What could cramping mean in pregnancy?

I’m 13 weeks pregnant and I’m having the worst cramps. It feels like bad period cramps and it’s in my lower stomach and back. It also hurts when someone presses down on my stomach Has anyone else had this??


See your ob
It is probably ligament pain due to your uterus stretching and the baby growing.
If there isn’t bleeding and you still feel pregnant, that’s a good sign.
But still, please make an appointment so they can check it out, or at least use the fetal Doppler to find the heartbeat so you know the baby is okay.

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At 13 weeks you should have an OB. Call them because we do not know your medical or gynecological history. We don’t know if you are prone to miscarriages, polyps, or insufficient cervix etc. They need to be informed so you can be assessed properly.


Probably round ligament pain but see your ob or go to er for a check to make sure everything is okay. We don’t know your body or level of pain and are not doctors that can physically examine you.

I did recently I’m 16 weeks and the pain has lessened a lot. If you have history of miscarriage I would call. I don’t but I do have scar tissue from a c section and that wasn’t helping

It’s normal to cramp because everything is starting to grow but honestly you should talk with your doctor. To make sure everything is fine


Don’t ask here, call your ob Dr! That’s not something to risk!


When in doubt about your health, ask your doctor, not the internet.

Be safe.