What causes stuttering?

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Hey ladies. So my daughter 3 and a few months. A couple months ago she started stuttering right before she’d say something and sometimes in the middle of a sentence, she’s not stuttering her words just stuttering to get out what she has to say. Is this normal?

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My son is 5.5 yrs old and does this when his brain thinks faster than his mouth.

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I don’t know if it’s normal but my three year old girl stutters on the beginning of the word because she thinks too fast :woman_facepalming:t3: always in a hurry this one!

I mean
I’m 30 and I do this pretty bad
At her age it might just be excitement
She’s only 3 and still learning to form complete words and sentences
She’s fine

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My son is 4 a d does it. Dr said nothing to worry about if it’s not like every sentence.

My 12 yr old did it about that age really bad Dr said to remind her to calm down and speak slowly and grew out of it. She would get to excited or her mind was elsewhere. But here we are many many moons later and she’s been a straight A student since day one.

My son is 5 and he does this. It’s because he’s just struggling to find the right word. He’ll say something like “mama can we go to…go to…the…the…” and it’ll be because he doesn’t know what to call something. Like when we went to the collosium for monster jam. For months he would stutter because he didn’t know what the collosium was. So it would be “when are we going back to the… The… Co…co… the place where monster jam was” and sometimes it’s because his brain is moving faster than his mouth.


Hate to burst some bubbles but I know someone whose kid did this and it was after she started getting abused.

It’s normal I’ve always stuttered or couldn’t get the words out I wanted to say on the first try.

Get a speech evaluation. Your Doctor will give you a referral. Good luck.

My son does this too! Im thinking its just cuz he has so much he wants to get out all at once. Following to find out for sure.