What causes sharp pains while breastfeeding?

Hey mamas! So I am EBF and i was wondering if anyone else gets a shocking/sharp pain after breastfeeding. It never lasts long, but it’s uncomfortable. I brought it up to my OB at my postpartum visit and she just gave me a peculiar look and didn’t address it again. My question is do any of my fellow mamas experience this? I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s a sharp pain and it’s in the breast, not the nipple.


It’s called “let down”. Very normal response. I hated that feeling. Later on it will happen if the baby cries or you see a another persons baby in distress. Its hormones related to brain impulses. Take a hot bath and wrap a warm towel around your breasts for ease.

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After feeding I get them. I have thrush and cannot get rid of it. Tired a few medicines. Thrush can make sharp pains through your breast