What could this mean?

My son had his 1 year old checkup this week and today they called and said his lead level was an 8 and normal is 5 and below. I have to take him next week to be retested. I’m a little worried as I’ve been on Google reading. Has anyone had this issue before?


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I was told my son’s levels were higher then they were supposed to be so he was sent for blood work and everything came back normal so it could very well be a error/mistake! I will keep your little one in my thoughts and prayers and I hope it was just an error and they find out once he’s retested


Can cause major health issues. Need to test your water. Often caused by old soldered pipes. We went to bottled spring water to be safe.


Some older homes or apartments have old lead paint. If they painted over the old it can leak thru. See if you can test the walls somehow. God bless y’all.


Where do you live? It could be the water pipes. Start buying bottled water for a while.


There are ways you can detox heavy metals like Diatomaceous Earth, TRS spray.


Do you also have high lead levels?

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It could very well be an error my kiddos had to be retested as they could never get enough blood or It wasn’t done correctly ect

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Could be an error or the water your using. Or the house. If the tests comes back high again you need to have your house tested. Make sure you are using bottled water for the baby.

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Agree with everyone. It might be the water pipes in your house or an error in testing. Or if your house is old, you may want to check for lead paint. You could switch to bottled water to be safe. You can buy spring water by the gallon at Walmart.

Could be old house paint, could be lead plumbing pipes… you can call you county health dept to come test it, but if large amounts of lead is found, you will be displaced.

My daughter tested at 8.9 but they found very little lead in our house and city water. They explained that much of it may have been passed thru me during pregnancy and as long as she wasn’t showing signs of lead poisoning, she’ll be fine. It’s worth looking into, but try not to worry too much.

Please join this group on Lead poisoning. It’s eye opening and you’ll get tons of info/help there Lead Poisoning Prevention with Lead Safe Mama | Facebook

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My son’s tested like 14 and they said if the blood sample gets smeared on the card thing it cause a false high level which was the case for him luckily.

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My 5 and 6 yr old always test high in the office, for like the last year; but normal once we send the bloodwork. It confuses me as well. Such a scary thing to worry about.

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My daughter had to be retested because she had high levels too. Turned out to be a false positive

Kimberly Perkins do you have any knowledge of this? I remember seeing you post about your little girl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sometimes a test is a false postive,being anemic also shows up on test like high lead. My daughter was thought to have high lead levels,but turned out she was anemic and didn’t have high lead at all. She’s in her 30s now,I wouldn’t be surprised if she is still anemic.but I think rarely do kids get lead poisoning anymore.but I learned alot. That if a child put(nasty) ciggerrete butts in their mouth they can get lead poisoning from that. Cps did a thorough search of places my daughter was to see where she could of gotten it from. At her grandmas house there were alot of smokers ( gross)