What causes late periods but negative tests?

There’s a ton of factors, environmental, stress, sick, working with ladies with a different cycle etc.

Go to the Dr. Don’t ask on here hon, no one here is a medical professional


I knew I was pregnant with baby #3 before it showed on a test!

Your hormones could be off
Also stress
Or Your body could be adjusting to no birth control if you’ve had any in the past

Stress, change in diet, weight gain or loss, sudden change in hormones, and even if you are recentlymore or less physically active. So many things can affect your period.

I would say probably not pregnant. Probably stress or something of that nature.

My test didn’t turn positive until 4 weeks

It can be due to other reasons , but yes you could still be. I was pregnant with triplets and my tests were negative even at 8 weeks pregnant :flushed:

Definitely see your dr. If you’re not pregnant might be something else going on jmo

This can also happen with ectopic/tubal pregnancies

I’ve missed several periods due to stress

Stress can late periods and you can have a false negative… if you really want to know goto the doctor and get a blood test done

My first four pregnancies never showed positive until 12-13weeks :sweat_smile:

You tested about as early as possible for a home test. Wait another week & test. Also, use the early morning stuff.

Go to the doctor sounds like your prego or could be hormonal issues ?

Are you under stress, been ill recently? Or you could of ovulated later x

get a blood test, you mean your period is ten days late?

Are you 12? Momma sounds like shes 12

The boob thing makes me think pregnant. Mine were soo painful.

Wait a few more days and get the blood test.

Stress, poor diet, hormone imbalance.

False negatives, lol. Test again in a few days.

All four of mine I had blood test done only way to detect I was pregnant

Mine was stress. I was 29 days late.


False negatives can happen. It could also be late due to stress. Boobs hurting is normal, mine are sore when I’m towards the end of ovulation or about to start for the month. Like right now, sense I’m suppose to start in a week. If that makes sense. It could even be late due to change of dieting/ exercising, lack of sleep. You could have even tested too early. It takes 4-6 weeks before you can detect HCG in your urine. Go to your Gyno or take another test in a week or two if it doesn’t start!:white_heart:

Make sure you do the urine test first pee in the morning. It is when it is the most strong. Sometimes if you take the test later the urine can be so diluted it won’t test correctly.

Well yeah I didn’t show. Positive test for months

I still don’t get how grown ass women can ask this. IF YOUVE HAD SEX THEN YES THERE IS A CHANCE YOU CAN GET PREGNANT

Get a blood test and ask yr doctor

Late periods missed periods don’t always mean pregnant sometimes you just miss them 10 days is nothing an yes boobs get sore anytime

Honestly I was late almost 2 months and that was due to having covid so could be your not having symptoms could be off due to that

Do a blood pregnancy test

The ONLY time my boobies hurt is when I’m pregnant been pregnant 8 times

PCOS menopause thyroid

Yes. I was pregnant and took a test and it was negative

Stress can also throw off a menstrual cycle

Just a late period. It happens sometimes.

Hormones being off balance

I didn’t pop positive until I was about 5 months along. Low estrogen levels :woman_shrugging:

PCOS, stress, Endo, hormonal imbalances,

Stress, weight loss, beginning of menopause

Get a blood test from your doctor. Sometimes women do come up negative but still are pregnant and if it turns out you’re not hopefully your dr can figure out what’s going on.

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My mom actually had periods up to 6 month pregnant with my sister …she said she could feel baby moving …finally dr checked her physically…lol my sister was born 2.5 months later …crazy things do happen

I was pregnant and had negative tests for 4 months
I got nothing. Make an appointment with the GYN

Yes it’s possible. When I was pregnant with my now 9 year old I had 5 negative tests. Finally got blood work done and sure enough I was pregnant. You may be too early

It’s in the stars… every one seems to be running late or it’s off the last two months … but this is my opinion…

False negatives are common try an hcg or go to the doctor

Have you gained or lost any weight recently?

Stress, diet, medical conditions, peri menopause. Go to your OBGYN.

Could be too early for a test

Wait a few more days for another test

Wait a few more days and test again.

Let’s ask all the soon to be doctors on here :rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m sorry but sometimes I can’t :woman_facepalming:

You can have false negatives but not false positives go get a blood test

Stress. Gets me all the time.


Stress or a medical problem.

Stress if not pregnant

Stress. Poor diet. Weight gain. Hormones.

Stress, hormone imbalance

Stress can do it too

I had negative test with my daughter

There are so man reasons for not getting your peruod like hormone imbalance, thyroid issues, stress, weight los or weight gain, PCOS, endometriosis, poor diet etc. If you are still concerned your pregnant do a blood test Xx

If you’ve had the C19 jab, it can send the first after the jab a bit wonky. It did with me anyway. Back to normal by following month.

The covid shot is screwing with women’s cycles? :woman_shrugging:

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I’ve not had 1 since May. All bloods coming back normal

Lots of possible causes for a late cycle, other than pregnancy. Stress. Inflammation. Hormonal imbalance. Blighted ovum. If you’re concerned, schedule an appointment with you OBGYN.

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I had a few negative tests after a missed period. I felt horrible, period like cramping, boobs were in so much pain etc and finally i tested again and it came back positive. I was shocked went to the dr. and found out we were about 8 weeks by that point. So if in doubt see your doctor

Yup. Go to the dr for a more accurate tests. My breasts hurt soooo badly. Dr. Office tests were coming back negative. Then, home test was positive. Went to OB dr and it was positive. I was 5 weeks

Stress, diet changes (eating less or more than usual) can cause late/missed periods x

Cut back your caffiene to stop the pain and swelling in your breasts. My period comes the week after they hurt and swell usually. Maybe have your thyroid checked but stress and other things can affect you as well. I would consult your doctor though just to make sure nothings going on.

My period was 17 days late with negative at home tests. I went in and had a blood test done and it was positive

Stress…Ectopic pregnancy—where baby implants in your tubes and not in your uterus could do it. A few things really.

Check with Dr. That happened to me when i had hormonal imbalance and ovarian cyst.

Over than my overactive thyroid causing a hormonal imbalance stress is also a factor in also causing late periods and my boobs hurting and my weight fluctuating

Look at pcos. Ask your doctor to look at your hormones. That changes everything

Get a blood test. Urine tests are unreliable

Take clear blue test.

Stress can absolutely mess with your cycle!


I had ovarian cysts and was super late on my period after they ruptured I got it but damn it hurt lol

I get those and it’s just pcos messing with my mind.

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Your lucky I don’t normally have a period at all for months n months then boom out of the blue there it is.

Stress but go to the doctor it may be too early

Stress, and sometimes your body takes a bit to release enough HCG for pee tests to read it. That’s why they want you to do it in the morning when it’s had all night to collect

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Literally anything that relates to being a woman. Lol

Could be tubular pregnancy check your blood

Stress is normally why for me. Pregnancy is possible but a simple blood test will be the sure fire way to find out.

Hormone changes that don’t include a pregnancy. Weight gain can cause late or irregular cycles.

Stress can cause symptoms like that as well as hormones being wonky.

Stress, hormones, perimenopause, false negative? Not sure check with your doctor.

Stress is pretty common for periods to be late.

Could be stress but also it could be you are pregnant, and just not far along enough for it to show on a test. I’d wait another week or so and maybe do another test!

Stress can cause this to happen

Really it could be anything but with sore boobs as well…id test again

I had 3 negative tests. 7 months later I was holding a beautiful baby girl.

Get your thyroid levels checked

I just went in and had a blood draw. I was pregnant. Super faint line on the pee test that wasn’t noticeable.


Yes you could still be pregnant. I’d go to the dr for more accurate testing… Also could be stress or abnormal cells