What could cause my 4-year-old to be scared of everything?

My 4 year old is suddenly scared of EVERYTHING. Large groups, school, tonight it was trick or treating where she begged to go home. Has anyone else gone through this? I don’t understand why this just came on out of no where!


My Autistic son is the same way. When he was young he seemed pretty okay with most things. And seemed like suddenly he didn’t wanna leave the house anymore. He no longer likes going to the park, the mall, on walks, school, the doctor, and so forth. One thing I will say that helps is giving him advance notice of what to expect. I’d bring it up to his doctor and see what they say.


Any halloween movies you’ve been watching in front of the 4 year old? That would do it. Hah

Social anxiety is a real thing. Sometimes people outgrow it sometimes we don’t. I’m 50 and am the same way.

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It could be from a form of ptsd from trauma. Could be something they seen. In real life or on TV. Or something that happened to them. My child started this after being SA :frowning: hopefully not the case with yours

What does the pediatrician say?

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Mine was like this with the highway suddenly. Turns out she overheard us one night talking of someone who died in an accident and was terrified. Talk to your kid. Might take a bit to get it out but maybe something is triggering it.

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Young one, we could speculate many things with this behavioral description- from social anxiety through possible Autism- this is a sudden and unusual behavior- I humbly suggest, seeking professional advice. :v:t4::sunflower:

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 you need to turn off the television, and read books.


Different people strange places he or she is not in his or her comfort Zone

Check for. Brain. Imbalance. W nueroligist

Listen to them. Pay attention to what they do when they’re alone, engaging in creative play. Children will often retell or reenact trauma through their play. Talk about death. Four is a little young for mortality anxiety, but they may have overheard about someone’s death and cannot understand the concept.