What causes irregular periods?

Try going to a doctor maybe, instead of asking Facebook

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I had Fibroids that caused me to bleed for a year straight It took the 4th doctor I went to, to figure out what was wrong. He was an older doctor who was getting ready to retire but was the only one that ordered an ultra sound with water being flushed through my uterus, which is what showed. I had an out patient DNC to remove most of them. Good luck I know it’s frustrating. Be sure to watch your iron levels too. Mine got dangerously low from all the blood lose.

It can be genetic, pcos, thyroid problem, uterine cysts, uterine polyps, endometriosis.
I had crazy irregular periods & they found out my TSH was sky high and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

I was checked for cysts when this happened, did a transvaginal ultrasound, came back clear. Found out a month later I was 11 weeks pregnant with twins. They were too small to see at the time with the ultrasound. But if you’ve been tested, I couldn’t imagine that many tests being wrong.

Your best to go to your doctor be frefered to a gynecologist have an ultrasound sound done. To see if there is a baby there or cysts ect.

I had periods up to around 7 months with my 3 children. Had no idea I was pregnant with any until my breasts began to change. Even ran a half marathon with one, haha. So, you could be pregnant. I didn’t produce enough of the hormone that stops periods ( the same one that causes morning sickness I think)

Hormones are out of whack

Yes n ended up tubal pregnancy and a interuterine pregnancy yes 1—20,0000 happens to they took tube out almost ruptured 2 months along n my other son was born c section few months later ! Weird but I got ultrasounds n proof - one baby in tube had removed sad but reasons unknown happened

This women is curious as to see if any other females have gone thru what she is going thru. I will never understand how women are ready to put her down instead of bringing her spirits up.


Sounds similar to what I have PCOS.


It all has to do with what’s going on with u… it has to do with stress weight depression… my are irregular all the time… there are times when I can go for months with out having my period and when I finally get it it flows so heavy I have to wear tampons and pads for very heavy for and I sometimes still wet trough … like u I went to doctor’s and did test and they never got to the bottom of it … to this day it still like that but it’s not that bad any more… and yes I still had normal pregnancy but during my pregnancy I still had little spotting every month… weird huh… not all people are the same everyone is different mind body and soul

I just went through a lot the first three months of this year. It wasn’t pregnancy test’s related, but irregular periods. Did the trans vag ultrasound and they found thickening around uterus, and polyps. Had a d&c and mirena put in and seems to have helped. Maybe a second opinion dr???

You won’t feel kicks till the second trimester. Its physically not possible in the first trimester.


Could be cysts, polyps, or tumors though. I have this happen a lot with ovarian cysts.

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Not to start a huge debate or anything but if you’re not getting answers anywhere else you might want to look into the covid vaccines and the effects on women who have had them as well as women who have been around vaccinated women.
They are shedding the vaccine and it’s affecting non-vaccinated women as well. Causing extensive bleeding, heavy periods, etc.
you CAN look all this up. There are several resources. Including the CDC VAERS website.


Have them check your thyroid levels too…it can cause irregular periods

November and December 2017 I was like that, spotting all the time while on the pill. This had happened before, but not as frequently. I had talked to my dr prior. I decided to go off the pill at that time. And I was off birth control until the summer of 2019, when I had an IUD inserted. Fast forward to October of 2020…. I was diagnosed as having Adenomyosis (similar to Endometriosis).

Happen to me. I found out when I felt the baby kick after being told I couldn’t conceive.

A scan would soon tell you.

My periods have been off for months, not pregnant, and have had more UTIs this year than ever before. I agree with Meri Conroy and not to start anything. But I know 4 people this has also affected and we used to get our periods like clockwork.

I would definitely get checked for cysts, but I had this problem once and turns out my hormones were all out of whack, they put me on the pill and it evened out.

Sorry kiddo, if you had scans and came back clear, it sounds like you’re entering the peri-menopause stage of life. Went through many of the same things here for a couple of years before the hot flashes started… call your Gyn to be sure.

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Kinda a personal question, but did you take the covid 19 vaccine!!!???

The covid shot has been causing all kinds of messed up minstrel cycles!!!


Being around people who have had the COVID shot can cause all sorts of menstrual irregularities.

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Could be any number of things…be sure to have ur thyroid checked

Have they done ultrasounds on you to see what’s going on

I had the same issue, they did a ultrasound and found out i had a lot of large ovarian cysts and polyps on my fallopian tubes. They put me on a heavy does of birth control and It helped.

I had a similar issue , got an ultrasound done and found out I don’t ovulate all the time. So I would bleed heavily for 3 months then nothing for 2 or 3 months then I’d bleed again… I got the nexplanon inserted and haven’t had any cycles or bleeding issues since. August will be 3 years and I plan to get another inserted to make sure I don’t have anymore issues.

I have had those same symptoms. I was diagnosed with PCOS.

Lots of reasons this could happen pcos, weight gain or loss , hormonal imbalance definitely talk to your doctor to run a full metabolic blood test to rule out issues

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes irregular periods? - Mamas Uncut

Your body must be depleted of iron and vitamins and minerals after all that! If you get real tired take an iron supplements and a good multivitamin.


My god daughter had it happen to her

You can definitely get negative and positive pregnancy tests when you are going through menopause. That doesn’t explain the bleeding though.

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My late wife had the same problem and had a Hysterectomy and everything was fine after that

Make them do an ultrasound. That will give you an answer.


I had that problem and it was Fibroid tumors. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago because they came back after the surgery to remove them.


This happened to me. I was diagnosed with PCOS.

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Menopause or Perimenopause May be i tell you our hormones can truly mess a woman’s life up im 45 years young and im still trying to figure this mess out be blessed i pray that you find the solution to this crazy curse ugh

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Get an ultrasound done with your Dr

I have PCOS which causes long heavy periods and my ovaries get covered in cysts which sometimes causes bad cramping pains.

I have had "ghost pregnancies " in the past ( had all the symptoms of pregnancy but not pregnant)… it’s weird. Also stress can screw up your periods.


I didn’t bleed for 3 months straight but was having irregukar bleeding period, took pregnancy tests (urine and blood came out negative) so I figured I wasn’t pregnant went back 3 weeks later more pregnancy tests and it was positive.

I did this with my twins they came 17 yrs ago on 6/21/2004 at 38 wks but I was still bleeding in November 2003.

When I was on the depo shot I had irregular periods. I was bleeding and sporting all the time and can never go without a pad.


Do you have morning sickness
Morning sickness is the biggest sign of health y pregnancy. Lots of things can cause bleedy even in pregnancy morning sickness is the key issue here.

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It’s normal in some individuals

I had that issue for 3 years. Not pregnant, and birth control didn’t work. Finally found out that it was my extremely high IGE levels from being histamine intolerance!

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At the age of 57 I was still having periods , had a large fibroid in the bowl area , bladder prolapse, ended up having a hysterectomy, the bladder prolapse has come back again.

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You never said how old you are but when I was in my 40s those symptoms happened to me and it ended up being menopause


Please see you doctor straight away. Get referred to the gynaecologist.

My sister has had most of her life, she only getting checked now.

Happened to me years ago. Turned out I had fibroids. Had to have hysterectomy


Yes happen to me…i had to have DNC…WATCH OUT FOR cyst on your ovaries


Depending on your age menopause,pcos,cancer, hpv,pregnant, low BMI,low iron, to name just a few.

Have you been tested for PCOS? That’s what my issue was. Would have a period for 2 months straight then not have one for 2-3 months.

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One time I skipped a month and then got my period the next month only it didnt stop I bled heavily soaking through a tampon in less than an hour… I went to the ER and no one could figure out what was wrong I wasnt pregnant I didnt test like I once had been pregnant and miscarried so why did I skip a month and keep bleeding? My obgyn had no idea he said it happens sometimes gave me birth control pills and told me this would fix it… I took one which was a hard thing to do based on my religious reasons as to why I do not use bc pills and it triggered an anxiety attack (I suffer from sever anxiety) I look at the side effects and it says it might cause anxiety so I stopped taking them and after three days I was still bleeding heavily this whole time… I went back to the ER when I had no strength to get up and go to the bathroom and when I did my heart sounded like it would beat out of my chest I knew something was wrong so I went back to the ER finally a women gyno came to see me and suggested a dnc because she said to her my uterine linening looked thick… So she preformed a dnc and the bleeding stopped… She asked if I was stressed lately I said yes she said I couldve skipped the first month due to stress and once I got my period the next month my body couldn’t shed all the lining and so it kept telling my body to bleed I almost died… they said my hemoglobin levels were dangerously low and if I didnt come in when I did I would’ve bled to death… I received two bags of blood and the life saving surgery … So many things can cause irregular periods so keep trying to get to the bottom of this even if you need a second opinion …

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Did you have this after getting the vaccine???

Have you had an ultra sound?

Get checked for uterine cancer

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Ask for screening/testing for ovarian cancer

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And you re asking on fb,?


Yes, had the same years ago. It was a combination of a number (7) of fibroids and a very high level of stress. The fibroids were difficult to detect because of their position, I required an MRI to pin point them. I temporarily patched it with the pill, but the real solution came with a healthy lifestyle - the fibroids will need surgical removal.
Good luck, I know it’s painful and scary, make sure you get the mental support you need and remember: you are NOT alone.

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I was pregnant with twins… my urine pregnancy tests didn’t show a positive result until 22 weeks… blood test showed up at 10 weeks…

Blood tests negative. Urine tests inconclusive.

May be its menapouse u are entering or foibroids

not sure why the clinic said that you were pregnant. did they do usg?

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You need to consult your DR

Get a DNC …should work …

Did you take the COVID vaxx? Many females having issues

Get your blood clotting checked.
My daughter has thrbocytopenea


Sounds a bit like what happened with me. Found out i have fibroids.


You need to be checked for PCOS also.

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If you don’t have kids and want them, get pregnant as soon as possible those irregular periods are no good but after 25 babies are few

One ultrasound would answer your question definitively. Get a new doctor. :roll_eyes:

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Doe no one.keep.tje.personal.imfoation, private?
Everything an.opem.book?
jeeze things like this are ment to be asked to your doctor not on internet

How about going for medical advice instead of posting on FB? TMI

I went through this a couple of times

If you are taking birth control, that could be it. I could not take them because they caused this same thing.

My Mother & I both had very IRREGULAR PERIODS. Sometimes I would Bleed Heavy for 2 Wks., Next time would be for 2 days & Barely any Bleeding & our Periods were never on a Schedule to where we knew when to expect them. It would be 28 Days from the last time we started and then 14 days the next time, 40 days the next time, etc. We both found out the reason this was happening is we both had a RETROVERTED UTERUS. Mine was flipped as far backwards as it could go. You can get pregnant but, I was told it would just make it a little harder. When my Hsbd. at the time & I wanted to start a family, the GYN put a Brace inside to help lift the Uterus Forward & Upward to where it would help me get pregnant a little easier. It didn’t work, so, we decided to wait until the summer to where I could take some time off from my job to have Surgery where my GYN could Clip the Muscles and Tighten & Pull them Forward which would then pull my Uterus Up in the position where it was supposed to go. However, I got pregnant on my own before the Surgery ( YAY! ) & my Daughter will be 40 Yrs. Old in August! Oh, one more thing. I bled the first 2 months that I was pregnant so I didn’t know at first that I was even pregnant. The bleeding was very light & for me, it was not unusual to have really light periods sometimes, so, I was not alarmed. Anyway, I didn’t actually find out I was pregnant until I was already 3 months along. I went into the Dr. thinking I had a really bad Stomach Virus. I was p_ king my guts up & certain smells would make me head for the bathroom. The Dr. took some blood & when he came back in with the results, I was expecting him to say I had some type of Stomach Virus. However, he came in & said, “Well young lady, are you going to paint your Nursery Pink or Blue?” Found out that day my Stomach Problems were Morning Sickness!..lol​:heart::herb::two_hearts::heavy_plus_sign:>>MS. BENNIE<<:heavy_plus_sign::two_hearts::herb::heart:

Trying to get Jackie Apsey

Jackie, call me tonight, want to ask you about those black pants you talked about and some questions.

Happened to me. Ended up eventually passing a large clot. Dr did an ultrasound, though it could be a miscarriage but it looked abnormal so I was sent to a specialist who diagnosed it as uterine polyps. I had a D&C to remove remove them. Was told it was due to a hormone imbalance and placed on birth control as a solution. I was in Germany at the time and was seen by German doctors so there was a language barrier there and I never really got the full picture of what happened. Never reoccurred though. I’ve had a son since who is 14 now and have had no similar or related instances that I’m aware of :woman_shrugging:

That happened me with bleeding nonstop for 2 years n I was referred to a specialist n he couldn’t figure it out nothing was wrong so he told me to take aleve every day n it stopped n it’s been normal since. I do have missed periods here n there due to stress but ever than that they’re normal

You should get your thyroid checked and also checked for pcos. Good luck, Honey. Prayers! :heart:

Make sure your sugar is not high.

Yes for three months

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes irregular periods? - Mamas Uncut

Breastfeeding can all make a period not come when it’s supposed to. There are other things as well that can affect it.

I’d call a doctor just to be sure. Could be a medical problem. It could also be your body playing catch up but usually that would cause a prolonged period now multiple periods a month.

This happened to me, turned out the doctors left product from the baby Inside of me. I would suggest also having and ultrasound to make sure you dont have something serious going on if all else fails

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes irregular periods? - Mamas Uncut

No id go to the doctors

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Your body is probably trying to find some sense of normalcy. You’re still breast-feeding and pumping. That could be a cause. I would say it’s normal but if it’s still like that by the six month period then I would seriously consider a doctor visit.

If you are very concerned about this, Then I would go see your doctor. Always better safe than sorry

Get your thyroid checked. That was my problem, my thyroid was underactive.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes irregular periods? - Mamas Uncut

yep, Plus I really am surprised you got your period back so quickly

It can be normal with breastfeeding

That can be normal. When I breastfed my middle child I had a 5 day long period every other week until she stopped breastfeeding.