What causes hot flashes while pregnant?

I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant. I have made a Drs appointment the earliest I can see my OB is Friday morning. I’m just curious if anyone has had any experiences that are similar. Recently, I get almost the same feeling as a hot flash but I get sweaty and overall feel like I’m overheating however my blood pressure is perfectly normal. Low 120s/70ish. I can’t remember the precise numbers anymore but I know it was fine. My pulse however was 133. I do take a blood pressure pill everyday as prescribed and never had an issue. It doesn’t last very long. I felt hot for about 30 mins- hour max then back to normal the rest of the afternoon. I have no other symptoms. I feel perfectly normal other than those tiny spells of being hot. This is my second child. I never experienced this prior however I wasn’t pregnant in the summer either.

I have a fast heart rate as well, but no medication but it intensified when I was pregnant in the summer, always had a cold washcloth on hand

I’m also 29 weeks and get the same thing.

133 is a little high my dr was concerned when mine was 114. I would call the dr office or go in especially if you are on a medication. It shouldn’t be that high. Your body is working harder then it should.

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This happened to me. It was my blood sugar spiking up. I ended up with gestational diabetes.

I have tachycardia and it will go as high as 200 sometimes. I am followed closely by my cardiologist and my OB. Wouldn’t hurt to mention it to your doctor

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Your pulse beats fast see when you’re dehydrated make sure you’re drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily! And any caffeine dehydrates the cells so limit it especially as it starts getting warmer.

133 is very high, that alone is concerning

Call your clinic and speak with a nurse.

Mine has been above 100 my whole life
When I get upset it’s higher.
I had four pregnancies no serious issues.
Sounds like hot flashes
Better safe than sorry

Even if you cant see the doctor, ask for a nurse visit / check up today and keep the Fri doctor appt. If the nurse finds a concen, they will notify the doctor…but never wait for a scheduled appt during pregnancy, just the worrying alone( even if it ends up being nothing) is not healthy for you.

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Sounds like a vasovagal response which can some times lead to vomiting or fainting but is pretty common in pregnancy

Its possible you may have gestational diabetes.The dr will check that.Be sure to tell him about it.

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I felt the same way and got blood work done and have anemia make sure you ask your doctor and have blood work done, mine told me it was normal and I was like no it is not

It could be hormones I would get bad hot flashes before my
Period and I get them now pregnant sometimes. My heart rate gets fast also but I know it’s bc my anxiety kicks in. Get checked out. But could just be hormonal

I experienced the same thing. For me, it was my sugar dropping. My body wasn’t regulating sugar correctly so when I would eat meals high in sugar/carbs, about 20-30 mins later I would have these hot flashes and then feel really dizzy and feel like I was going to pass out. I watch my sugar now and so far I’m managing although sometimes I splurge and eat junk but now I know what to expect.

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Go to appt. As scheduled or ER if goes higher or symptoms do come on.