What causes heavy periods?

I’ve had my tubes tied back in February this year. . .been dealing with terrible heavy periods for straight 8 days sometimes more than that…but now I missed my period for almost one month now why would this be?..I’m kinda worried and I’ve had enough kids for sure lol…no negative comments please!


I had an issue with heavy periods, clotting and much painful cramps than I already had after i ties my tubes. I ended up trying birth control and ultimately got an IUD in place. It fixed my problem almost immediately.

That’s normal. Give it time. I had tubal in 2000. Stopped the pill the day before. A month later got a period from down under. Lasted two weeks. Was actually bed ridden for a week.

No maam ur not the only one i regret it my periods are heavy painful real thin with blood my doctor just did a d&c to scrape my endometruim lining because it was too thick didn’t work checked to see if i had endometriosis i don’t i no its because of my tubal he even has me on a lose dose of birth control 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 im THINKING of getting them reversed soon i cant take this

Had tubes tied in 2009, my periods are getting worse every month. Starting to dread that time of the month. The pain and heavy bleeding is horrible. Ready to have everything removed.

I’m almost 10 years in and regret it horribly. Each month it get worse and worse. Nothing about my period has been anywhere normal since then. I’ve bleed for 6 weeks straight and them go 2 to 3 months without one. I was a very regular person before.

Missing a period i did that last month doctor said its just a hormonal imbalance smh i should of left my tubes alone

Omg I’ve been thinking about the removal of my tubes and now I’m fuckin scared as hell!!!

There’s a small chance it could be ectopic pregnancy get checked

I had my tubes tied 5 months after having a younger daughter and I was told that you could get pregnant up to 7 years after having them done but now they do them with lasers I have a small scar above my navel where they went in and they can add Springs if you want or clips mine were just done with the laser and it took that last babies 27 years old now and there were no more

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There is always that small chance of getting pregnant. But that is with any type of bc. I have had weird irregular periods before I was on any kind of hormonal bc. And migraines shortly before. Now that I’ve had my tubes tied, it’s similar to before bc. Also, with bc, usually periods tend to be lighter and shorter. At least that was the case for me, due to how hormonal bc works.

I’m allergic to birth control and about to have my tubes removed in 2 weeks and y’all are scaring the crap out of me lol

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Had the same thing. Had an ablasion, periods stopped and it has been amazing for almost 13 years!

I had a tubular ligation 2 years ago and was having heavy periods so last year I decided that I was done having kids and talk to my doctor about getting a hysterectomy and finally last year I was able to get one cause I was having heavy periods and big blood clots and causing severe pain in stomach and back so if you are sure you are completely done having kids and don’t want a period any more see if you can get a partial hysterectomy I still have my ovaries but that is it and I have not regretted it one bit

Did u know even if ur tubes are tied u can have a chance to get pregnant still

Had a tubal when I was 26, went thru menopause at 57, periods in between were from he**, sometimes 2 a month 9 days long. Was always sorry I had it done.

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Could be endo or a tube could of come undone or a tube pregnancy.
More than likely endo, most women I know who has had a tube tie has developed endo

I had mine tied in January 2016 during my csection. My periods were super heavy, painful and lasted longer than they used to before. I also had severe pain in between along with always being sick and losing alot of weight. After talking with my Dr. we agreed on a partial hysterctomy. During the surgery they noticed that my tubes had become very infected which is what caused everything that was going on.

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Don’t have them tied have them cut

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Call your doctor and ask

You can have your tubes tied and still get pregnant… I had a friend of mine get pregnant after having 9 kids… 8 were stillborns she tied her tunes after the 9th babh was successful… She got pregnant last yesr and delivered a beautiful baby girl may 21 of this year

Go to Wal Mart and buy a $1 pregnancy test and use it.

I had mine tied during a csection in 2014. I went from having a 4 day period to a 7 day period and it gets so heavy that I have to wear a super plus tampon and a pad. I’ve also had months we’re my period is late it doesn’t show at all. It’s weird. So far so good though, no new babies. I love my kids but I’m at my limit too.

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Y’all are killing me :expressionless: I swear I’m coming to haunt y’all if I start having a period again. 🤷

Do you have PCOS? If so, it’s common to skip periods. I skip one every now and then. It’s definitely scary when you do. I got a tubal ligation during the c-section with my son. Don’t regret it at all.

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Mine could be heavy then not. Sometimes some months would be missed. I always kept tampons with me in case. Had them at work too. I was put on estrogen after I had my tubes tied. Also progesterone. I don’t know the reason but it helped.