thought about it.:laughing:

Nothing at all. He will probably be 4 before he can remember a party. Save your money.

Took his pic and gave him my boob … Had a normal day lol

I didn’t celebrate a half birthday for either kid.

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Wait we were supposed to do something for their 6 months? I’m 17, 11, and 7 years too late


What’s next 1/12th birthdays? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I did 1 month, 2 month, 3 month until 12 months. This is probably why my kid has 3 birthdays in her birth month

Um I never did a half birthday :thinking:

I think that’s extra.
Take a photo and call it enough.

Nothing. Wait til their first.

Well… technically his half birthday would be tomorrow and I’ll be doing absolutely nothing for it.


6 kids didn’t do anything :woman_shrugging:

Do what you want to celebrate your baby’s big milestone bc when it’s gone it’s gone. I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed my baby when she was a baby. Get him a lil cake photo shoot at home or whatever your heart desires bc he’ll be running around this time next year ENJOY YOUR BABY as you see it. Google some ideas I saw some cute ones

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We don’t celebrate half birthdays. In fact this is the first time I’m hearing about it. But it would be a cute reason to get pictures done.

Half birthday ? Is that a thing?


Never heard of celebrating 6 months.

Took a 6 month picture and normal day.

Not sure why everyone is being salty… A mom is excited their baby made it to 6 months. Let her celebrate if she wants. Jeezus.


It’s extra.
It’s not for baby… they don’t care. It’s for you.
That being said, do what you want. It’s your baby and your life lol. Take a trip to Disneyland for all anyone cares. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live or give their opinions.
Just don’t ask for other’s opinions and it won’t matter

i didnt know that was a thing tbh…


That’s strange. I’ve never heard of anyone ever celebrating a half birthday.


Hahaha, not a damn thing :joy::joy::joy: a half birthday isn’t a birthday and doesn’t call for a celebration :woman_facepalming::joy:

Why you’ll be doing another one in 6 months. If you can afford it do what you want if not take a pic.

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Nothing…took a 6 mos. photo.:blush:

I definitely did NOT celebrate half birthdays. It makes no sense.